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Newz Break
Topic Started: Jul 16 2017, 04:50 PM (3,085 Views)
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Battle of the Pauls - again

July 16, 2017 - Americans are sick of the corruption in Washington, and Paul Nehlen plans to drain the swamp himself, by starting in his own congressional district. Paul Nehlen is a Republican candidate for Congress challenging Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s 1st district. Nehlen is tough on immigration, and Paul Ryan has betrayed the people of Wisconsin.

Book call to action, “Wage The Battle: Putting America First in the Fight to Stop Globalist Politicians and Secure the Borders.”

Paul Nehlen appeared on the Hagmann Report recently to outline his vision for the new conservative movement centered around Christian conservative values, economic nationalism, and a drain the swamp mentality toward establishment politicians on both the left and right.

Paul Nehlen MUST WIN - Cantor him!

Toxins in Tennessee water
July 16, 2017 - Toxins in water under Tennessee power plant causing alarm.
The water drawn from the Memphis Sand aquifer is revered for its cleanliness. So alarms went off after state environmental officials and the Tennessee Valley Authority said high levels of arsenic and lead had been found in groundwater beneath the coal-fired Allen Fossil Plant in southwest Memphis. The toxins were detected in wells where pollution is monitored from ponds that hold coal ash. One well had arsenic at levels more than 300 times the federal drinking-water standard.

Illinois homes flooded
July 16, 2017 - Thousands of Illinois homes north of Chicago swamped by flood waters as rivers keep rising. Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner issued a disaster proclamation for Lake, McHenry and Kane counties. In Lake County alone, which includes Chicago's affluent suburb of Highland Park, 2,100 structures were submerged and 5,800 structures could ultimately be flooded.

More Clinton murders

World NEWS

USA-Australia refugees may be cancelled
July 16, 2017 - An Obama deal with Australia to resettle Muslim rapefugees in the United States is in jeopardy. President Trump voiced disapproval of the dumb deal.

Send Migrants into Northern Europe
July 16, 2017 - Italy is threatening to issue European Union visas to 200,000 migrants, granting them unrestricted access to Northern Europe. The visas would allow them to leave Italy and move freely through 26 nations. These migrants are Negro males from African countries including Nigeria, Gambia and Senegal seek entry into EU. No telling who is Muslim terrorist or who is diseased. Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia dont want them. 100,000 crossed the Mediterranean Sea into Italy in the first 6 months of 2017.

Bibi in France
July 16, 2017 - Israeli Prime Minister and wife arrived in France on state visit. PM Binyamin Netanyahu will hold talks in Paris Sunday with President Emmanuel Macron. Together they will attend a ceremony to honor the memory of French Jews who were deported from Paris 75 years ago during World War II.

French president Macron condemns settlements, calls for Jerusalem to be capital of Jewish and Arab states. From Paris, Bibi travels to Budapest to meet the leaders of Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 7/17/2017

Ministers approve bill aiming to take Jerusalem off the negotiating table

Palestinian officials powwow to protest Temple Mount security moves

Muslim authority protests Temple Mount security measures, blocks entrance

Despite protests, hundreds of Muslims pray on Temple Mount

Muslim officials' dangerous theatrics at the most incendiary spot in the Middle East

Amid tensions, scuffles break out at Temple Mount entrance

Arab sector warns metal detectors at Temple Mount will 'only worsen conflict'

Arab-Israeli lawmaker warns of third intifada after Friday attack

Hamas calls for more violence after Temple Mount attack

Jordanian parliament glorifies Temple Mount terrorists

UNESCO gave the green light to kill Israelis on the Temple Mount

'Ecological terrorism': stream overflows with sewage from Gaza

Netanyahu opposes Syria ceasefire, says it will strengthen Iran

The Iranians are at the borders - With its ascendancy in Syria, the Islamic Republic is seeking to consolidate its position against Israel and the US

Iran leases air, land and sea bases in Syria

Defiant Erdogan attacks EU, backs restoring death penalty

Egypt says 1 killed, 50 injured in clashes on Nile islands

UAE said to be behind hacking of Qatari media, sparking regional upheaval

Gulf states hint at possible expulsion of Qatar from regional bloc

Suicide bomber targets Pakistan paramilitary force, 2 dead

Australian army gets greater power to act during terror attacks

Venezuela violence: Woman killed, 4 injured as thousands vote in opposition referendum

