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The Harbinger
Topic Started: May 2 2012, 08:07 AM (19,803 Views)
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Must read for those who haven't seen this yet.

Jonathan Cahn: The Harbinger
By The 700 Club


The massive scale of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center made for startling images and a new frightening, sober reality for America. But through this devastation Rabbi Cahn was given an understanding of what this meant to America through Isaiah 9:10, and the uncanny parallel this attack has to events in 8th century Israel.

Jonathan says before God judges a nation, He sends warning. He sent warning to ancient Israel. The attacks of 9/11 were a warning, and like ancient Israel, if the nation ignores God’s warning there will be dire consequences, Jonathan says. Harbinger means “warning.” In his book, The Harbinger, a prophetic mystery and message conveyed in the form of a novel, Jonathan tells of the supernatural connection between ancient Israel and America. An unnamed Prophet speaks. However, the events are real, filled with insights the Lord revealed to Jonathan in the years after 9/11.

There are nine harbingers of what happens after the first attack if the nation refuses to return to God. The judgments are progressive, with periods of normalcy in-between, but continue if there is no national repentance. The economic implosion and other national ills spring from this event. Israel and America are the only two nations that God sovereignly planted as a light to the nations. “Those who laid America’s foundations saw it as a new Israel, an Israel of the New World. And as with ancient Israel, they saw it as a covenant with God,” the Prophet says. To whom much is given, much is required.

Based on Isaiah 9:10, - “The bricks have fallen, but we will build with hewn stones: the sycamores are cut down, but we will plant cedars in their place,” the northern 10 Tribes of Israel refused to repent after they were struck by the Assyrians - which was a warning from the Lord. Instead of listening to the alarm, of turning back, and humbling themselves in repentance, they boasted of their resolve, that they would rebuild stronger and better than before. They ignored the warning and rejected the call to return. They defied it. Sadly, their defiance led to the nation’s total destruction years later. The ancient prophecy forms the key to the nine harbingers of judgment, which are given to a nation in danger of judgment – each of which have reappeared on American soil – marking America as the nation in danger of judgment.

The First Harbinger: The Breach. In 732 B.C., the hedge of protection was removed and Israel’s enemies invade the land and wreak havoc. The calamity traumatizes the nation but it takes place on a limited scale, as with 9/11. The warning is the removal of the hedge. On September 11, 2001, America’s hedge of protection was removed – the breach of America’s security, and was a sign that God has lifted His protective hand.

The Second Harbinger: The Terrorist. It was the dark shadow of Assyrian terror that loomed over the kingdom of Israel. The danger against which the prophets had warned. And when, years later, Israel’s final judgment came, the Assyrians would again be the means through which it would happen. So, too, the attack
on America is carried out by terrorists. The Assyrians were a Semitic people, children of the Middle East. So too were the terrorists of 9/11.

The Third Harbinger: The Fallen Bricks. The most visible signs of the attack on ancient Israel were that of the fallen buildings and the ruin heaps of fallen bricks. The third harbinger is the sign of the fallen bricks of the fallen buildings. On Sept 11, 2001, Americans were confronted with the same sign, fallen bricks of the fallen buildings of the wreckage of Ground Zero. America was not turning back to God. It was a short-lived spiritual revival that never came.

The Fourth Harbinger: The Tower. Israel defiantly began rebuilding on the devastated ground, vowing to rebuild higher and stronger. So, too, in the wake of 9/11, American leaders vowed to rebuild at Ground Zero higher and stronger – the Tower begins to rise at Ground Zero. Those involved act unwittingly.

The Fifth Harbinger: The Gazit Stone. We will rebuild with quarried stone - The Israelites carve out quarried stone from mountain rock and bring it back to the ground of destruction where clay bricks once stood. Three years after 9/11, a stone is quarried out of the mountain rock of New York. This massive stone was brought back to Ground Zero. In ancient Israel this stone became a misplaced embodiment of the nation’s confidence in its own power. So too the massive stone at Ground Zero became the symbolic cornerstone of the rebuilding. Public ceremonies accompanied the stone placement. Plans to rebuild Ground Zero would be frustrated for years. Eventually they would remove the stone from GZ altogether.

