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FOLLOW ME TWEETS (~Fireside Chats - news, devotionals)
Topic Started: Jan 21 2017, 08:31 PM (4,257 Views)
Assistant Admin
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Sit back and enjoy the ride.
You are either on the side of righteousness or evil.

'Fireside Chats - Reach forth with your heart, that my love can be shown to the world.; God's Plans for you are for good and not evil....

Fireside Chats
Breathe on me breath of God
Till I am wholly Thine
Until this earthly part of me
Glows with Thy fire divine

Posted Image

In a vision, I saw an overstuffed love seat. A colorful afghan was draped over the side and the love-seat was facing a fireplace. The whole room was aglow with the fire. Then I heard the Lord say, “Fireside Chats.” This is the first in a series of fireside chats that He wants to have with us:

Fireside Chat – 1
I take delight in each of My children. I enjoy conversing with you. I enjoy having you draw near to Me. Ask of Me, beloved, and I will respond to you. Ask of Me and I will give My best to you, according to My will for you. I am your God, your Father, and I take much delight in you. Always recognize this gift with a thankful heart, and know, beloved, that as you draw near to Me and respond to My voice, you have delighted your King. Yes, you have delighted your King greatly!!!

Fireside Chat – 2
O Taste & See That the Lord is Good! U Can Eat & Drink of Jesus all the time...He's Our Daily Food Supply....Only He Can Satisfy....

O Taste & See that the Lord is good...Lord is decreeing in the midst of the swell that ALL IS WELL!


Pure Evil (Womens' March)Satan is really upset about losing the election. his minions are apparently

Soon, the people who make wildly false claims are going to be a very small group.

Posted Image
What Christians owe Trump
Jan 21, 2017 - GOD gave us a new President.
HE gave us back our Republic.
Now we owe President Donald J. Trump the
benefit of our :praying: .

So Beloved, do not be alarmed at the sudden unexpected attack of the enemy as you warm yourself at the fire of God's love! Nothing shall by any means hurt you. BELIEVE THIS. SHAKE IT OFF – you will come to no harm. God's plans for you are for good and not for evil, to give you a hope and a future! Surely goodness and mercy shall follow us all the days of our life and we shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever!
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Assistant Admin
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Fireside Chat –3

A newPosted Image day has arrived.
The old is passing away.
You will be amazed at what will happen.

Yes, you have done your part, and I am pleased with you. Now the apex of the experience is something which My Spirit will accomplish. It takes both your godly action and My power. When both work in unison, My plan is established. From the beginning My plan has been good and produces peace and joy. You can test everything by peace, joy and 'does it glorify Me'. It may not be evident at first. Just keep on saying and doing what you hear Me say and see Me do. WWJD! What would Jesus DO? Jesus did that and changed the world. You do that and your world will change.
John 12:49 (NASB) "For I did not speak on My own initiative, but the Father Himself who sent Me has given Me a commandment as to what to say and what to speak." John 5:19 (NASB) "Therefore Jesus answered and was saying to them, "Truly, truly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of Himself, unless it is something He sees the Father doing; for whatever the Father does, these things the Son also does in like manner."
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Assistant Admin
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Posted Image

New Forces

Remember that life's difficulties and troubles are not intended to arrest your progress, but to increase your speed. You must call new forces, new powers into action.

Whatever it is must be surmounted, overcome. Remember this.

It is as a race. Nothing must daunt you. Do not let a difficulty conquer you. You must conquer it.

My strength will be there awaiting you. Bring all your thought, all your power, into action. Nothing is too small to be faced and overcome. To push small difficulties aside is to be preparing big troubles.

Rise to conquer. It is the path of victory I would have you tread. There can be no failure with Me.

"Now unto Him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding Joy ..."