Millions take part in symbolic referendum rejecting plans to rewrite Venezuela's constitution

Venezuela opposition says 7 million vote in anti-Maduro poll

South Korea offers to talk with North on easing border tensions, resuming family reunions

Trump lawyer says nothing illegal in son's Russia meeting

Trump lawyer defends Don Jr. meeting, says Secret Service allowed it

U.S. Secret Service rejects suggestion it vetted Trump son's meeting

Haiti Official Who Exposed The Clinton Foundation Is Found Dead

Carl Bernstein: 'Cold civil war' gripping US as media embrace 'different truths'

Prosecutors' power to seize phone, Net records alarms critics

Amazon Antitrust Concerns Emerge in Washington and Wall Street

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Pangai, Tonga

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Pangai, Tonga

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 23,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 19,000ft

Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Flooding continues in northern Illinois, could challenge records

'They had no warning': 9 from Phoenix family dead in Payson flash flood, 1 still missing

Biggest snowfall in decades blankets Chile's capital

Macron: My charm may have changed Trump's mind on climate change

Macron outshines Merkel as EU's top diplomat

Chinese scientists clone genetically altered dog, say they're ready to mass produce 'super dogs'

Scientists Have Genetically Engineered Dogs To Make Them More Muscly

Britain's first Muslim gay wedding as man who tried to kill himself over sexuality ties knot

Pennsylvania murder tied to online cult, police say
TEPCO’S Plan to Make Fukushima An Extinction Level Event
Amazon is getting too big and the government is talking about it
South Atlantic Anomaly – Could Black Holes On Earth Be Portals To Parallel Universes?
DAILY MAIL: Italy may give EU visas to 200,000 migrants and send north
10 ways to prep when you’re completely broke
Feminist scientists say citing research by straight, white men promotes 'a system of oppression'
95% Of Europeans Reject EU Efforts To 'De-Cash' Their Lives
Bitcoin collapse now under way… has already plunged nearly 40% from its high
This Is War And We Now Have A Wartime President To Save America From The Globalist Puppets In The MSM
China and Russia Are Doing the 2-Step to Bring Down the US Economy
Strong earthquake, 6.6 mag strikes near Nikol’skoye in Russia
Is Russiagate Really Hillarygate?:The most under-covered story of Russia Gate is the interconnection between the Clinton campaign, an unregistered foreign agent of Russia headquartered in DC
Artificial Intelligence Is the ‘Greatest Risk We Face as a Civilization’ – Elon Musk
Europe Beware! Turkey Eyes Iran as Replacement Partner:Listen to Clarion’s latest podcast which includes a stark warning about the potential for a long-term Turkish-Iranian economic and military alliance:
What Could Possibly Go Wrong When Google Releases Millions of 'Lab-Made' Mosquitos in Fresno?
A List of 20 Ex-Agents Who Have Exposed the US Military Intelligence Complex – Part 1
In Shock Warning, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI says Catholic Church is ‘on the verge of capsizing’
Elon Musk's Worst Nightmare: Russian AK-47 Maker Builds Fully-Automated 'Killer Robot'
Declassified CIA document on pyramids in Cydonia, Mars
THIS IS TERRIFYING: Will All Of Your Money Be Wiped Out In The Blink Of An Eye?:'It is not only paper gold which is Fake. Few investors realise that most of their investments are Fake'…
Fury at Fukushima: Over 1 Billion pounds of nuclear waste 'will be dumped into sea' — Top Official: 'The decision has already been made-The solution is to pour the radioactive liquid into the ocean' — Toxic radioactive water to cause devastation
Hillary Clinton Told Us 6 Years Ago Why She'd Lose The Election - The Globalists Lost The 'Information War' -'Fake News' Going Viral On Alternative News Is Only Helping The Globalists - Jaw Dropping Graphic: The Clinton Body Count And Connections

Strong earthquake, 6.6 mag strikes near Nikol’skoye in Russia
A earthquake with magnitude 6.6 (ml/mb) was detected on Monday, 204 km ESE of Nikol’skoye, Russia (127 miles). 6.6-magnitude earthquake was detected at 22:05:10 / 10:05 pm (local time epicenter). A tsunami warning has been issued near Nikol’skoye in Russia (Does not indicate if a tsunami actually did or will exist).

