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Moscow on the Offensive
Topic Started: Oct 6 2016, 06:33 PM (545 Views)
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Oct 6, 2016 - Third World War fears have been voiced by the newspapers over the growing tensions with the USA. Russian state newspapers predict direct military conflict with US over Syria. Confrontation on par with the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Nuclear war soon?
Oct 6, 2016 - Russia tells citizens nuclear war with the West could happen soon. Russian TV has issued a chilling warning that war with the West could be imminent. America sharpening nuclear weapons for Moscow.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday proposed a law suspending a Moscow-Washington agreement to dispose of weapons-grade plutonium. Underground shelters in Russia can house 12 milion people – enough for the entire population of Moscow.

Moscow will shoot down plane

When the people start to fight against their govt, thats when Russia and China will attack
Visions of Duduman, Henry Gruver, AA Allen all dovetail

WW3 now

This has been a very real threat so long, I am afraid people will not take this seriously.
Ihope putin holds his temper til obama is out out OUT

Please Vlad - DONT blame the American people for the jackass in our whitehouse.

Hurricane Matthew is 'enough' to trigger at your own leisure!
:alert: :e214: This is big enuf to post here....
MEGA WARNING RED ALERT A Special FEMA Report Tensions With Russia Could enact EXECUTIVE ORDER
Major News Alert: Forbidden on Main Stream News - Hidden From You - Wake Up
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Israel Juniper Cobra exercise
Feb 1, 2018 - US troops in Israel for Biennial Juniper Cobra simulating massive missile attack on Israel. Hellzbollah has been threatening to open fire at IDF soldiers. US anti-missile systems deployed across Israel for Juniper Cobra drill

Russia builds 4 new bases in Syria
Feb 1, 2018 - Russia is adding four more air bases, one shared with Iran, and 6,000 more troops. Tyas, T-4 in the Homs area west of Palmyra is the largest in Syria. Palmyra Airport provides air support for operations in eastern Syria including Deir ez-Zour province. Moscow has agreed to share it with Iran. Iran Gen. Soleimani plans to make Palmyra the center for transfer of Shiite militias.
Americans bases are in northern Syria.

North Korea oil
Feb 1, 2018 - Ending North Korea oil supplies would be seen as act of war, says Russia. The delivery of oil and oil products to North Korea should not be reduced.,
A total end to deliveries would be interpreted by North Korea as an act of war.

TRAIN crash was no accident
Albemarle Cty where GOP train crash occurred doesn't provide Waste Mgmt. You have to hire someone. Truck was McNeilans in Ohio, they don't service VA. Nunes, Jordan etc behind the FISA memo release were on board.

Train crash was Deepstate black op
Feb 1, 2018 - Members of Congress and families were on a chartered AMTRAK train traveling from Washington, DC to the Greenbriar Resort in West Virginia when train struck a truck on the railroad tracks.

Beneath the Greenbriar is a Continuity of Government Bunker built specifically for Congress? David Rothschild Tweeted before President trump's State of the Union address - no one is going to remember this speech in the morning? He believed / planned Congress would be wiped out in a train wreck.

#TheMemo due out this morning
POTUS heading to W Va bunker to hole up w/Congress, safety

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 2/1/2018
EU Urges US Not to Go It Alone With Mideast Peace Efforts

EU: US needed for peace process

Op-ed: Trump and Haley have laid the groundwork for Jordan to replace the PLO as Israel's negotiating partner

Greenblatt: Trump won't force an agreement on Israel

Israel vows to retain West Bank control in any peace deal

11 countries speed up funding for Palestinians after US cuts

New assistance package for Palestine: EU strongly committed to support socio-economic revival of East-Jerusalem

German FM After Meeting Netanyahu: Is Israel Prepared to Pay the Price of Perpetual Occupation?