This poor man cried, and the Lord heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles Psalm 34:6


Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
I see many of you being released into arena's of influential people that have become very successful and influential in this world, but deep down are void of hope. I see an increase of His kids being released into these arena's as they have just stepped out of the fire and will share testimony and supernatural HOPE and LIFE will be released upon these people, bringing them to true LIFE in Him.
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Assistant Admin
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Dec 1 2016, 09:42 AM
Posted Image
Posted Image
Giving Jesus all we got.... Posted ImageGiving Jesus all we got....
There leaps a flame
Giving Jesus all we got....
Do not be still when I am moving; Be ready. I will give you the victory.
I have gone ahead of you. Follow me and I will show you things you have yet
to see. My power and authority will flow through you.

Reach forth with your heart, that my love can be shown to the world.
You will bring healing, most often when not expected. I am all you need, so
rely upon me and my ways. I am on the move and will provide the victory.
All I require for you to do is to stay with Me, to stay with My Word, to stay in faith, and be revived day in and day out; do not let the fires go down until there is nothing left but ashes. I am like a fire that needs to be stoked. But allow Me, every day to help you renew and rekindle the fire on the inside of you, so that you might be strong and do mighty works in this end time. Do not back away from the things of the earth in timidity, but be bold and speak My Word in the midst. Do not back away from the words of the enemy, but stand declaring My truth. Do not to back away from the things that you see, these things are temporary! But know, fully know that you do not live by the things that you see, but your faith, your words, your life is determined by My Words, if you would line your words up with Mine victory is inevitable, your prosperity is inevitable, your peace is inevitable, the wholeness in your body is inevitable, it shall come to pass. My Fire will be true, and it will burn true in you, and you shall turn around and release Me everywhere, for I shall be found in the earth!
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Assistant Admin
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It is a time of My mercy and yet at the same time I Am judging the nations of the earth. The two edged sword is sharp and will do a cutting of all that is not of Me. Nothing will be left standing that is wood, hay and stubble for I am searching the hearts of men. I am going to and fro in the earth and looking for that intercessor that will stand in the gap in intercession during this time of great pruning that is coming even to My church. My bride is being pruned so that she will bear more fruit for I am coming for a pure bride without spot or wrinkle. The wrinkles are being ironed out and the hot iron is being applied. and all will be burned up that is not of Me. Allow My fire to burn within you and The fire is being stoked seven times hotter burn out all that is not of Me. Allow Me to melt and mould you into My image. What a glory will be revealed in you as you stand willingly in the refiners fire. The fires of redemption are burning throughout the land and will produce the fruit of righteousness. Come to Me all you that are willing to stand in the refiners fire. Come to Me all you that are willing to be changed. Come to Me all you that are willing to bear fruit for the Kingdom of God. Come close to the fire and jump into the fire and allow the changes to come in your heart. All that is evil, all that defiles will be gone. Come close to the fire and embrace it. says the Lord.

We live in a time where it has come
Gods Kingdom lies within His sons
His sons who are filled with love and fire
what is it that our Father desires?

That His love will spread from one to another
that we all become sisters and brothers
Sow love and peace not hate and war
what do we think that Jesus came for?
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Assistant Admin
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Jan 22 2017, 06:56 AM
Today's Events/Moments in pics

A NEW DAY HAS DAWNED (global restoration)

Enjoying the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and our New President chosen and anointed by God.God Bless America! Shine! Shine! Shine!
Posted Image
Hillary's HUMILIATION: Stony-faced as Trump Rises & Crowds Chant 'Lock Her Up'

The Last Trump and Donald Trump - Trump Headlines 1/22/2017
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Assistant Admin
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Good choice God.....

TOMORROW (day 5)
Lois TrowbridgeLois Trowbridge
@loistbridge Last night
We need a list to keep track of the daily magic. He's done so much already, by the end of 100 days we won't be able to remember it all.

President TrumpPresident Trump
@POTUS January 23, 2017
I am forever grateful to my amazing family for their support since I announced my candidacy on June 16, 2015. We had a wonderful weekend. THANK YOU! -DJT


Trump is getting so much done.
Are you not afraid that he's getting so much done that he'll run out of things to do after his second year in office? Then he'll have no other choice than to start playing golf and vacationing.