Massive eruption of the ‘Mountain of God’ volcano in Tanzania is IMMINENT – and it could wipe out key sites in human history, scientists have warned
A massive eruption of the ‘Mountain of God’ volcano in Tanzania is imminent – and it could wipe out key sites in human history, scientists have warned. Researchers studying the tremors of the volcano have now warned it may erupt ‘any second’,

‘Israel may need to take out Iranian bases in Syria’
Israel may need to take military action to prevent Iran or Hezbollah from setting up permanent bases in Syria, former National Security Council head Yaakov Amidror said on Monday. Amidror’s comments come a day after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told journalists in Paris that Israel was opposed to the Syrian cease-fire brokered recently by the US and Syria because it perpetuates Iran’s military presence in the the country.

UAE involvement in hacking of Qatari govt. sites sparks diplomatic row
The United Arab Emirates arranged for Qatari government social media and news sites to be hacked in late May in order to post fiery but false quotes linked to Qatar’s emir, prompting a diplomatic crisis, the Washington Post reported on Sunday, citing US intelligence officials.

Chinese Scientists Just Set the Record for the Farthest Quantum Teleportation
Chinese scientists have just shattered a record in teleportation. No, they haven’t beamed anyone up to a spaceship. Rather, they sent a packet of information from Tibet to a satellite in orbit, up to 870 miles (1,400 kilometers) above the Earth’s surface. More specifically, the scientists beamed the quantum state of a photon (information about how it is polarized) into orbit.

Major tech firms urge U.S. to retain net neutrality rules
The Internet Association said in its filing with the FCC that dismantling the net neutrality rules “will create significant uncertainty in the market and upset the careful balance that has led to the current virtuous circle of innovation in the broadband ecosystem.”

‘If there is a war, we will annihilate Lebanon’s infrastructure’
Former Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon on Sunday told a Saudi Arabian news website that the decisions made in Lebanon are not made by Hezbollah Chief Hassan Nasrallah but by Iranian Prime Minister Ali Khamenei. “If Khamenei wants a war, then Lebanon will go go war, and every Lebanese citizen will suffer from the war, because we will destroy all of their infrastructure.”

Fernanda now a category 3 hurricane, weakening in East Pacific
The cyclone is now packing maximum sustained winds of 120 mph. According to National Hurricane Center forecasters, Hurricane Fernanda is 1,440 miles west-southwest of the southern tip of Baja California, Mexico. At 15 p.m. Sunday, Fernanda was moving toward the west-northwest at 12 mph.

Jerusalem Comes Off the Table With Advance of “United Jerusalem Bill”
Legislation preventing the division of Jerusalem in a possible peace deal is advancing through the Knesset, making it increasingly unlikely that the holy city will become a Palestinian capital in the future. Nicknamed the “United Jerusalem Bill”, the bill was approved on Sunday morning by the Ministerial Committee for Legislation, allowing it to continue through to the Knesset floor.

France’s Macron Admits French Responsibility for Holocaust Atrocities
“Anti-Zionism is a reinvented form of anti-Semitism,” French president Emmanuel Macron said Sunday at a ceremony in Paris marking the 75th anniversary of the infamous Vel d’Hiv roundup. Macron also reaffirmed France’s historic responsibility for one of the darkest chapters in the country’s history in which over 13,000 French Jews were sent to Auschwitz.

Netanyahu: Israel won’t tolerate Iranian bases in Lebanon, Syria
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that Israel opposes the US-Russian-brokered cease-fire in Syria because it perpetuates Iran’s military presence in the country. A senior official said that Iran wants to establish air, land and sea bases in Lebanon, something Jerusalem cannot tolerate.

UAE involvement in hacking of Qatari govt. sites sparks diplomatic row
The United Arab Emirates arranged for Qatari government social media and news sites to be hacked in late May in order to post fiery but false quotes linked to Qatar’s emir, prompting a diplomatic crisis…The emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, had been quoted in May as praising Hamas and saying that Iran was an “Islamic power,”…Qatar said in late May that hackers had posted fake remarks by the emir, an explanation rejected by Gulf states.

Temple Mount reopens to Jewish visitors days after deadly attack
Admission for Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount was reestablished on Monday, three days after the revered site in Jerusalem was closed in the wake of a deadly terrorist attack on Friday. The first small group of Jewish visitors that entered the compound on Monday morning said the Mourners Kadish prayer for the fatalities in the attack, Border Police officers Haiel Stawi and Kamil Shnaan, who were both of the Druse faith.