The Sixth Harbinger: The Sycamore. The Sycamores have been cut down - The attack on ancient Israel resulted in the striking down of the sycamore tree, a biblical sign of national judgment. The fallen sycamore is a sign of uprooting, a warning and, in ignoring the warning, it becomes a prophecy of judgment. On 9/11, as the North Tower fell it sent debris and wreckage which struck and uprooted an object – a sycamore tree growing at Ground Zero. The tree was made into a symbol and named The Sycamore of Ground Zero. When it fell in ancient Israel it prophesied the nation’s downfall and the end of its kingdom. What happens to America depends on if the warning is heeded.

The Seventh Harbinger: The Erez Tree. But we will plant cedars in their place - In their defiance of God, the Israelites replace the fallen sycamore with a Cedar tree. The cedar, being stronger than the sycamore becomes a symbol of the nation’s arrogant hope that it will emerge from the crisis stronger than before. The English name for this tree is “Cedar,” but the Hebrew word is “Erez.” Erez stands not only for cedar but for a conifer tree of the panacea family. In November of 2003, a tree was lowered at the corner of Ground Zero into the soil where the fallen sycamore once stood. The tree was a conifer, a panacea tree, the biblical Erez. A ceremony was held around the tree and it, too, became a symbol – entitled The Tree of Hope. There is always hope. A nation’s true hope is found only in returning to God.

The Eight Harbinger: The Utterance. The Eighth Harbinger was the public speaking of the ancient vow of defiance. For this harbinger to manifest, the vow would have to be spoken in the nation’s capital by a national leader, as it had been in ancient Israel. On Sept 11, 2004, every object mentioned in the prophecy of Isa 9:10 had manifested. The public utterance of the prophecy had to take place publicly, which happened on Sept 11, 2004 when VP candidate John Edwards, giving a speech in the capital city, quoted this exact scripture word for word in Wash., DC. Without realizing it, he was joining the two nations together and, without realizing it, pronouncing judgment on America. The ancient and the modern were bound together.

The Ninth Harbinger: The Prophecy. The Ninth Harbinger is the proclaiming of the ancient vow as prophecy, as a matter of public record, and spoken before the words come true. On Sept 12, 2001, the day after 9/11, America issues its official response to the attack. The one in charge of issuing the response was Tom Daschle, Senate Majority Leader. As he closes his speech he makes a declaration – he proclaims the ancient vow of defiance, word for word, to the world. By doing so he prophesies the nation’s future course, all of which comes to pass.

The Second Shaking – The mystery of the Harbinger continues – and lies behind everything from the Global War on Terror, the Collapse of the American economy, the crash of Wall Street, the Great Recession, and more.

Amazingly, events happened with an unseen hand, and people acted unwittingly in the unfolding of this prophecy. The Prophet character says that “The Almighty has His own purposes.” God, in His mercy, always reaches out in mercy. At Ground Zero, the ground of devastation becomes the ground of restoration. Incredibly it was at the site of Ground Zero in the miracle church, St Paul’s Chapel, that this nation was dedicated to God by first president George Washington & other leaders at his inauguration in 1789. The nation’s first government was formed in New York City before DC was formed. God is calling the nation back to Himself. “The heart of God wills for salvation,” the Prophet says. “Greater than his judgments are His compassions.”

Not long after 9/11 Jonathan sensed that somehow these events were linked to what happened to ancient Israel per Isa 9, the first massive divine warning given to that nation. A number of years later, he was standing at the corner of Ground Zero and his attention was drawn to an object that was the first puzzle piece of an ancient mystery and a prophetic warning for America. He first shared the word at his congregation Beth Israel in 2005. A few years later he was led to begin committing the message to book form. When the Lord started revealing these things Jonathan had an urgent sense that this word needed to get out.

