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Trump's choice of Bolton and Pompeo stirs war fears

Despite appointment of hawkish Bolton, White House says no change in Trump's position on two-state solution

Trump signs into law bill slashing PA funds over terrorist stipends

US spending bill includes big boost for Jewish groups seeking security money

U.S. blasts UN Human Rights Council over resolution condemning settlements

Amb. Haley slams 'foolish' UNHRC after it passes 5 anti-Israel resolutions

UN rights council scorecard: 5 Israel resolutions, Syria 2

US steps up threat to quit UN rights council over Israel bias

Jordanian TV host claims Israel sent Bubonic plague-infected rats to Egypt

Israeli university accounts compromised in Iran hacking scheme

Nine Iranians charged in $3.4 billion cyber theft campaign targeting universities, Justice says

US sanctions Iranian hackers for 'stealing university data'

German, French foreign ministers set to visit Israel for talks on Iran nuke deal

EU may offer credit to firms trading with Iran if Trump pulls out of nuclear deal

Iran said to be building military facilities in Syria near to Russian positions

Australia condemns Syria at UN and pushes back against Russia

Ceasefire deal agreed in Syria's eastern Ghouta

Jewish candidate for Muslim party breaks barriers in Tunisia

Egypt expels British journalist, raising fears for press ahead of election

Egyptians to vote Monday, Sissi re-election guaranteed

Egypt's Sisi confirms militants almost defeated, ahead of poll

Car bomb near stadium kills 13 in Afghanistan, says official

Gunman killed after deadly hostage-taking rampage at French supermarket that 'seems to be a terrorist act'

2 separate terror incidents in France; 2 dead, about a dozen wounded

Islamic State claims responsibility for French terror attack that kills three

Netanyahu, Rivlin condemn 'brutal' French terror attack

Fiery Crash At Travis Air Force Base Being Investigated As Terrorist Act

Florida man shouted 'Allah Akbar' during violent rampage that left daughter, child's mother dead: police

No laughing matter: China regulator bans TV parodies amid content crackdown

US warship triggers fury in Beijing after sailing near to disputed South China Sea islands

China's economic czar tells US Beijing will defend interests

UN official: No aid for controversial Venezuela election

Dow sheds more than 1,100 points in two days as trade jitters rock Wall Street

Trump reverses threat to shut down US government by approving a $1.3 trillion deal just hours after warning he might veto it

Trump signs $1.3 trillion spending bill but vows 'never again'

Dealmaker Trump couldn’t drain the swamp on massive spending bill

Congressmen Had 1,000 Minutes to Read 2,232-Page $1.3T Bill

Watters Slams Spending Bill: 'Mexico's Not Going to Pay for the Wall & Neither Are We'

Between fake news and data harvesting, Facebook has no way to win

Maryland Woman Suing Facebook Over Personal Information Being Released

Elon Musk responds to #DeleteFacebook boycott, deletes own Facebook page as well as those of SpaceX and Tesla

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Mendi, Papua New Guinea

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Lambasa, Fiji

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Sigave, Wallis and Futuna

Sabanacya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Aoba volcano on Vanuatu erupts to 12,000ft

Sakurajima volcano on Japan erupts to 11,000ft

Australia: Powerful Tropical Cyclone Nora to slam into northern Queensland

Broken Promise: Trump, GOP Congress Give Planned Parenthood $500 Million In Taxpayer Funds

Jann Wenner says MeToo suffers from absence of due process

Rare win for gay rights as Kenya court rules forced anal tests illegal

President Trump issues order to ban transgender troops from service except in 'limited circumstances'

US proposes ban on deadly bump stocks on eve of anti-gun marches

Maryland school shooting victim, Jaelynn Willey, 16, has died: police

Students armed with stones in 'last-ditch' plan to ward off school shooters, superintendent says

Pope Francis Defrocks 9 Ukraine Monks for Rogue Exorcisms, Following So-Called 'Prophetess'