South Korea proposes rare military talks with North Korea
South Korea has proposed holding military talks with the North, after weeks of heightened tension following Pyongyang’s long-range missile test. If they were to go ahead, they would be the first high-level talks since 2015. A senior official said talks should aim to stop “all hostile activities that raise military tension” at the fortified border between the Koreas.

Australia seeks to expand role of military in domestic terror threats
The Australian military is to be given broad new powers to respond to domestic terrorist attacks. The government-proposed changes to national security laws are part of a review into counter-terrorism. The new measures would mean the Australian Defence Force (ADF) could be called in sooner to help police deal with threats.

Brexit talks resume: Get down to business, David Davis urges
Brexit Secretary David Davis has called on both sides in the negotiations on the UK’s departure from the European Union to “get down to business”. Mr Davis is in Brussels for a second round of formal talks on Brexit. He said his priority was to “lift the uncertainty” for EU citizens living in the UK and Britons living in the EU.

Venezuela referendum: Big show of support for opposition
More than seven million voters have taken part in an opposition-organised referendum in Venezuela, according to academics monitoring the poll. Voters strongly opposed government plans for a new constituent assembly with the power to scrap the National Assembly and rewrite the constitution. Venezuela is polarised between backers of President Nicolás Maduro and opponents, who want fresh elections.

China unveils gene technology to create SUPERHUMANS with hyper-muscular test-tube dogs
The dogs, which are test tube bred in a lab, have twice the muscle mass of their natural counterparts and are considerably stronger and faster. The canine genome has been especially difficult to engineer and replicate – but its close similarity to the human genome means it has long been the prize of geneticists.

Research Team Slams Global Warming Data
As world leaders, namely in the European Union, attack President Trump for pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement which would have saddled Americans with billions upon billions of dollars in debt and economic losses, a new bombshell report that analyzed Global Average Surface Temperature (GAST) data produced by NASA, the NOAA and HADLEY proves the President was right on target with his refusal to be a part of the new initiative.

Prosecutors’ power to seize phone, Net records alarms critics
When prosecutors first pushed for the power to seize telephone and Internet records themselves, bypassing the need for…a warrant, they argued the power was necessary to help them quickly track down missing children and sexual predators. But records obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union show prosecutors have used that…power…in routine investigations related to larceny, check fraud, assault, and other common crimes.

Kremlin hopes U.S. finds ‘political wisdom’ to solve diplomatic row
The Kremlin said…it hoped the Trump administration would find the political wisdom to solve a diplomatic dispute with Moscow over the seizure of Russian diplomatic property in the United States. Barack Obama…ordered the seizure of two Russian diplomatic compounds and the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats in December over what he said was their involvement in hacking the 2016 U.S. presidential election campaign, something Russia flatly denies.

Macron outshines Merkel as EU’s top diplomat
Germany has for years longed for a stronger French partner, but may have got more than it bargained for as the self-confident Emmanuel Macron takes Europe’s spotlight. Striking images from Paris this week offered signs of how Europe’s de-facto leadership has started to mutate in the two months since Macron took office.

Haiti Official Who Exposed The Clinton Foundation Is Found Dead
Eberwein was a former Haitian government official who was expected to expose the extent of Clinton Foundation corruption and malpractice next week. He has been found dead in Miami at the age of 50.

Bitcoin, Ethereum Plunge Accelerates As Scaling Deadline Looms
Yesterday it was Bitcoin, today it is Ethereum that is taking the brunt of selling pressure (down 20%) but the dumping of virtual currencies is evident across the entire crypto space with the biggest market cap coins tumbling to 2-month lows…

Defiant Erdogan attacks EU, backs restoring death penaltyPresident Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday defiantly stepped up his attacks on the European Union, saying Turkey had to go its own way and vowing to bring back the death penalty if parliament passed it.

1,600-Year Old Mosaic Depicting Jonah Being Swallowed by Three Fish Uncovered
An ongoing excavation of a 1,600 year old synagogue in the Galilee area has uncovered unique mosaics depicting Biblical scenes in ways never seen before.

Democrats Block Vote Making Female Genital Mutilation Criminal Act: “Could Offend Migrants”
…As for here in America, you would think that it would be an open and closed case and everyone here would want to condemn the practice through law, so that it couldn’t happen legally here on American soil. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case shockingly…even for a Democrats, this is a new low.