Trump has DECADES of Progressive destruction to fix.
He is not going to run out of things to do.
Republican traitor Paul Ryan now trying to protect Big Pharma from Trump’s monopoly-dismantling reforms
Hollywood Picks A Fight They Never Should Have - President Trump Gives Us More Proof He's A HUGE Friend Of Freedom, The 1st Amendment And The US Constitution While Taking On The NWO
The Mexican colossus Colima volcano, 'Fire Volcano,' spews ash and smoke 2 kilometers into the sky Tuesday! Spectacular video
THE U.N. IS FREAKING OUT AS TRUMP AND CONGRESS GET READY TO DESTROY THEM FOR GOOD:'The United Nations is the greatest fraud in history. It’s purpose is to destroy the United States.' – John E. Rankin a U.S. Congressm
Trump To Launch'Major Investigation Into Voter Fraud'
Infowars Full Show - Breathtaking! Trump Now Overthrowing Tyrannical World Government - 01/24/2017

Islamophobia In Donald Trump White House? Breitbart’s Sebastian Gorka Has Called US A ‘Christian Nation,’ Urges Muslim Surveillance: 'Do we think these individuals hang out in Hindu ashrams or Catholic community centers? No, they hang out in mosques.'
Trump’s History-Changing Vow to Eradicate ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’
Trump Releases His Plan for 2nd Amendment… Leaves Millions Furious--He also rightly denoted the Second Amendment as 'America’s first freedom,' pointing out that it helps protect all of the other rights we hold dear.
DAILY MAIL:Trump's migrant crackdown: The President will start building Mexico border wall TODAY -and is set to BAN people from Syria and six other 'dangerous' Muslim countries from entering America by signing executive orders
- - - - -
Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 1/25/2017

Trump administration to review $221 m. payment to Palestinians in Obama's last hours

Trump's unquestioning support could lead Israel to disaster

Move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem? Now's not the time.

Trump turns noncommittal on Jerusalem embassy move

Jerusalem mayor: Donald Trump is "serious" about moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem

IDF preparing for Trump's embassy decision

Trump Properties Around The Globe Just Became Priority Terror Targets, Experts Say

Trump to sign executive orders enabling construction of proposed border wall and targeting sanctuary cities

Trump to order construction of US-Mexican border wall; reportedly to suspend refugee program

Secret Service looking at agent who suggested she wouldn't defend Trump from bullet

Trump says he will 'send in the Feds' if Chicago doesn't reduce homicides

'1984' sales soar as 'alternative facts' and Trump claims echo Orwell's dystopian world

Trump administration tells EPA to cut climate page from website: sources

Trump administration tells EPA to freeze all grants, contracts

Trump bans EPA employees from giving social media updates

Trump set to make Supreme Court choice this week, short list down to three
- - - - - -

Linda Sarsour, Women’s March organizer, works to link civil rights struggles to Palestinian cause
Linda Sarsour briefly mentioned her Palestinian roots as she spoke before her largest audience yet this weekend, when hundreds of thousands marched on Washington and ground the capital to a halt. The executive director of the Arab American Association of New York served as a national co-chair for the historic Women’s March – a protest against freshly sworn-in President Donald Trump that spread worldwide, with massive sister marches from Los Angeles to Berlin.

Trump administration seeks to muzzle U.S. agency employees
U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration has moved since he took office last week to curb the flow of information from several government agencies involved in environmental issues, in actions that may have been designed to discourage dissenting views. Employees at the Environmental Protection Agency, the Interior Department, the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) have seen directives from the newly minted leadership seeking to limit how they communicate to the public, according to multiple sources.