Israel presents $1 billion rehabilitation plan for Gaza, but demands Palestinian Authority take over

Fuel shortage closes seven Gaza medical centers

Israel to allow generators into Gaza to ease power crisis

Ismail Haniya: US designates Hamas leader as terrorist

UN marks Holocaust Remembrance Day

Poland's Senate passes controversial Holocaust bill

Polish lawmakers back draft Holocaust law, US voices concern

Yad Vashem laments 'problematic' Polish legislation

Yad Vashem vows to continue supporting research into Poles' role in Holocaust

Lawmaker proposes Israeli legislation to counter Polish Holocaust bill

French PM: France is facing violent 'new form of anti-Semitism'

Israeli group sues New Zealanders over Lorde's cancelled concert in first use of controversial anti-boycott law

Ruling: Kansas law targeting Israel boycotts impedes free speech

Haley: UN list of firms linked to settlements part of 'anti-Israeli obsession'

Nikki Haley: UN list of firms linked to Israeli settlements a 'waste of time'

Israel rejects UN 'blacklist' of businesses linked to settlements as 'fundamentally illegitimate'

Israel's UN Ambassador Danon slams UN settlements 'blacklist'

Greenblatt to EU envoys: Settlements are not the obstacle

Trump's Press Sec. says she's 'proud to work' for Israel supporter

US troops arrive for drill simulating massive missile attack on Israel

PA arrests 7 Hamas-linked suspects for planting roadside bombs near Tulkarem

Lieberman on Possible War in Lebanon: If Israelis Are Forced Into Bomb Shelters, All of Beirut Will Be Too

Israel, Lebanon argue over disputed offshore energy block

Hezbollah vows to defend Lebanon's 'oil and gas rights'

Lebanon issues oil and gas tender, angering Israel, which claims ownership

Liberman: In future war, Lebanon will 'pay full price' for Iran ties

Lieberman: Middle East starting a nuclear arms race

Top adviser to Khamenei says Iran's regional influence 'inevitable'

Defying US Russia says no case for UN action against Iran

Russia says hundreds killed in Turkish operation in Syria's Afrin

Macron warns Turkey against 'invasion' of Syria

Turkish airstrikes kill 49 Kurdish militants in northern Iraq

Donald Trump Extends Protections For Some Syrians In U.S., Shuts Others Out

Egypt's Sisi warns opponents as calls to boycott election build

Arab quartet blasts 'misleading' UN report on boycott of Qatar

UN official says Rohingya crisis has 'hallmarks of genocide'

U.S. Missile Defense Test Fails Amid Tensions With North Korea

North Korea backs off military exercises as Trump puts 'maximum pressure' on Kim Jong Un

Ending North Korea oil supplies would be seen as act of war, says Russia

Putin Is Grooming a New Generation to Preserve His Legacy

Twitter Notifies More Users Exposed to Russian Propaganda

FBI and White House clash over controversial Republican memo

FBI expresses 'grave concerns' over Republican memo's accuracy

Nunes 'made material changes' to classified memo sent to White House, Schiff charges

McCabe knew about Clinton emails a month before Comey alerted Congress

One person killed when Amtrak train carrying GOP lawmakers to retreat hits garbage truck

This is CNN: Network Regular Says God 'cleaning up' After Fatal GOP Train Wreck

Dow, in day with wild swings, closes up 73 points, snaps worst 2-day slide since 2016

Former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan Sees Bubbles in Stocks and Bonds

Worries Grow That the Price of Bitcoin Is Being Propped Up

At $1.59B, Jeff Bezos made more money Tuesday than any jackpot winner ever

EU rejects Brexit plan for banks by Britain's financial industry

First-ever self-driving delivery on public roads sees groceries dropped off in Bay Area

Be on your best behavior because thousands of security cameras will show Super Bowl activity

Parents are begging Justin Timberlake to keep Super Bowl halftime show kid-friendly

Facebook didn't catch fake 'supermoon' video as it racked up 16 million views

Earth's magnetic poles could be about to flip sparking chaos and mass blackouts

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Pedasi, Panama

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Lae, Papua New Guinea

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits the Pacific-Antarctic Ridge