Vatican Cracks Down on Critics of Pope Francis
Obama’s Brown Shirt Brigade Student Gun Control March Invades Washington:Mike titled it ‘Hitler Youth’ Student Gun Control March Invades Washington, but I think it is more apropos to label it Obama’s Brown Shirt Brigade!
Two Trump helicopters crashed in past 9 months :'It wouldn’t surprise me that someone was trying to target the Trump family,' said Bart Rossi, a renowned political psychologist.
China Is Days Away From Killing the Petrodollar :As the petrodollar dies, gold will be remonetized… and China will be another step closer to displacing the US.
Is Global Warming a Transhumanism Plot to End Most Life On the Planet?
OMNIBUS SPENDING BILL ALLOWS MORE ILLEGAL ALIENS TO BE RELEASED INTO U.S. THROUGH ‘CATCH AND RELEASE The spending bill paves way for the Catch and Release program to not only continue, but increase in its use
The Who, What and Why of the EVIL that is Manipulating and Controlling Young confused minds.They are LEADING….., by being LED around by the Communist Nose Ring……, like the kind you put in a Hogg’s Snout!
Mass Exodus From CitiGroup After They Go Full Anti-Second Amendment - Gun Control By Proxy Backfires Again-It appears that gun-grabbing proponents are now attempting to force gun control by proxy, with companies deciding the 'best practices' for other's
BREAKING: Trump Issues Order to Ban Most Transgender People From Serving in the Military
Did Matt Drudge Predict Omnibus Bill Disaster? Media Icon Warned Paul Ryan Blocked ‘Trump Revolution Indefinitely’ With 2017 Budget Betrayal
US steps up threat to quit UN rights body as 5 new anti-Israel resolutions pass
The Deep State is Noting Your Every Word and Thought-WHAT ABOUT GOD?
Responsibility Deflected, The CLOUD Act Passes:Enable foreign police to collect and wiretap people’s communications from U.S. companies, without obtaining a U.S. warrant. Allow foreign nations to demand personal data stored in the United States,
Giddy Up – DOJ Admits They Have a Grand Jury Empaneled in FBI and DOJ Investigation…♦Accusations of DOJ hiding evidence from congress.
BROKEN PROMISE: Trump, GOP Congress Give Planned Parenthood $500 Million In Taxpayer Funds
It didn’t take long for the U.S. to rack up another trillion dollars of debt
How Cambridge Analytica knew voters’ minds Behavioral analytics and psychographic profiling are here to stay, no matter what becomes of the data crunching company now making headlines
China = ‘Big Brother’ for its surveillance tech. But US uses it too Americans have been living in the brave new world of facial recognition technology in law enforcement for years
China ‘warns off’ US destroyer in South China Sea US warship conducts FONOP day after Trump’s tariff move; Will carrier join Chinese Navy exercise?
Inside the 'most dangerous job in the world': White farmers in South Africa are FOUR times more likely to be murdered than anyone else - as Peter Dutton vows to 'fast-track' them into Australia as refugees ;SQ-THE FACE OF MANDELA LEGACY IN S.A.
MUST READ-Turkey Calls Evangelism an Act of Terrorism and Charges American Pastor:Turkey is where Seat of Satan is located. Pergamos, Pergamon, Pergamum or however you choose to call it. The War on Christianity is on the rise and will get even worse!
DUTCH COURT: BITCOIN A LEGITIMATE TRANSFERABLE VALUE Cryptocurrencies exist as stand-alone value files
ASSANGE SUGGESTS BRITISH GOVERNMENT WAS INVOLVED IN PLOT TO BRING DOWN TRUMP 'We finally have the most concrete evidence yet of shadowy actors using dirty tricks in order to rig elections'
Events in Syria increasingly resemble a direct confrontation between major powers rather than a proxy war. MUST READ -THIS IS SERIOUS--If US Plans A Terrorist False Flag Chemical Attack To Justify Bombing Syria, Russia - Will Respond
CERN WATCH: HEXEN 2.0 EXPOSED – Art Bridges Occult Mysticism and Science!'art' is being used a bridge to connect modern science to the occult mysteries.

8 reasons why Trump’s John Bolton appointment is causing a frenzy among Jews
You may have heard: President Donald Trump replaced his national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, with John Bolton. You may have heard because of the mixed reaction to the prospect of Bolton running national security — “mixed” as in apocalyptic among leftists and heaven-sent to many on the right

Rescuers Are Searching for the Survivors After 150 Whales Wash Ashore in Western Australia
About 150 whales washed ashore in western Australia Friday, most of them now dead, prompting a massive effort to save the survivors as an incoming tropical cyclone approached. The beached whales were first spotted by a fisherman in Hamelin Bay, about 180 miles south of Perth, the BBC reports. Most of the animals, believed to be short-finned pilot whales, had already perished, but rescue efforts by Parks and Wildlife officials, veterinarians and volunteers were soon underway to save an estimated 15 survivors.