America’s Most Liberal Mayor Facing Up To 10 YEARS IN PRISON!
Just his month, the Democratic mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel announced a “Welcome to Chicago Ordinance” making the windy city a sanctuary city for undocumented aliens. Well guess what – he faces up to ten years in prison and that’s the law:

Top 10 Oregon counties for gonorrhea
A gonorrhea epidemic has hit Oregon amid public health concerns that the disease is becoming immune to standard treatment. Since 2012, cases have nearly tripled statewide, affecting just about every part of Oregon, including rural counties where infections have been traditionally low.

Author: Black Lives Matter encourages KKK-like violence
A Baton Rouge police officer left permanently disabled after a black separatist killed three policemen and injured three more in a shootout is now suing Black Lives Matter for inciting violence across the United States, and one author thinks this may be the lawsuit that puts to an end the violent BLM movement.

TOP DEMOCRATS Worried After Thousands of Illegal Voters Unregister in Colorado
Top Democrats are worried after thousands of likely illegal voters cancelled their registrations in Colorado.
More than 3,000 Colorado voters withdrew their registrations since the Trump administration’s election integrity commission requested available voter information from the states.
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July 16, 2017 - Americans are sick of the corruption in Washington, and Paul Nehlen plans to drain the swamp himself, by starting in his own congressional district. Paul Nehlen is a Republican candidate for Congress challenging Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s 1st district. Nehlen is tough on immigration, and Paul Ryan has betrayed the people of Wisconsin.

Book call to action, “Wage The Battle: Putting America First in the Fight to Stop Globalist Politicians and Secure the Borders.”

Paul Nehlen appeared on the Hagmann Report recently to outline his vision for the new conservative movement centered around Christian conservative values, economic nationalism, and a drain the swamp mentality toward establishment politicians on both the left and right.

Paul Nehlen MUST WIN - Cantor him!

WASHINGTON * Seattle Mayor sexually abused 4 teens
July 17, 2017 - Calls for Seattle Mayor Ed Murray to resign over his sexual abuse of teenagers. An Oregon child-welfare investigator concluded that Murray sexually abused his foster son Jeff Simpson when he was a teenager.

Toxins in Tennessee water
July 16, 2017 - Toxins in water under Tennessee power plant causing alarm.
The water drawn from the Memphis Sand aquifer is revered for its cleanliness. So alarms went off after state environmental officials and the Tennessee Valley Authority said high levels of arsenic and lead had been found in groundwater beneath the coal-fired Allen Fossil Plant in southwest Memphis. The toxins were detected in wells where pollution is monitored from ponds that hold coal ash. One well had arsenic at levels more than 300 times the federal drinking-water standard.

Illinois homes flooded
July 16, 2017 - Thousands of Illinois homes north of Chicago swamped by flood waters as rivers keep rising. Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner issued a disaster proclamation for Lake, McHenry and Kane counties. In Lake County alone, which includes Chicago's affluent suburb of Highland Park, 2,100 structures were submerged and 5,800 structures could ultimately be flooded.

More Clinton murders

World NEWS

USA-Australia refugees may be cancelled
July 16, 2017 - An Obama deal with Australia to resettle Muslim rapefugees in the United States is in jeopardy. President Trump voiced disapproval of the dumb deal.

Send Migrants into Northern Europe
July 16, 2017 - Italy is threatening to issue European Union visas to 200,000 migrants, granting them unrestricted access to Northern Europe. The visas would allow them to leave Italy and move freely through 26 nations. These migrants are Negro males from African countries including Nigeria, Gambia and Senegal seek entry into EU. No telling who is Muslim terrorist or who is diseased. Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia dont want them. 100,000 crossed the Mediterranean Sea into Italy in the first 6 months of 2017.

Bibi in France
July 16, 2017 - Israeli Prime Minister and wife arrived in France on state visit. PM Binyamin Netanyahu will hold talks in Paris Sunday with President Emmanuel Macron. Together they will attend a ceremony to honor the memory of French Jews who were deported from Paris 75 years ago during World War II.

French president Macron condemns settlements, calls for Jerusalem to be capital of Jewish and Arab states. From Paris, Bibi travels to Budapest to meet the leaders of Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Macroni calls for 2 state solution
July 17, 2017 - After talks with Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu in Paris, French demon President Emmanuel Macron condemned the Temple Mount terror attack that killed 2 Israel officers, but warned that continued Jewish settlement construction threatened peace efforts for two states with Jerusalem their capital.