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Lata, Solomon Islands

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Palora, Ecuador

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Pedasi, Panama

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Line Islands, Kiribati region

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 26,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 26,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Mayon volcano in the Philippines erupts to 13,000ft

FEMA denies any cutoff of food, water to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico

Persistent dryness 'worrisome' for Southern California as drought, water supply shortage issues loom

'Zombie' Grapevines Stop Breathing to Survive Drought, Scientists Discover

Cancer 'vaccine' eliminates tumors in mice, researchers find

Massachusetts Might Legalize Assisted Suicide, And It Could Turn America Into The Netherlands

CBO Claims: A Late-Term Abortion Saves Feds $7,000

CDC Director Steps Down Following Report She Invested in Big Tobacco Stocks

San Francisco will wipe out thousands of marijuana convictions dating back decades

Google yanks gay dating app from Indonesia online store amid a crackdown on the LGBT community

DAILY MAIL:California is overdue a major earthquake that could kill millions and there may be NO warning before it hits, warns top geophysicist:Most people don't know how dire the earthquake situation in California really is,
I’m Sick Of The God And America Hating Left:For the first time in a generation I believe we have a short window to pushback against the forces of darkness. Now is the time to stand up and call ‘em like you see them.DAVE DAUBENMIRE
MAN-MADE ARTIFACTS FOUND IN '300-MILLION-YEAR-OLD SANDSTONE'? Texas fossil museum collects what most evolution theorists seek to bury
'Continuity of Government' Bunker Located at 'Resort' Where Members of Congress Traveled yesterday before train they were on Collided with Truck
Support for both unfettered immigration and the minimum wage: The shocking connection the minimum wage is not about helping low skill workers get ahead; their goal is to move as many people as possible from self sufficiency to dependence.
DAILY MAIL:US military test to shoot down incoming dummy missile from Hawaii fails AGAIN as concerns grow over North Korea's developing nuclear program
When All Else Fails, Roll out a Kennedy:The Democrats are on the run and they know it. The FISA Memo will soon be released detailing KGB style tactics to steal the 2016 Election among Hillary disciples at the FBI.
Veteran FBI Behavioral Analyst On Deceptive Facial Expressions We See Widespread Now Across The Democratic Party - 'The Lips Don't Lie' But The People Do - It Is Not Their Words, It Is The Facial Expressions When Challenged With Something Outside Their
Chiefs Of Three Russian Intelligence Agencies Travel To Washington
GOOGLE BANS ALEX JONES FROM ITS PROPERTIES, SAYS LAWSUIT Google’s secret political blacklist includes JonesThis is the essence of discrimination — Google formed opinions about and then treated Plaintiffs not based on their individual merits,
Exclusive: FBI Confirms Jihadi Training Camps in America
The Hardest Part Is Not Fleeing But Thinking, Planning, And Acting- The Golden Hour: What to Do in the First 60 Minutes of SHTF
MUST READ!Former US Army Colonel Warns 'Danger Is Close' And 'Rogue Sleeper Cells May Be Being Activated' As Democratic Party And Deep State 'Enemies Of America Within' Get Ready To Be Slammed With The 'Release Of The Memo'
Popocatepetl volcano erupts 4 times in a row sending column of ash 3000 meters above its crater – Cenapred urges not to approach the volcano
DAILY MAIL:The State of the Union stats don’t lie: Americans are turning against Trump-hating celebrities and buying into the President’s American dream - THAT’S a nightmare for Democrats’
MUST READ!When we lose sight of the true purpose of government—to protect our rights—and fail to keep the government in its place as our servant, we allow the government to overstep its bounds and become a tyrant that rules by brute force.
Proof: CNN's Editor-At-Large Is Running Cover For Corrupt Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, Directly Lied About His Wrongdoings While Attacking Trump
RoboStop: Ford’s AI to leave no hiding place for bad drivers-'An autonomous police vehicle may enforce traffic laws by identifying violators, pulling over the offending vehicle, capturing an image of license plate of the offending vehicle
Google’s (SKYNET) Extremely Biased Coverage of the State of the Union Address-Extreme Search Engine Prejudice-Every single source listed on page one of the Google Search Engine traffic was represented by ultra-liberal anti-Trump interests.
Mystery as three huge steel spheres fall from sky leaving thousands terrified EXPERTS are baffled after large steel balls appeared to fall from the sky, terrifying thousands living in nearby neighborhoods. SPACE DEBRIS?
Europe: Making Totalitarianism Great Again:The European Union is intensifying its efforts to censor and marginalize voices that disagree with its policies, under the convenient euphemism of combating 'fake news'.
Eye Bleed Fever Outbreak Cover Up? Doctor Confirms Cases As Health Officials Deny Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF).This horrific 'eye bleed fever' has been confirmed by doctors, yet health officials continue to deny the outbreak.
Pentagon: China, Russia Soon Capable of Destroying U.S. Satellites J-2 intelligence report warns of new dangers to low earth orbit satellites