Jonathan was raised in the synagogue but at age 8 questioned what he was taught. Didn’t believe, and at age 11 he decided not to pursue a bar mitzvah. By age 13 he questioned his atheism. In 7th grade he became friends with a boy who spoke to him of Jesus – began searching for answers. Reading The Late Great Planet Earth by Hal Lindsey led him to open the Bible and begin reading about end-time prophecies. There he discovered the prophecies of the Jewish Messiah in the Hebrew Scriptures. It all pointed to Jesus, but Jonathan continued living as before, leading a rock band. He began telling everyone about the prophecies and ended up winning others to the Lord, though he himself wasn’t saved. He eventually realized that it wasn’t enough to just agree with it in his mind. If Messiah came back, he would not be ready to meet Him. He knew there was only one way to God but he didn’t want to give his life to God. But feeling the continual call of God, he made a deal with Him. If God would grant him long life, then he would accept the Lord… at the end – when he was about to die.

Soon after that he was almost killed. Twice. He was driving about 45 miles per hour in two lanes of traffic when the car went out of control, swerving into two oncoming lanes, spinning in and out of cars. By a miracle he wasn’t killed. A few months later, at night, he was driving across a train track and got stuck on it, even though he was trying to be careful. He saw a big light – and it was the train which plowed into his little Ford Pinto. As the car crumbled before him, he could only call out to God. The car was demolished and the crash made headlines, but Jonathan escaped without a scratch. Strike two. Jonathan quickly changed his deal with God and accepted the Lord when he turned 20. Not knowing much about salvation or how to come to God, he drove up to the top of a mountain, kneeled down to pray and dedicate his life to God. Not long after he was asked to lead a Bible study. After college the Lord interrupted his plans and called him into full-time ministry. He wanted to do what Messiah would do, working with the needy, homeless and disabled. He and others helped found a Messianic outreach. A few years later in 1988, he was asked to lead Beth Israel, the largest Messianic congregation in America made up of Jew and Gentile alike.
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Obama 'fulfills' Isaiah 9:10 prophecy – again
In visit to Ground Zero, he writes message of best-selling book, video

WASHINGTON – The handwritten message Barack Obama scrawled on a new building site at Ground Zero last night sounds optimistic, upbeat, non-controversial – at first glance.

However, the message continues a pattern of American leaders fulfilling an ancient biblical prophecy and a curse of judgment on the U.S., according to the best-selling Christian book of 2012 and the No. 1 faith movie.

While Obama was creating a stir in Manhattan with star-studded celebrity fundraisers, he also took a side trip that got less publicity. His official presidential business was a visit to the new World Trade Center building site where he signed a steel girder with a message of interest to the hundreds of thousands who have read “The Harbinger” or seen the video documentary “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment.”

“We remember,” he wrote. “We rebuild. We come back stronger!”

The book and the video have shocked readers and viewers around the country and the world by showing the eerie and striking parallels between the vows of the leaders of ancient Israel before its judgment and fall and those of American leaders since Sept. 11, 2001.

“What was foreshadowed in ‘The Harbinger’ and ‘The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment’ film is now being fulfilled by the president of the United States,” said Jonathan Cahn, the messianic rabbi-pastor and author.

The book and film specifically connect Obama’s words from his first State of the Union message in January 2009 with the ancient vow that brought judgment to ancient Israel.

“The ancient vow begins with these words: ‘The bricks have fallen, but we will rebuild with hewn stone,’” explains Cahn. “The vow declares Israel’s defiance of God, in the face of a devastating strike on the land. The hewn stone, which begins the rebuilding, symbolizes the nation’s intention to come back stronger than before. The book then reveals the parallel a proclamation given by Obama:

“Tonight I want every American to know this: We will rebuild. And the United States of America will emerge stronger than before,” he said.

However, that comment, which represented the theme of his first major speech upon taking office, was not addressing the attack of 9/11. It was addressing the economy and the state of the country generally. Yesterday, Cahn points out, Obama returned to the location of the attack – bringing the message full circle.