Palestinians slam Congress’s passage of Taylor Force Act
The Palestinian Authority excoriated Congress on Friday for passing the Taylor Force Act, a law that threatens to freeze State Department funds to the PA unless it ends its longstanding practice of compensating the families of terrorists convicted in Israeli courts. The PA’s envoy to Washington, Husam Zomlot, dismissed the effort as politically motivated. The pressure “does not work,” he said, “and severely damages the prospects for peace in the Middle East.”

Amb. Haley slams ‘foolish’ UNHRC after it passes 5 anti-Israel resolutions
United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley slammed members of the Human Rights Council as “foolish” on Friday after it passed five resolutions condemning Israel. In a statement released following the conclusion of the council’s 37th session, the US mission pointed out that the inter-governmental body adopted only one resolution each against North Korea, Iran, and Syria.

Trump trade war: China tells US it will defend national interests
China warned the US it will defend its interests on trade, Chinese state media says, after US President Donald Trump backed tariffs on Chinese goods. The comments came in a phone call between China’s vice-premier Liu He and US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. Mr Trump has announced plans to impose tariffs on up to $60bn (£42.5bn) of Chinese goods, accusing China of intellectual property theft.

Spain Catalonia: Clashes after separatist leaders detained
Crowds of protesters in Spain’s Catalonia region have clashed with police after the Supreme Court stepped up legal action against separatists. Spain’s Supreme Court ruled 25 Catalan leaders should be tried for rebellion, embezzlement or disobeying the state. Convictions could result in up to 30 years in prison.

Mount Etna is ‘sliding towards the sea’
Europe’s most active volcano, Mount Etna, is sliding towards the sea. Scientists have established that the whole structure on the Italian island of Sicily is edging in the direction of the Mediterranean at a rate of 14mm per year. The UK-led team says the situation will need careful monitoring because it may lead to increased hazards at Etna in the future.

Brexit: EU adopts guidelines for negotiations on future relations
EU leaders have approved guidelines for the negotiation of future relations with the UK after Brexit. The text on trade, security and other issues was agreed in “less than half a minute”, clearing the way for the next phase of Brexit talks to get under way. The UK is due to leave in March 2019 and negotiators have said they want a deal in place by the end of the year.

US sanctions Iranian hackers for ‘stealing university data’
The United States has imposed sanctions on an Iranian company and 10 individuals for alleged cyber attacks, including on hundreds of universities. The Mabna Institute is accused of stealing 31 terabytes of “valuable intellectual property and data”. The justice department said the firm hacked 320 universities around the world, dozens of companies and parts of the US government.

Trump signs $1.3 trillion budget after threatening veto
President Donald Trump grudgingly signed a $1.3 trillion federal spending measure Friday and averted a midnight government shutdown — but only after undercutting his own negotiators and setting off a mini-panic with a last-minute veto threat. The episode further eroded the already damaged credibility of both the president and a White House staff that had assured the nation he was onboard.

Saudi Arabia opens airspace to Israel for first time ever for Air India flight bound for Tel Aviv
Saudi Arabia opened its airspace for the first time to a commercial flight to Israel with the inauguration of an Air India route between New Delhi and Tel Aviv. Flight 139 landed at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport after a seven-and-a-half hour journey, marking a diplomatic shift for Riyadh that Israel says was fuelled by shared concern over Iranian influence in the region.

Pope Francis Defrocks 9 Ukraine Monks for Rogue Exorcisms, Following So-Called ‘Prophetess’
Pope Francis stripped holy orders from nine monks in Ukraine, following reports that they had engaged in unapproved exorcisms and listened to a “prophetess.” Investigators found monks violating monastic discipline and performing exorcism prayers without authorization at monasteries in Kolodiivka and Velyki Borky. Some of the monks did not follow the rules and were guided by the orders of a so-called “prophetess.”

US warship triggers fury in Beijing after sailing near to disputed South China Sea islands
China has condemned America for a “serious political and military provocation” after a US Navy destroyer sailed within 12 nautical miles of an artificial island built in disputed waters. The operation in the South China Sea was the latest attempt to counter what Washington sees as Beijing’s efforts to limit freedom of navigation in the strategic waters.

U.N. council adopts 5 more anti-Israel resolutions
The United Nations, through its much-criticized Human Rights Council, has moved further out on the anti-Israel limb, adopting five more anti-Israel resolutions to finish up its current meeting in Geneva.