Pardon me: Navy sailor in jail for submarine photos pleads for mercy from Trump
A former Navy sailor imprisoned for taking photos inside a submarine has sought a pardon from President Donald Trump, who, as a candidate, often cited his case as unjust. Supporters of Kristian Saucier, 29, say the one-year sentence he drew last summer was overly harsh in light of treatment afforded former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over her illegal private email server, and former President Obama’s granting of clemency to Army Pvt. Chelsea Manning, who leaked classified information.

Trump To Sign Executive Order Restricting Immigration From Seven Countries
Having taken on the Keystone pipeline and America’s struggling manufacturing sector in a flurry of executive actions on Tuesday, moments ago Reuters reported, citing several congressional aides and immigration experts briefed on the matter, that on Wednesday Donald Trump will sign several executive orders restricting immigration. The president is expected to sign the orders at the Washington headquarters of the Department of Homeland Security, whose responsibilities include immigration and border security.

Mexico Warns It Is Ready To Quit NAFTA If Trump Crosses “Red Lines”
Under relentless pressure from President Donald Trump, Mexico is said to be ready to discuss changes to trade rules about a product’s country of origin to try to avoid a disruptive fight with the United States over commerce. As the two countries begin a difficult new relationship, Mexico sees possible common ground with Trump on the “rules of origin” of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that binds the two countries and Canada, Reuters reported. However, as AFP adds, even before the talks started, Mexico has drawn red lines ahead of the negotiations with Trump’s administration, warning it could quit the talks and a major trade pact if the discussions hit a wall, no pun intended.

Israel plans more than 2,500 new settler homes to start Trump era
Israel announced plans on Tuesday for 2,500 more settlement homes in the occupied West Bank, the second such declaration since U.S. President Donald Trump took office signaling he could be more accommodating toward such projects than his predecessor.

Disgraced newsman Rather thumps Conway for ‘alternative facts’
Disgraced former anchor Dan Rather knows a thing or two about “alternative facts.” So, in a sense, Rather, 85, was the perfect guest for Chris Matthews’ “Hardball” on Monday. But in an ironic twist worthy of an Alanis Morissette lyric, the veteran newsman – who once used forged documents as the basis for a politically damning report about former President George W. Bush – took President Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway to task for her language defending Press Secretary Sean Spicer.
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Assistant Admin
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cannot honestly see how the Democratic Party survives the onslaught that Trump is about to set upo; We are the silent majority. Here's Your Country Back! TY Trump.
Global Threat - January

Pinned: Bible Prophecy Headlines – 2015-2017 *
Voice of Russia..(This is way to complex for me! Russian teacakes in a special way!)
Trump Headlines Day 1,2,3,4
~Fireside Chats - Good Choice, God (days 1-5)

Real President on Duty<*)))><Bible Prophecy In The Headlines 1/23/2017<*)))><
Newz Briefing 2017
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Assistant Admin
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What God is saying today 1/26/2017

Noah's Ark Mosaic
Jan 26, 2017 - Rare Noah's Ark Mosaic Uncovered in Ancient Synagogue in Israel. Mosaics depicting prominent Bible scenes were uncovered during excavations of an ancient synagogue in Israel's Lower Galilee. Archaeologists found 2 new panels of a mosaic floor in a Late Roman (fifth-century) synagogue at Huqoq. One panel showed Noah's ark with pairs of animals, such as lions, leopards and bears. The other panel depicted soldiers being swallowed by large fish, surrounded by overturned chariots in the parting of the Red Sea.

World News

Jan 26, 2017 - Ukraine should fix its internal problems. Ukraine govt plays its citizens for suckers, while the leaders focus on their offshore bank accounts. Ukraine Nazi President Poroshenko is a crooked nazi, busy stealing military budgets.

Ukraine govt is Nazi. Globalists chased off the legit govt.
Trump should only deal with Ukraine if Poroshenko leaves.

China shadow banking
Jan 26, 2017 - China's shadow banking could drain a critical source of income for their banks and of funding for its fragile bond market. Shadow banking, unregulated financial agents that perform bank-like activity, who are circumventing government's tight controls on lending.