Polish Senate passes law criminalizing suggesting complicity in Holocaust
Polish lawmakers approved draft legislation on Thursday penalizing suggestions of any complicity by Poland in the Nazi Holocaust on its soil during World War Two, defying criticism by Israel and the United States. The proposal has triggered a diplomatic spat between Israel and Warsaw’s conservative government since its initial approval in the lower house of parliament last week, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu comparing it to an effort to change history.

Blood test finds toxic Alzheimer’s proteins
Scientists in Japan and Australia have developed a blood test that can detect the build-up of toxic proteins linked to Alzheimer’s disease. The work, published in the journal Nature, is an important step towards a blood test for dementia. The test was 90% accurate when trialled on healthy people, those with memory loss and Alzheimer’s patients.

Trump grants 6,900 Syrians permission to stay in US
The Trump administration has extended temporary protection for nearly 7,000 Syrians in living in the US as war continues to ravage their country. They were shielded from deportation under a humanitarian programme, Temporary Protected Status (TPS). The president has cancelled TPS programmes for various countries in recent months, affecting immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti and Nicaragua.

US deploys aircraft carrier off coast where Russian ship was spotted 27 miles from shore
The USS George HW Bush, a Nimitz-class supercarrier, was deployed from Naval Station Norfolk, in southeastern Virginia, on Tuesday morning, according to maritime traffic monitors. Naval trackers show the 1,092ft aircraft carrier is sailing through the Atlantic Ocean but details of its mission were not immediately available.

L.A.’s homelessness surged 75% in six years.
…The number of those living in the streets and shelters of the city of L.A. and most of the county surged 75% — to roughly 55,000 from about 32,000 — in the last six years. (Including Glendale, Pasadena and Long Beach, which conduct their own homeless counts, the total is nearly 58,000.) Three out of four homeless people — 41,000 — live in cars, campers, tents and lean-tos, by far the biggest single group of unsheltered people in any U.S. city.

Israel, Lebanon clash over offshore energy, raising tensions
Israel described as “very provocative” on Wednesday a Lebanese offshore oil and gas exploration tender in disputed territory on the countries’ maritime border, and said it was a mistake for international firms to participate. Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri, whose country considers Israel an enemy state, said the comments were one of several “threatening messages” from Israel to Lebanon in recent days.

CAIR silent on U.S. imams’ call to kill Jews
After three different imams in the U.S. declared in December that Muslims will one day eliminate the Jews, citing sacred Islamic text, a Washington-based Islamic group known for its concern about “hate speech” was noticeably silent.

California sued after hospital ends life of sick boy
A mother is suing California, charging state laws allowed employees at a Los Angeles hospital to turn off her son’s life support and let him die, even though he had shown signs of life.