BREAKING: Trump Issues Order to Ban Most Transgender People From Serving in the Military
On Friday, President Trump issued an order to ban most transgender people from serving in the military.

Jerusalem on high alert ahead of holidays
Two terror attacks in past 7 days, claiming lives of 3 Israelis in total, coupled with expected heightened tensions during the holidays period, lead security forces to raise level of alert in the capital; senior police official: ‘There is fear of copycats. Gaza also impacts Jerusalem events.’

NYC hasn’t seen snow like this in 130 years
The snow has been falling all day in New York City. For most New Yorkers, the snow was probably a drag. For a record seeker like myself, this late season snow storm allowed me to catch my snow white whale.

Israeli firm says it can turn garbage into bio-based plastic
Hoping to make landfills obsolete, UBQ, which has raised $30 million in private investments, says it can take trash and make everyday use of garbage, from recyclable goods, to banana peels and chicken bones.

135 Pilot Whales Dead In Horrific Mass Beaching As Rescuers Rush To Save Those Still Alive
Tragic images have emerged showing at least 135 short-finned pilot whales dead on a western Australian beach, as a mass beaching left the shoreline littered with giant carcasses.

Pennsylvania District Equips Classrooms With Buckets Of Rocks To Stone Mass Shooters
Schuylkill County officials are equipping classrooms with buckets of rocks to stone mass shooters.

‘Paul, Apostle of Christ’: Critics Hate It, the People Love It
Those critics who bothered, or who were given an opportunity to review the latest faith-based movie Paul, Apostle of Christ,dumped all over it at a 75 percent rate; the audience score, however, is a healthy 93 percent approval, according to Rotten Tomatoes.

The US liquidates its two main Mid East air bases at Incirlik and Al-Udeid
Plans to speed up the transfer of the big US CENTCOM base in Qatar to Saudi Arabia were approved by President Donald Trump and Saudi Crown Prince Muhamed bin Salman when they met at the White House on Tuesday, March 20. This is an earthshaking event for the Middle East, which far transcends US-Saudi relations, say DEBKAfile’s military sources.

Police Raid Multiple Catholic Church Properties in Sweeping Child Sex Abuse Scandal
On Thursday, the residents of Saginaw County looked on as dozens of police officers raided two Catholic Diocese of Saginaw properties and the home of Bishop Joseph Cistone. The raids were carried out as part of an ongoing investigation into apparently rife sexual abuse in the church—and their history of covering it up.

Hungarian Politician Warns of Anti-Human ‘Global Government’
A leading Hungarian politician has warned of a technocratic “global government” that is working to erase individualism and create a homogeneous, border-less world of mind-controlled atheists.

Why Is California Governor Brown Conducting Nuclear Explosion Drills in Sacramento?
Have you ever heard of a SNAP drill? It is a drill where a terrorist event is being rehearsed, along with the response, an the drill actually turns into a live event. The 7/7 Subway bombings, the Boston Marathon and of course, 9/11. Fortunately, as we all held our collective breath, this drill passed without incident. However, it is curious that this drill, in large part, was sponsored by a State that cannot pay its bills, and yet, they had the ability and resources to carry out the following?

Delingpole: Welcome to Britain 2018, Where Jokes Are Now Illegal
Welcome to Britain 2018, where jokes are now illegal. I’m referring, of course, to the case of the blogger Markus Meechan – Count Dankula – who has now been convicted by the Scottish courts of the “odious criminal act” of teaching his pug dog to do a Hitler salute. He is facing a possible prison sentence.

White Farmers Flee South Africa In Fear of Land Grab
White farmers in South Africa are planning to emigrate after the government announced plans to take their land without compensation.

Full-Scale Terror Drill: US Military Simulates Nuclear Truck Bomb Attack In Sacramento
On Thursday, the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) will accompany the California National Guard’s Homeland Response Force (HRF) and the 95th Civil Support Team, along with FEMA Urban Search & Rescue Forces, CAL Fire, FBI, Department of Energy Radiation Assistance Team 7, and several other emergency response agencies for a “terrorism and active shooter response exercise at Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento and Sonoma Raceway,” said California Guard Deputy Director of Public Affairs.

Police Scotland Create ‘Hate Crime Files’ on over 900 Young Teens in One Year
Tackling online hate crime in Scotland will be a “priority”, the nation’s police have announced, revealing that almost 1,000 files on children aged between 11 and 15 were created last year.

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