Britain committed to close Trade Ties with Israel
Jan 26, 2017 - As the United Kingdom prepares to leave the European Union, maintaining close trade ties with Israel is absolutely fundamental.

Trump Greets UK PM May
Jan 26, 2017 - Republicans are gathered in Philadelphia this week. PM May will attend today and is due to meet Prez Trump at the White House on Friday. Prime Minister Theresa May will provide the first test for how world leaders can deal with Donald Trump when she arrives in the U.S. to welcome the new president to the global stage and lay the groundwork for a USA-UK trade deal.


IRAQ and Syria

ISIS has armed drones
Jan 26, 2017 DEBKA - ISIS unveiled drones with bombs that its fighters are using in Iraq. The drones are armed with precise weaponry that can be used for bombings in poor weather conditions or at night.

Syria Peace Talks
Jan 26, 2017 - Turkey PM Yildirim said Syrian peace talks in Kazakhstan were a success. Turkey, Russia and Iran brokered meetings in Astana with Syrian government and rebels, agreeing on a partial cease-fire in Syria. Russian President Vladimir Putin hopes that the talks will be a good basis for the February 8 Geneva talks.

The rebels want Assad out, his supporters, including Russia, want him to stay. Christians want Assad to stay, he supported them. That is why Turkey-Saudi want Assad gone.
Next meeting in Geneva.



It looks to me like the only decision agreed on was to keep talking. I dont call that progress - even for Muslms. Turkey is a terror nation so I interpret their success BAD for mideast peace.


#Pizzagate, Clinton-Silsby
Jan 26, 2017 - The Clinton-Silsby Trafficking Scandal and MSM coverup.
The Pizzagate investigation began with the shocking discovery that Hillary and Bill Clinton provided assistance to convicted child trafficker, Laura Silsby, resulting in a reduced sentence for child trafficking.

Silsby was arrested at the Haitian border attempting to smuggle 33 children out of Haiti without documentation. Her sentence and charges were reduced after an intervention by Bill Clinton.
February, 2010 Hillary Clinton consulted with Counselor Cheryl Mills and other attorneys in an email discussing the U.S. Government options regarding the arrested Americans.
Criminal complicit MSM ignored this. MSM is fake news, FNN - fake news net.

Trump orders EPA media blackout
Jan 25, 2017 - President Trump imposed a media blackout at the Environmental Protection Agency and barred staff from awarding new contracts or grants. Emails sent to EPA staff detailed the specific prohibitions banning press releases, blog updates or posts to the agency’s social media accounts. EPA is not authorized to release any information until he tells them what the new administrations plans are. The EPA is the new Vatican of the global warming religious cult.

Climate hoax
We are REALITY embracers, not climate deniers!

Valerie Mussolini Jarrett
Jan 26, 2017 - Valerie Jarrett, the senior adviser to resident Barack Obama, has signed with CAA, the top Hollywood talent agency. CAA will represent Jarrett for speaking engagements and matters regarding her transition into the private sector. CAA has been pushing more aggressively into the political realm, recently signing former Calipornia Demonrat Barbara Boxer after she left Congress

Be strong and courageous, for you shall give this people possession of the land. Joshua 1

Righteousness and Justice are the foundation of Your throne. Loving kindness and Truth go before your Face.
Psalm 89:14

Matthew 24:37
As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be when Jesus Christ returns.