France President Macron is NOT going to be Israel's friend.
Like his father the devil, Macron can use words but his actions are from hell.
I am editing to post an article on Macron calling himself the god Jupiter

Saddest verse in the bible!

When the Son of Man comes, will he find Faith on the earth?
Luke 18:8

Iran foothold in Syria
July 17, 2017 - Israel totaly opposed to ceasefire plan on SW Syria borders with Jordan and Israel. In France, PM Binyamin Netanyahu announced that the plan is unacceptable.

Iran is sending a large-scale military force to Syria to establish an airbase and a naval base. Russian troops moved into Daraa to police the ceasefire

The Hellzballah Radwan devils are digging in for war at Daraa, 1km from the Jordan border. Washington and Moscow had told Israel Iran-HELLzballah would NOT be in the ceasefire zones.

Since Quneitra (Qunaytirah), Golan is the next zone scheduled for the application of the ceasefire, Israel requested clarifications from US-Russia.

Jordan embraced ceasefire and opened a back channel to the Assad regime for its expansion. They want to send their Syria refugees back home and restore trade ties with Syria.

Jordan proclaimed the terrorists martyrs who killed 2 Israeli (Druze) police on Temple Mount.

Macroni calls for 2 state solution
July 17, 2017 - After talks with Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu in Paris, French demon President Emmanuel Macron condemned the Temple Mount terror attack that killed 2 Israel officers, but warned that continued Jewish settlement construction threatened peace efforts for two states with Jerusalem their capital.

France President Macron is NOT going to be Israel's friend.
Like his father the devil, Macron can use words but his actions are from hell.
I am editing to post an article on Macron calling himself the god Jupiter

the illuminati pyramid is behind him - hard to see

French president claims he is god
July 16, 2017 - French President Emanuel Macaroon claims he is god.
Emanuel means God with us = YESHUA, Jesus Christ.
There is only ONE GOD, and He is NOT Macaroni.
The next 'god' will be Satan - called the antichrist.
LQQKOUT for this Macaroni pasta beast

Macron is the enemy
Macaroni said he'd rule like the god Jupiter.
Several bible prophecy teachers warn about him

Macron govern like a Roman god
French president Emmanuel Macron said he will govern France like Jupiter, the Roman king of the gods.

Several bible prophecy teachers warn about him, reference this pyramid pic.
Macron Gives Victory Speech in front of Illuminati Pyramid
In true globalist fashion Macron pays tribute to the elite

Jupiter is the king planet which was part of the Star of Bethlehem.

2017 events of interest

Aug 21 will be a solar eclipse

Sept 23 is Rosh HaShana = God's New Year ( one of them )
Rosh HaShana is known as - the day no one knows the day or hour
That date there is prophecy news around the virgin, moon, serpent in Revelation 12. I confess its quite confusing.

Many will expect their rapture Sept 23
Will anything significant happen? I dont know, but it wont be a rapture. Ask me October 1.

Revelation 12 sign on 2017 Sept 9, 23
The Revelation 12 Sign occurs on September 23rd.
The Male Child is on September 9th.

Star of Bethlehem
Rick Larson

Star of Bethlehem Documentary

Jesus born - WHEN?, The Star, the Magi

Steve Quayle & Alex Jones
July 16, 2017 - Russia isnt the communist nation - America is
This video is good, its NOT over the top.
NKorea - we are lied to - they have ICBM
Swamp is testing President Trump
War on Christians
All Truth MUST be silenced for Satan the Liar-in-chief to rule.
Most churchs withhold complete truth in scripture.
US space based weapons
Flynn was set up.
Macron declared himself to be god and Jupiter, the Sun God.

Conspiracy means a plot, it doesnt mean false

Book of Enoch
July 16, 2017 - Tim Alberino Analysis - The Book of Enoch, 7th from Adam, father of Methuseleh, great grandfather of Noah. Enoch depicts - Son of man - as belonging to Diety. By referring to Himself as the Son of man, Jesus quietly confirms Enoch.

Other books in the 66 books of the canon reference things Enoch wrote.