He points out how Obama’s words even parallel a Bible commentary on the verse Isaiah 9:10: “They boasted that they would rebuild their devastated country and make it stronger than ever before.”

In “The Harbinger” and “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment,” the focal point of this vow of judgment is the tower rising up out of the ruins of Ground Zero. It comprises the fourth harbinger – and remains the one harbinger that is still under construction.

“On June 14, two of the mysteries of ‘The Harbinger,’ foreshadowed in the book came true,” explained Cahn. “Obama went to Ground Zero to see the still rising tower. He was given a beam which will constitute the tower’s final and highest beam. On the beam, the president wrote eight words – which were, in effect, a summation of the ancient vow of judgment: ‘We Remember, We Rebuild, We Come Back Stronger!’”

Cahn continued: “So now the now the tower will be crowned and finished with words paralleling Isaiah 9:10, the ancient vow of national judgment. The tower was begun with the laying down of a hewn stone, the very same object mentioned in Isaiah 9:10 which begins the rebuilding.”

“Now the words and the tower have been joined together in reality – and the one who did it was the president of the United States,” he told WND. “One subtle difference in the words, is that the vow is spoken in the future tense. But now the words inscribed on the towers are in the present tense. In other words, they not only speak of the defiant vow, but of the fact that the vow is being fulfilled. This,” says Cahn, “constitutes another ominous sign.”

The last time the tower at Ground Zero became the focus of media attention was April 30, 2012, the day it became the tallest building in New York City. In the chapter titled The Mystery Ground, “The Harbinger” provides the reader with a date that holds the key to the mystery behind Ground Zero – the same date – April 30.

In January, “The Harbinger,” by Cahn, a messianic rabbi from New Jersey, exploded onto the publishing scene, immediately becoming a surprise New York Times bestseller.

“A number of years ago, as I was standing at the edge of Ground Zero in New York City, I came across the first puzzle piece of an ancient biblical mystery and a prophetic message known as ‘The Harbinger’ that concerns the future of America,” explains Cahn, who helped write the two-hour documentary “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment.”

Cahn say he has since found nine harbingers that tie the problems America has experienced beginning Sept. 11, 2001, with parallels that led to the destruction of ancient Israel.

“Before God judges a nation, He sends warning,” explains Cahn. “He sent warning to ancient Israel. He even allowed its enemies to breach its borders in a devastating strike that would traumatize the nation. It was a wake-up call, the call to return to God. But the nation responded with defiance. God then gave nine harbingers of judgment, nine prophetic signs, alarms and foreshadows of what was to come. Now America is the nation in rapid departure from God’s will. And God likewise allowed an enemy to breach its borders in a devastating strike – the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. It was, likewise, a wake-up call. But America, like Israel, has not responded with repentance, but with defiance. And now the nine harbingers of judgment have reappeared and have done so on American soil.”

Isaiah 9:10 is a verse in which Israel’s national leaders utter a vow of defiance following an attack by Assyria. It declared that the nation would not repent before God, but would defy Him instead. Cahn reveals in “The Harbinger” – and in even more dramatic fashion in the video – that beginning the day after Sept. 11, 2001, American leaders began repeating that 2,500-year-old vow, word for word.

He continues: “According to the ancient mystery revealed in the Book of Isaiah, if after that first calamity and warning, the nation doesn’t return to God but responds in defiance, it will end up triggering a second calamity. It was because of this ancient key, that, seven years after 9/11, the American economy collapsed. In the days after 9/11, the Federal Reserve slashed the base interest rate in an attempt to defy the consequences of the attacks. That action put us on the path leading to the collapse of the American economy seven years later. In 2008, the government made a second fatal mistake, another ill-fated financial decision, that would trigger the collapse of the American economy. Amazingly, it took place on the seventh anniversary of the uttering of the ancient vow on Capitol Hill.”

Cahn also reveals in “The Harbinger” and “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment” something that readers and viewers universally find astonishing – that New York’s Ground Zero actually represents more than the former financial center of the country. It represents the exact place at which America was first consecrated to God in prayer by the country’s new leaders.