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 1/26/2017

The United Nations May Be Trump's Next Target

UN funding: alarm at reports Trump will order sweeping cuts

Trump said set to halt funding for UN agencies, other groups that give PA, PLO full membership

Palestinians say Obama's last-minute $221 million payout frozen by Trump

Giuliani: Trump backs Jerusalem embassy move, but reality is complex

UN condemns Israel's West Bank settlement plans

UN discusses latest Israeli settlement plan, takes no action

Arab League says Israel showing 'contempt' with settlement plans

New settlement homes are just a 'taste,' Netanyahu tells MKs

In rare move, Australia criticizes settlement expansion

Germany: New settler homes cast doubt on Israel's commitment to 2 states

Palestinians and Israelis are paying for the stalled peace process with their lives

IDF troops attacked during West Bank overnight arrest raid

Palestinian opens fire on troops in drive-by attack, is shot

Upgraded David's Sling aces new anti-missile tests

Israel slated to be 4th country to land vehicle on the moon

Five alleged 'Israeli spies' arrested in Lebanon

Israel issues travel warning on Egypt's uprising anniversary

Jewish groups decry Trump draft order temporarily barring some refugees

Anti-Defamation League vows 'relentless fight' against Trump over refugee ban

Trump defends restricted entry for Muslims

U.S.-backed Iraqis battling ISIS blast Donald Trump's anti-immigration executive order: 'How is this our fault?'

Trump says he will order 'safe zones' for Syria

Turkey: Syria Peace Talks 'Serious Diplomatic Success'

Strange bedfellows: The Russian-Turkish-Iranian axis

Taliban tell Trump: 'it's time to leave Afghanistan'

Extremist Gunmen Storm Hotel in Somali Capital, 11 Killed

At least 4 killed in trio of suicide attacks in Nigeria

Trump says torture works, US will review policies in war on terror

Democrats introduce bill to take nuclear football out of Trump's hands

North Korea Defector Says Elite Turning Their Backs On Kim Jong Un

North Korea's Kim Jong Un Will Destroy Los Angeles With A Nuclear Bomb If US Continues Threats, Defector Warns

President Trump Tells ABC News' David Muir: Construction of Border Wall Will Begin in 'Months'

Border Patrol Union: Trump's Border Plan 'Gives Us the Tools We Need'

Mexican president 'considering' scrapping US trip, says will not pay for wall

Mexico opposition leader urges UN lawsuit over Trump wall

'Sanctuary Cities' Vow to Resist Trump Order Despite Funding Threat

Priebus on sanctuary cities: 'If you defy the laws of this country, you shouldn't receive federal taxpayer dollars'

Education Department report finds billions spent under Obama had 'no impact' on achievement

Economist: Stock Market Gained $2T in Wealth Since Trump Elected

Dow closes above 20,000 for first time as Trump orders send stocks flying

The Fragile Economic Foundation of Dow 20000

Top Forecaster Says Fed to Hike Rates Every Quarter in 2018

China's shadow banking crusade risks bond market crash

Tech billionaires reportedly stock up on 'apocalypse insurance'

Theresa May says US and UK can lead world again, ahead of Trump meeting

Secret Service vets shocked at agent's claim she won't take a bullet for Trump

Trump's flashy executive actions could run aground - The White House failed to consult with many of the agencies and lawmakers who will be critical for their success

Trump promises 'major investigation' into alleged voter fraud

Trump considers executive order on voter fraud

Russians fear for privacy as hacking accusations swirl

Americans distrustful after hacking epidemic: survey

Dear Bernie, Meet the "Big Mac ATM" That Will Replace All Of Your $15 Per Hour Fast Food Workers

Google has banned 200 publishers since it passed a new policy against fake news

Another Live-Streamed Suicide Puts Spotlight on Social Media Ethics

Man executed in front of Detroit school after dropping son off

Iceland, world's safest country, in shock over rare slaying

Teen arrests for robberies rising in DC

The price of admission to the press: You can't riot while you're working and expect your pass to protect you

Pipeline protests resume after Trump revives Keystone, Dakota projects

Pipeline leaks 138,000 gallons of diesel in Iowa

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Palaikastron, Greece

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Dobo, Indonesia

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Kirakira, Solomon Islands

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Minatitlan, Mexico

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Miyako, Japan

Earthquake near Greek island felt in Israel

Colima volcano in Mexico erupts to 23,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 18,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 13,000ft

