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Who are the Chaldeans of Habakkuk’s prophecy; “The Islamic State Of Iraq and Syria” or I.S.I.S.!
Topic Started: Jul 15 2014, 11:15 AM (843 Views)
Assistant Admin
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Write The Vision On Paper and let him or her that reads it –take it and run with it—They come for the time of Judgment!!

I guess the timing of this discovery is the real clincher going by God’s calendar: I made this prophetic discovery on July 9, 2014–which on the jewish calendar is the 9th day of the 4th month (Tammuz)!
I checked on the history of this date on the jewish calendar in my bible concordance and it so happens that on another time in the events of jewish history-there was another invasion on this same date on the city of Jerusalem by the Babylonians (The Chaldeans) on the 9th day of the 4th month –Jeremiah 39: 2-3– Babylon, Iraq of today!

Some may not know this fact but the ancient ruins of the city of Babylon are just right outside the modern city of Bagdad, Iraq–which once was the heart or headquarters of the Babylonian Empire in the prophet Jeremiah’sday!

Who are the Chaldeans of Habakkuk’s prophecy in his short three chapter book?

They are none other then the people who occupy the territory of today’s modern Iraq, Iran, and Syria!

The group of people who I believe fulfills the prophecy of this ancient vision is none other then “The Islamic State Of Iraq and Syria” or I.S.I.S.!

The lightning fast MARCH of this Al-Quaeda splinter group through the heart of Iraq taking over town after town on their quest of total conquest of the city of Bagdad( ancient Babylon) –as their future seat of government; has stunned the world and has taken many world leaders off guard!

These heatless thugs and terrorists have no respect for any world leaders or government authority and to capture all who get in their way is just a trophy of the madness that drives this evil Chaldean Movement on the world scene!

Let me show you how this Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (I.S.I.S.) —is a total fulfillment of the Nation of the Chaldeans in the Habakkuk Prophecy of the Old Testament!

(You folks are always wanting proof–shame! Shame! Shame!—Hee! Hee! Just kidding!!)

The prophet Habakkuk was burdened night and day by scenes of violence and lawlessness in his home country-and in the world around him-he could not understand why God was holding back His justice and Judgment on these wicked forces of evil!

Things were just going downhill in Israel and on the moral scene there was sodomy and on the political scene there was corruption- as the unrighteous were gaining the upperhand on pushing their agendas forward and in the face of the righteous!

Then God intervenes and reveals His plan for judgment on the nations by the following Last Days method of correction or punishment!
(Let me just give a brief commentary on this short but detailed Prophecy in the first chapter of Habakkuk that we are seeing fulfilled before our eyes- verse by verse)

In verse 6—> God says, “I RAISE UP the CHALDEANS—that bitter and hasty NATION (I.S.I.S.) –Islamic State of Iraq and Syria–which shall MARCH through the breadth of the land, to possess the dwellingplaces that are not theirs!
In verse 7—> They are Terrible and Dreadful: their judgment and their dignity shall proceed of themselves!

( It is a known fact that with LIGHTNING SPEED this self-proclaimed Califh Nation called I.S.I.S. has been rapidly moving throughout the old territory of the Babylonian Empire(Iraq and Syria); and they have been taking over towns and villages which do not belong to them; and they are a Ruthless company or community of evil terrorists; even worse then Al Quaeda!)

In verse 8—> Their horses also are SWIFTER than the LEOPARDS–(What means of modern transportation are these terrorists using? Stolen U.S. military Humvee Vehicles!
How FAST do these Humvee Vehicles travel? Top Speed 70 miles per hour!
How FAST does a Leopard run? At a Speed of up to 37 miles per hour according to the world wildlife org. on the Amur Leopard of Africa!
In Verse 8 and 9—> They COME only for VIOLENCE!! (The I.S.I.S. has one main method of recruitment–follow us and join the state or be killed or beheaded! They capture all those who get in their path and pursue those who attempt to escapt their military campaign NET!
They are dead set on creating VILOLENCE! That is their end game!

Here is the verse that really nailed this I.S.I.S. as the fulfillment of the Habakkuk Prophecy!
In Verse 10—> They shall Scoff at the kings –and the princes shall be a scorn unto them—They shall DERIDE every stronghold ; HOW? For they shall HEAP DUST—and take the stronghold—how? By heaping up earth or dirt!

This terrorist army in Iraq has mocked world leaders such as our own President Obama—but here is the clincher! How do they take over or bring down these towns or strongholds in their conquest of Iraq and Syria?
How do they DERIDE every stronghold? They HEAP DUST to take the town or village!

What does that mean you say? Some translations read as they take up dirt mounds in heaps!
Just yesterday I was reading how these terrorists take over towns and how they break through the borders between Iraq and Syria and I was floored to read how this Army of I.S.I.S. uses—here it comes—– Bulldozers!! To break down the earthen (Heaps of dirt) BERMS in order to break down the barriers which many towns and villages put up as a security wall so that there is some sense of safety from an outside offensive force!

That detail of the prophecy and its possible fulfillment really nailed it for me—this is what the prophecy is talking about!

Not until this year of 2014 and only as early as January when one of the first towns in Iraq were taken over by this evil regime–has this prophecy just hatched out onto the world scene!

In the next chapter of this Habakkuk Prophecy is a warning to have the prophet write the vision down on paper or tablet so that whoever gets a hold of the fulfillemt of this vision of this future invasion of the Chaldeans—that they should take it and run with it and let others know that the judgment is coming into the heart of the middle east!

This part of the vision may just now be on the verge of total fulfillment!

Get this! For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the END it shall speak and not lie; though it terry-wait for it–it will surely come, it will not terry!
Guess What! The END Times is here and the time of this prophecy has come to full term of fulfillment!!

There is more to this prophecy which seems to have references to the man of lawlessness, or the anti-christ and his fatal head wound incident in the near future–chapter 3—also in chapter 2 we have a short inclusion of the image of the beast in Habakkuk 2: 18-20!
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Assistant Admin
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:wow: ... nailed it. It makes total sense. Put this with the Blood Moons and the world state in general, the apathy of the Church and everything else and this gem, puts it all together. Read the Book of Habakkuk today again. :e190:

:e153: I have studied Bible Prophecy years now—and I can confidently say that over that period of time there have been many attempts to explain this mysterious Habakkuk prophecy–but now as of this year it finally makes complete sense if indeed it is this ISIS Nation!!
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Assistant Admin
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