“When judgment came to Israel, the calamity returned the people’s attention to the place where the nation had been consecrated to God – the Temple Mount,” says Cahn. “God was calling the nation back to Himself. What about 9/11? Could there be, in the American calamity, as well, a mystery of return? Could there be a prophetic message hidden in the place where it happened? There is a place where America was consecrated to God in prayer. It is also a place linked to a prophetic warning given on that same day – uttered by the nation’s first president – now coming to pass.”

In 1789, newly inaugurated President George Washington gave a prophetic warning at Federal Hall in New York City. He declared that America’s prosperity and protection were dependent upon its adherence to God. Later, the political leaders of the young nation gathered at St. Paul’s Chapel to commit the nation’s future to God’s purposes. That chapel is located at Ground Zero and miraculously survived 9/11 virtually unscathed.

Cahn, the pastor of the Jerusalem Center-Beth Israel Congregation in Wayne, N.J., says America is uncannily re-enacting ancient Israel’s behavior prior to its judgment and eventual fall. He found a sympathetic ear for his message in WND founder Joseph Farah, who produced “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment,” as a follow-up to “The Harbinger.”

“I had a chance to hear Jonathan Cahn’s message last fall,” said Farah. “Then I had an opportunity to read an early manuscript of ‘The Harbinger’ before it was released in January. I was determined to produce this video documentary, ‘The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment,’ because I believe its message is the most important one for Americans at this moment in history. In fact, I believe this project may be the most important one of my life. That’s how strongly I feel about it.”

The key to decoding the harbingers, Cahn says, is found in understanding the seemingly innocuous words of Isaiah 9:10 (King James Version) what it meant to Israel and how the history seems to be repeating itself in America today: “The bricks are fallen down, but we will build with hewn stones: The sycamores are cut down, but we will change them into cedars.”

These words were first uttered by leaders in Israel and in response to a limited strike by Assyria on the lands of Zebulun and Naphtali – an attack the prophet makes clear is actually part of a limited judgment by God against apostasy. It wasn’t meant to destroy the nation, but to awaken it, according to most commentaries.

But, says Cahn, Israel didn’t take the cue. Instead, the response from the people in Isaiah 9:10 is one of defiance. The brick buildings were toppled, but they vowed to build bigger and better. The little sycamore trees may have been uprooted, but they vowed to plant bigger and better cedars in their place.

God, speaking through Isaiah explains what will happen as a result of their pride and arrogance and failure to heed the harbinger: Bigger and more potent attacks will follow. Because neither the northern kingdom of Israel nor the southern kingdom of Judah truly repents, the first is eventually swept away by Assyrian invaders and the latter is carried off into captivity by the Babylonians for 70 years.

But what does this have to do with the United States of America – particularly what the U.S. experienced on 9/11 and since? Cahn has found some eerie parallels.

“In the aftermath of the attack, the nation was stunned,” said Cahn. “Everyone was trying to make sense of what had happened – this unprecedented attack on America. The very next day, Sept. 12, then Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle presented America’s response to the world. And what did he say?”

Daschle said: “America will emerge from this tragedy as we have emerged from all adversity – united and strong. Nothing … nothing can replace the losses of those who have suffered. I know there is only the smallest measure of inspiration that can be taken from this devastation. But there is a passage in the Bible from Isaiah that speaks to all of us at times like this.”

He then went on to read Isaiah 9:10.

“Daschle has no idea what he is doing here,” explains Cahn. “He thinks he’s offering comforting words to a grief-stricken people, but he is actually embracing the spiritually defiant and arrogant words of the children of Israel, proclaiming the ancient and ominous vow of the leaders of that nation. He doesn’t realize it, but he is actually inviting more judgment on the nation.”

It might be of some significance that Daschle, one of the most powerful men in the nation when he spoke those words, later fell into disgrace – to the point where he couldn’t even serve in Barack Obama’s Cabinet.

That might have been the end of the story – if no other top leader in the nation uttered those strange and obscure words after 9/11. But that’s not the case.