A woman flew through a tornado in a bathtub and survived

Brazil sees sharp rise in yellow fever cases

Rogue Twitter accounts spring up to fight Donald Trump on climate change

Veteran Federal Workers Fire Back At 'Overblown' Media Reports Of A Trump Gag Order

Scientists planning their own march in Washington

GOP Acknowledges It Won't Meet Self-Imposed Deadline to Repeal Obamacare

Transgender Activists Complain Women's March Unfairly Linked Sex to Biology

North Carolina woman shocked to see 'lesbianism' listed as medical problem on health chart

Planned Parenthood: Our Name Is 'Deceptive,' We Don't Help Pregnant Women

Republicans Push Deeply Unpopular 'Personhood' Bill in Congress

Jewish organizations lament Trump severing foreign aid over abortions

The Dutch are opposing Trump by offering to fund abortions abroad

Global Gag Rule Will Cause More Abortions, Not Fewer, Groups Say

Pro-lifers pack Paris streets to March for Life

Abortion Foes Aim to Compete With Turnout for Women's March

Trump White House Hints at 'Heavy' March for Life Participation. Who Will Be There?

Trump Promises Supreme Court Pick Next Week As Cruz Threatens "Nuclear Option" To Bypass Dems

Christian leaders call on White House to form 'Commission on National Healing'

U.S. Missionary Working to Get Russia's Anti-Evangelism Law Overturned

Organisms created with synthetic DNA pave way for entirely new life forms E coli microbes have been modified to carry an expanded genetic code which researchers say will ultimately allow them to be programmed
The Day Trump Saved America: 'A Nation Without Borders Is Not a Nation' :Obama’s purpose to immigration was to deculturalize America, break the back of the economy irreversibly turn our back on American traditions, such as orderly immigration.
Yazidi Girls Sold As Sex Slaves For A Pack Of Cigarettes, 7-Year Old Children Bleed To Death While Being Raped By ISIS Militia Multiple Times, While Women In The US March Against Trump Because Their Tampons Are Taxed
2017’s Real Milestone (Or Why Interest Rates Can Never Go Back To Normal)
DAILY MAIL:North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un 'will launch a nuke at the US as soon as his power is threatened' says high-powered diplomat who defected
DAILY MAIL:The genetically-modified CYBORG dragonflies that can be remotely controlled to spy on people
Mad scientists to fall back on 'CRISPR off switch' in case human gene editing goes horribly wrong
John McCain Furious at Trump backing Russia attacking American armed Isis fighters(video) Admits the NWO is under threat Blames Obama'McCain' I know ISIS people intimately, I’ve met them and I talk to them all the time. 'THE BLLOD OF THE SAINTS'-
Trump Redpills ABC’s David Muir:'“The World is as Angry as it Gets'
Firearms Freedom Advocate Sentenced to Jail for Claiming Islam ‘At War’ with the West
Soros, MasterCard Launch Venture to Profit from Mass Migration Billionaire leftist looks to cash in on refugee crisis he helped create
Trump orders weekly publication of crimes committed by illegals in sanctuary cities
SECRET REFUGEE NETWORK 'FREAKING OUT' OVER TRUMP REFORMS 'Thousands have plane tickets to America and nowhere to go'
Special Investigative Report: Money Connections Behind the March 1/25/17
A Horrific Ending As The World Moves One Day Closer To Armageddon:JOHN EMBRY
Epic Snowflake Social Justice Warrior Meltdowns Are Escalating As The Media Continues To Push Their 'Fake' Headlines - More & More Snowflake Meltdowns Are Occuring Throughout The U.S.
U.S. ELITES BUYING NEW ZEALAND REDOUBTS TO ESCAPE “CRACKUP OF CIVILIZATION” Wealthy Americans fear impending civil war in homeland
Energetic earthquake swarm detected at Takawangha volcano (Alaska) – Alert levels risen – No historical eruptions known
Google Permanently Bans 200 'Fake News' Sites
Seize Saudi Oil, Solve World Problems
26 Jan 2017
Published on: January 25, 2017 by RRadmin7
Dear Bernie, Meet the “Big Mac ATM” That Will Replace All Of Your $15 Per Hour Fast Food Workers
Dear Bernie, as you continue in your never-ending “Fight for $15”, we thought you might benefit from a simple example of how economics work in a real life, functioning, capitalistic society.