First Enoch is Messianic and was written before Christ and it is the valid one.
Enoch 2 and 3 written after the birth of the Christ.
This book was written for the Saints living in our days, the Time of the End. It is PROOF there is no pre-tribulation rapture. One taken and the other left is the wicked are taken in death, hell.

25 Rules of Disinformation
The 8 Traits of a Disinformationalist

1. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Regardless of what you know, don’t discuss it — especially if you are a public figure, news anchor, etc. If it’s not reported, it didn’t happen, and you never have to deal with the issues.

2. Become incredulous, avoid discussing issues
3. Create rumor mongers, wild accusations.
4. Use a straw man.
5. Sidetrack opponents with name calling and ridicule.
6. Hit and Run, make a brief attack on opponent
7. Question motives.
8. Invoke yourself as authority who knows.
9. Play Dumb.
10. Associate opponent charges with old news.

George Soros, Enemy of the State
July 17, 2017 - Hungarian-born George Soros is no friend of Hungary or Israel. Israel aligned with Hungary prior to PM Netanyahu’s trip to Budapest. Hungarian PM Viktor Orban calls Soros as an enemy of the state.

Russia issued an intl arrest warrant on Soros a year or 2 ago.
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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 7/19/2017

Police: Temple Mount closed off to Jews

Clashes break out in Old City as Temple Mount tensions heat up

Some Muslim worshipers throw stones, bottles at police after prayers outside Temple Mount

Arab MKs at Lions' Gate to express support in protest against Temple Mount security

Jordan's FM talks to Russian counterpart about Temple Mount in phone call

Report: Saudi King asked US to intervene in Temple Mount standoff

Saudi Mufti: 'Al-Aqsa's closure damage the sanctity of the Mosque'

Gaza factions warn Israel over Temple Mount 'aggression'

Fatah calls for 'day of rage' on Wednesday

The campaign to exploit Jerusalem terror and fan new round of violence

'The world should know: UNRWA perpetuates the conflict'

Israel, Hamas make prisoner swap counteroffers

Pence: Embassy move to Jerusalem is question of 'when, not if'

Israel's Netanyahu tells Macron of doubts about U.S. peace push

China reiterates commitment to Israel-PA peace

Christian Zionists still uncertain about Trump - but sure glad Obama is out

PM Orban tells Israel's Netanyahu Hungary has zero tolerance of anti-Semitism

ACLU urges senators to oppose bill targeting Israel boycotts

PM meets Mexican diplomat fired for challenging UNESCO Jerusalem vote

UN agency continues accusing Israel of apartheid

With Bibles and shovels, a search for the biblical tabernacle gathers pace at Shiloh

Jordanian Parliament Speaker: 'We are documenting Israel's racist laws and will spread them around the world'

Gaza sewage water polluting Israeli groundwater

Car-ramming terror attack in Hebron leaves 2 soldiers wounded, terrorist shot

Trump administration will continue to consult with Israel on Syria ceasefire

Israel Stuck Between a Trump Rock and Putin Hard Place Over Syria Cease-fire

US, Russia tout Israel's security needs amid concerns of Iran in Syria

Allen West: If Israel goes, Western civilization goes

IDF says videos prove Hezbollah hiding behind NGO at border

Lebanon preparing for military operation near Syria border

Suicide bomb attack kills four in Kurdish-held Syrian northeast

Turkey and the Kurds are on the brink of war - and the Pentagon is right in the middle of it

The troubling US post-prison experiment to 'rehabilitate' an ISIS supporter

Islamic State's customised car bombs - in pictures

Egypt police trap and kill 3 top 'terrorist group' members

Egyptian security forces kill prominent Islamic State militant in North Sinai

Trump was talked out of declaring Iran in breach of nuke deal

US slaps Iranians with sanctions over 'malign' activity

US sanctions Iran for ballistic missile program

Iran condemns 'worthless' US sanctions, responds with its own

Arab nations urge Qatar to adopt six anti-terror principles

Saudi-led coalition blocks UN aid staff flight carrying journalists to Yemen

Saudi-led coalition airstrike in Yemen kills 11 civilians

Saudi King's Son Plotted Effort to Oust His Rival

Controversial French anti-terror bill clears hurdle

Franklin Graham 'Hurt and Stunned' That Canada's Justin Trudeau Awarded Former Al-Qaeda Member $8M

UK's First State-Funded Muslim School Taken Over by Govt After Pro-Rape Books Found