On the third anniversary of the attack, Sept. 11, 2004, another powerful U.S. senator running for vice president that year and who would famously run for the presidency four years later, gave a speech to the Congressional Black Caucus.

This time, John Edwards’ entire speech was built on a foundation of Isaiah 9:10:

“Today, on this day of remembrance and mourning, we have the Lord’s Word to get us through,” he said. He then read Isaiah 9:10. He went on to talk about how America was doing just that – rebuilding with hewn stone and planting cedars.

In “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment,” viewers get to see these remarkable, largely forgotten or overlooked speeches, which directly link the events of 9/11 and the events referred to in Isaiah 9:10.

“Like Daschle, Edwards thinks he’s invoking inspirational and comforting words from the Bible, but he’s actually inviting judgment on America,” says Cahn. “He’s repeating the vow that provoked God to bring calamity on ancient Israel.”

Even more astonishing, Daschle and Edwards were not alone among U.S. leaders in making similar statements, as “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment” shows.

But aside from such statements, which could be chalked up to political talk and coincidences, is there anything else linking Isaiah 9:10 to 9/11?

The video documentary, like the book, is full of shocking parallels. There was actually a very famous sycamore tree felled in the attack on the World Trade Center. It was replaced by trees in the same genus as the cedar. There have been many plans made to rebuild the twin towers bigger and better and a large “hewn stone” was actually quarried out of the Adirondack Mountains in New York and brought to Ground Zero as a cornerstone.

“The parallels are truly stunning,” says Farah, founder of WND, who produced the documentary for WND Videos. “In fact, they are overwhelming in their number and their exactitude. I am persuaded God is trying to tell America something and Rabbi Cahn has found the key to unlocking the message.”
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Has America become an ‘end-times’ civilization?
“Do you think there’s an increasing divide between Americans who [recognize these eerie harbingers of judgment] and Americans who don’t attribute any significance to these types of things?” DeAnna asked Cahn.

“Absolutely,” the author replied. “We’re watching a polarization – and this is a dynamic of end-times civilization – that the dark gets darker, the light gets lighter.”

“Yet,” Cahn says, “‘The Harbinger’ is such that you can be an atheist … and still say, ‘Wow. There’s something happening, there’s something going on.’ And I think there’s an underlying sense in America that there is something wrong, that we are in a critical period, and ‘The Harbinger’ is connecting the dots in way that, again, if you are a total skeptic, it’s still hard to avoid.”

Has America become an ‘end-times’ civilization?

The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment

Take a look at Daniel 2. There is a rock that smashes the kingdoms at the end. The implication: If we are living at the time of the end, then one-by-one the kingdoms of the earth will be smashed. They will not gently fall away. Instead, they will be smashed into obliteration.

Daniel 2

31 “Your Majesty looked, and there before you stood a large statue—an enormous, dazzling statue, awesome in appearance. 32 The head of the statue was made of pure gold, its chest and arms of silver, its belly and thighs of bronze, 33 its legs of iron, its feet partly of iron and partly of baked clay. 34 While you were watching, a rock was cut out, but not by human hands. It struck the statue on its feet of iron and clay and smashed them. 35 Then the iron, the clay, the bronze, the silver and the gold were all broken to pieces and became like chaff on a threshing floor in the summer. The wind swept them away without leaving a trace. But the rock that struck the statue became a huge mountain and filled the whole earth.

I hope the “smashed” word sinks in. That is what is in store for the world. It all starts with America. America and the other world kingdoms will fall by smashing. 9/11 was a harbinger of doom for America. It was a symbolic smashing of America as a warning to turn back to God. American’s failed to heed the call. The next time America is smashed it won’t be symbolic:
Three Biblical Signs of Impending Doom on America.


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Cahn was on Jim Bakker's show last week and mentioned that the Eretz tree that was planted in the church to replace the Sycamore that was destroyed is dying, and cannot be saved, according to church officials who said that they've tried everything. Also he showed pictures of bushes right in front of the tree and they are also dying, while bushes right next to the Eretz ground are completely green and healthy. Pictues of the Eretz before and after showed a full evergreen type that is now barely leafed and being kept from falling by a rope.