Trump Promises Supreme Court Pick Next Week As Cruz Threatens “Nuclear Option” To Bypass Dems
Republicans will need at least eight Democrats to support Trump’s nominee to overcome the 60-vote filibuster hurdle. But Cruz suggested the GOP shouldn’t rule out the so-called “nuclear option” to reduce the threshold to a majority.

German police search homes in crackdown on far-right extremists
About 200 German police searched a dozen homes in six states on Wednesday as part of an investigation into a far-right extremist group suspected of planning armed attacks against police, Jews and asylum seekers, the chief federal prosecutor’s office said.

Google has banned 200 publishers since it passed a new policy against fake news
Google kicked 200 publishers off one of its ad networks in the fourth quarter, partly in response to the proliferation of fake news sites. The company banned the publishers from its AdSense network, an ad placement service that automatically serves text and display ads on participating sites based on its audience. The ban was part of an update to an existing policy that prohibits sites that mislead users with their content.

Economist: Stock Market Gained $2 Trillion in Wealth Since Trump Elected
Club For Growth founder Stephen Moore reacted to reporting that since President Trump was elected, the stock market gained $2 trillion in wealth.

Texas Showdown: Governor, Sanctuary City Clash Over Immigration
Texas Governor Greg Abbott vowed to cut funding to Austin’s new sheriff after she announced her county would scale back cooperation with federal immigration officials over deportations, marking a showdown over so-called sanctuary cities that may resonate beyond the Lone Star state.

Universal Wins Bidding War for Michael Bay-Produced Script About Trump-Like Dystopia
Described by sources as a “sci-fun” story rather than “sci-fi,” the tale is set in a dystopian future where a Donald Trump-like president has bankrupt America and China has called in its debts. The Asian giant now owns America and many Americans have immigrated to China looking for work.

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Will Destroy Los Angeles With A Nuclear Bomb If US Continues Threats, Defector Warns
Man, Kim Jong Un just really didn’t like “The Interview.” More than two years after North Korea hacked Sony Pictures over the release of its comedy film portraying the assassination of Kim, the isolated dictator has built up a nuclear arsenal allowing him to destroy Los Angeles with the single push of a button, North Korea’s most senior defector said in an interview this week.

GOP Acknowledges It Won’t Meet Self-Imposed Deadline to Repeal Obamacare
Two days before Republicans’ self-imposed deadline for producing legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act, GOP lawmakers acknowledged they were unlikely to meet it. Both the GOP-controlled House and Senate passed budgets this month requiring four committees to deliver proposals by Jan. 27 to roll back major tenets of the 2010 health-care law.

Radio Station Bans Madonna After Comments On Blowing Up White House
A Texas radio station has announced it will no longer air songs from the singer Madonna after comments she made at a rally over the weekend sparked a Secret Service investigation.

Another Live-Streamed Suicide Puts Spotlight on Social Media Ethics
A teenage girl in Miami Gardens, Fla., committed suicide early Sunday morning while streaming live on Facebook, the latest disturbing incident to be spread via this burgeoning—and largely uncharted—broadcast medium.

Trump Admin Prepares Exec Order to End Funding for UN Agencies Giving Full Membership to PA, PLO
The New York Times reported Wednesday in a breaking story that the staff of U.S. President Donald J. Trump is preparing an executive order that would terminate funding for any United Nations agency or other international organization that gives full membership to the Palestinian Authority or the Palestine Liberation Organization. In addition, the order terminates funding for programs or activities that fund abortion or circumvent sanctions against Iran or North Korea.
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