WOW! Judicial Watch Reveals Obama Officials Distributed ‘CLASSIFIED RECORDS’ To ‘Undermine’ POTUS Trump
Another day, another scandal Judicial Watch uncovers. On Wednesday, the conservative watchdog released 42 pages of “redacted State Department documents,” given to Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD), for the purpose, as Tom Fitton describes it, of “undermining,” President Trump.

Judicial Watch Chief Investigator: FBI Is Threatening the President of the United States – Grave Threat on Constitution
On Wednesday night FBN host Lou Dobbs reported that the FBI sent five top agentsover to the White House this week to alter the House Intel FISA memo. This was after the House Intelligence Committee voted on Monday to release the classified FISA memo that exposes FISA abuse by the Obama FBI and Department of Justice.

Mass Might Legalize Assisted Suicide
A group of Massachusetts physicians held a press conference Wednesday to loudly voice their opposition to a bill seeking to legalize physician assisted suicide.

Millennials Who Attended Evangelical Protestant Schools More Likely to Marry, Have Children: Study
Generation X and millennial-aged adults who attended evangelical Protestant schools are more likely to get married and have children than their peers who attended public schools, according to a recent study.

NOAA fisheries open investigation into minke whale deaths
The US National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration has deemed deaths of minke whales along the east coast last year an ‘Unusual Mortality Event’ (UME).UME, the designation for an occurrence involving a significant die-off of any marine mammal population has spurred a federal probe, NOAA Fisheries announced Wednesday in a teleconference with reporters. The investigation will span along the East Coast, from Maine to Florida, as NOAA has responded to a total of 29 incidents involving minke whales along that area.

GOP Lawmakers Pushing For FISA Memo Release In Massive Train Crash
A chartered train carrying dozens of GOP lawmakers to a republican retreated located in West Virginia has collided with a garbage truck south of Charlottesville.The Republican lawmakers had one thing in common, they were pushing for the release of the FISA memo which would expose the death of the deep state spying on President Trump and the American public.

US Engulfed In The Most Corrupt Scandal In History & All Roads Lead Back To Obama
…The Obama Administration and the deep state, those individuals in government that have created crimes and continue to commit crimes to support their cause, don’t want President Trump to change the destructive direction in the US. The Obama Administration did all it could to destroy this great nation and hand it over to the world of global elites. President Trump and the Americans that voted for him want to save America and the world by standing for freedom, life, human rights and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans. The US is at a crossing point.

The Conflict Over Jerusalem Is ALL The Fault Of Only ONE Man
….the resolution fails to recognize that it was the December 2016 Security Council Resolution — the one engineered by lame duck President Barack Obama — that changed the status of Jerusalem and complicated the efforts to achieve a compromise peace.

TRUMP IS ROLLING BACK Obama’s policies which made it difficult, if not virtually impossible, for law enforcement to surveil potential Muslim terrorists and monitor mosques
Trump’s controversial but popular travel ban which overwhelmingly targets the Muslim-majority countrie sof Chad, Iran, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Yemen, did not emerge in a vacuum. In fact, findings from recently published research expose 15 federal measures and 194 state bills that impact Muslims directly. (Many of which Obama reversed or tried to reverse while in office)

Satanic-themed Ice Cream Shop Trashes Jesus in Bizarre Marketing Scheme
A popular Canadian ice cream company is being slammed for using anti-Christian and satanic imagery in their marketing materials.

THIS IS CNN: Network Regular Says God ‘CLEANING UP’ After Fatal GOP Train Wreck
A CNN regular and liberal author thanked the heavens for a fatal train wreck Wednesday, saying God was “working hard today” to “clean up” the GOP mess just a day after the President’s annual State of the Union address.


:e223: -ore-

North Korea oil
Feb 1, 2018 - Ending North Korea oil supplies would be seen as act of war, says Russia. The delivery of oil and oil products to North Korea should not be reduced.,
A total end to deliveries would be interpreted by North Korea as an act of war.
What next for Trump's Korea strategy?
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