Cahn brought out the scriptural evidence of cursed tree withering, another sign of the proceeding soon judgment of the nation. :titanic:
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Cahn's message at the Presidential Inauguration Breakfast, a must listen, gives the message of the Harbinger without holding back, this was undoubtedly God ordained:

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WND article on the event:

'What we once knew to be immoral, we celebrate'

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, author of “The Harbinger” – the startling New York Times bestseller that suggests the U.S. is in the shadow of judgment from God for its rejection of Him – stood at the podium for this year’s Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast in Washington on Inauguration Day.

Amid weeping, praying and the sounding of shofars from the audience, Cahn said the U.S. has chosen a path that takes the nation away from God, and he pleaded with its leaders to return.

“What we once knew to be immoral, we celebrate,” he said. “What we once knew to be right, we war against.”

And he warned that no level of political correctness will change right and wrong.

“A thousand apostate ministers swearing on a thousand Bibles will not change one jot or tittle of the word of God,” he said.

Just hours later, Barack Obama rose behind another podium and gave his vision for the next four years in America, speaking of advancing “gay” rights and referencing the “Stonewall Uprising as a great American event we should honor,” Cahn told WND.

The conflict, he said, continues, between what the Bible prescribes for a nation seeking God’s blessing, and the nation that America appears to have become.

“There’s always been a parallel with the going forth of “The Harbinger” and “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment” [the video documentary of 'The Harbinger'], and what’s happening in America,” he said.

“The address at the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast was another example. It was strange. that morning, in Washington, D.C., President Obama gave his vision for the next fours years and I gave the message of ‘The Harbinger,’ a call of prophetic warning.

“I spoke of America’s moral apostasy, and Obama spoke, for the first time in any inauguration, of advancing gay rights and of the Stonewall Uprising as a great American event we should honor.

“Both tracks are continuing, America’s spiritual departure from God, and the warnings of judgment given,” he said.

Now you can get an exclusive bundle that includes “The Harbinger” and “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment” at one low price from the WND Superstore!

He said the reaction to his message at the prayer breakfast was overwhelming.

“The event erupted in an explosion of prayer and worship. People were weeping. People were shouting. Some were on their knees. Some were sounding shofars. Others were cheering and praising the Lord. There was at attempt to have the program continue, but it couldn’t. God was there. It was just too powerful to do anything but stand in His presence,” he said.

“Even now the word is spreading. Just as an inauguration is, by definition, a beginning, I believe, somehow, that the giving of that speech in that place on that day was the beginning of something. Even now the word is spreading. I pray it’s the beginning of awakening,” he said.

He told WND he went into the event very physically weak, as he’d been ill and on very short sleep.

“I prayed for the Lord to do it. He did,” he said.

He told the gathered crowd that when people pray for America, they should remember that, “We have to pray according to His will. We pray for blessing, but true blessing only comes at the will of God. The truth must be spoken as well.”

He said the ancient kingdom known as Israel was founded on God’s word, and was blessed.

“But the people made a fatal mistake. They turned away from their God, removed Him from their lives, their culture, government, economy, public square, out of the instruction and lives of their children.”

“They made themselves strangers to the God of their fathers, and as God was driven out, their idols were brought in,” he said. Those were immorality, materialism, carnality.

Warnings from God were not needed, and the nation fell into captivity, he said.

Then there is another civilization founded on God’s word.

“From its very inception America, those who came to these shores and founded a civilization, dedicated it to God. America was to be a city on a hill, a civilization to which others would look,” he said.

“But something happened. … We, too, as a nation turned from God. We, too, have removed Him from our lives, step by step. … We, too, have made God a stranger.”

His presence was replaced by intolerance, immorality, profanity and blasphemy, he said.

Others were shaken by the message, too.

Two residents of Israel, watching online, wrote to Cahn, “It’s hard to even put into our brains how God has directed all of this and is using you like this … What is next?”

Added Jeffrey Bernstein, “Your message … needs to get into the hands of every congressman and senator and beyond … Only God knows what’s next.”

Cahn told WND his “call to the nation” was a direct appeal for America to return to God.

“Even a calling to the president – in which I asked him … how he can place his hands on the word of God to be sworn into office and then act against the very things the word of God clearly declares.”

Rev. Patrick J. Conroy, chaplain for the U.S. House of Representatives, earlier led the opening “Prayer for the Nation.”

No book in 2012 made more of a national impact than Cahn’s “The Harbinger” – remaining on the New York Times bestsellers list longer than any other title. It’s now been there for 52 weeks, and has sold more than a million copies.
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Perhaps this was the Final Call.

But the wicked will go on doing wickedly.. they have been warned.
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Twi I think it was.

Jonathan Cahn's Unapologetic Prophetic Message to America Goes Viral

Messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn's keynote address at the January Presidential Inaugural Breakfast went viral on YouTube shortly after its posting.

The video has garnered over 100,000 views, gaining worldwide attention for its bold outcry for America to return to God.

Though its controversial message initially received some suppression on the Internet, its popularity continued to grow. Many have called it “the most important and powerful clip on YouTube ever.”

In the video, Cahn, author of the New York Times best-seller The Harbinger, addressed a host of senators and members of Congress at the historic Marriot Wardman Park, one of Washington, D.C.'s most famous landmarks. He unapologetically stated that his message would not be politically correct, nor political, but biblical.

“We must sound the alarm that must be sounded,” Cahn stated in his keynote address at the interdenominational, bipartisan event. “We must address what must be addressed, and so the message now will not be politically correct. Nor will it be political. It will be biblical. It will be true. And wherever it falls, let it fall.

“I will not hold back,” he continued. “And if I offend you, I apologize that I cannot apologize for offending you. Without truth there is no love. On a day that so embodies the future course of this nation, it's critical that we both pray and speak the truth.”

Cahn passionately detailed the prophetic parallels between ancient Israel and the modern-day decline of morality in America.

“As the people of ancient Israel, in the midst of their blessings, committed a fatal error, so have we,” he continued. “We too, as a nation, have turned from God. We too, as a nation, have removed Him from our lives. Step by step we too have ruled Him out of our culture, out of our government, out of our economy. We too have ruled Him out of the instruction and lives of our children. We too have made God a stranger. And as we have driven God from our national life, we have brought in other gods and idols to replace Him—gods of sensuality, violence, wealth, carnality, sexual promiscuity. And as did Israel, so too we have abandoned the ways of God and the laws of God for the ways of immorality.”

The Harbinger has garnered national attention for its documentation of parallels between what has happened in the United States since the 2001 terrorist attacks—including the economic collapse—and Israel’s history after it turned away from God. Told in fictional narrative, the book unfolds how nine signs concealed in recent events reveal God’s progressive judgment.

The Harbinger, published on Jan. 3, 2012 by Frontline/Charisma House, has sold more than 1 million units and charted for 56 weeks on the New York Times Best Sellers list and 55 weeks on USA Today’s Top 150 Books.
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E-mail from Cahn::

Hi Everyone

This is a personal request for prayer. This coming Wednesday Night, there will be a special gathering held in the United States Capitol Building. It will be held for Members of Congress. One of the speakers will be Newt Gingrich. Another will be Michele Bachmann. And at the end, another one of the speakers they've asked – is me. So I will need your prayers! Please pray that God will give me the words. And that He will anoint it's going forth that it accomplishes His purposes.

The event will start at 6:30pm – and will go to around 8:30 pm – I'll speak around 8:15. The event was actually triggered by The Harbinger.

Thanks for your prayers!

God bless you

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A Note From Jonathan! Shalom, Thank you all for your prayers!

Prayer is essential all the more in what God is doing. I'll share what happened on Capitol Hill, during the services this weekend.

It was tremendous! Thanks again.

God bless you
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