U.S. general: North Korea can hit us

Top US general: North Korea might have the range, but lacks in accuracy

North Korea conducts public executions for theft, watching South Korea media

Pro-Russian rebel leader in east Ukraine unveils plan for new state

'Sick:' Trump slams report of 'second meeting' with Putin at G-20

House to vote on Trump's $1.6B border wall request next week

House bill includes funds for just 28 miles of Trump border wall

Why the GOP Congress will be the most unproductive in 164 years

Trump Finds That Demolishing Obama's Legacy Is Not So Simple

Sen. Chuck Schumer blames Trump for Obamacare failure: 'Sabotage'

'Let Obamacare Fail,' Trump Says as GOP Health Bill Collapses

Health care bill collapse leaves divided GOP at crossroads

A Republican Party at war with itself hits the wall on health care

Robots to Ease the Burden on the Health-Care System

New Tech Brings Live Facial Recognition to Police Body Cameras

This incredible laser gun could be the Navy's secret to fighting enemy drones

Cute floating space drone sends first images from ISS

White House supports FCC plan to dismantle net neutrality

Hacker steals more than $7 million in digital currency using a link switch

Visa offers thousands to small business owners to go 'cashless'

Foreigners snap up record number of US homes

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Ryukyu Islands, Japan

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Attu Station, Alaska

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Owen Fracture Zone region

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 26,000ft

Klyuchevskoy volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica erupts to 14,000ft

Nishinoshima volcano on Japan erupts to 10,000ft

Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

India: New tropical depression threatens flooding this week

Adriatic fires prompt evacuations in Montenegro and Croatia

3 California Counties File Multi-Billion Dollar Lawsuits Against "Big Oil" Over Rising Sea Levels

Crews Spraying Around The Clock After A Billion Mosquitoes Blown In By Storms In South Florida

Israeli court gives government 2 months to reassess gay adoption policy
Breaking-Many Elite Headed to Prison for Child Sex Trafficking-Liz Crokin on the CSS
DAILY MAIL: Scientists discover all quantum particles can travel BACKWARD
Watch Live: Paul Ryan and Fake GOP Attempt to Destroy the Country
Minnesota: Somali Police Officer Refuses To Give a Statement To Investigators
Specter of Chernobyl: Ukraine 'Losing Control' of Its Nuclear Facilities
How 'Nothing to Hide' Leads to 'Nowhere to Hide' – Why Privacy Matters in an Age of Tech Totalitarianism
Fomorians: Supernatural Race Of Giants Who Came From Atlantis
Congressman Asks NASA About an Ancient Mars Civilization!
Check out this list of once-common skills that have been destroyed by technology
Immigration Network Exposed In Italy Has Deep Ties To George Soros
Austria threatens to close border as Italy considers handing migrants visas
How the Government is Hiding Vaccine-Related Deaths
The Technology That Will Make It Impossible for You to Believe What You See
President Trump Reverses Obama’s Anti-Christian Refugee Policy
American Children Killing Themselves at Record Rate
At least 500 Boys Raped in the Regensburg Domspatzen Catholic Boys Choir WARNING: GRAPHIC AND DISGUSTING
We Are Now into Controlled Demolition-Catherine Austin Fitts
Don't Be Fooled - The Federal Reserve Will Continue Rate Hikes Despite Crisis
By Wednesday Morning, Mariposa, California May Be Burnt to the Ground
Watch BREAKING: 'FEMA Prepares For War' on YouTube
Has 'Big Pharma's Medical Mafia' Struck Again? Another Dead Holistic Doctor Brings Another Mystery
VIDEO: Very Large M7.7 earthquake strikes Pacific + M6.5 strikes Peru = MAJOR UNREST - YouTube
The Moral of This Story Is to Arm Yourself and NEVER Call the Cops
This 'Terror Threat' Dwarfs ISIS And When The 'Syria Smoke Clears', May Present A Darker, More Ominous Shadow Of Terror Over The World
Slaughtered Christians 'A Viable Target'? Muslim Persecution of Christians, March 2017
Kamchatka Volcano Klyuchevskaya Erupted
This Wednesday morning local time the volcano blasted ash in to the atmosphere and it spread on more than 60km southwest of the volcano, writes the agency. Orange code alert for aviation danger is announced which means that local and international flights might suffer delays.

Iran’s Rouhani says new US sanctions violate nuclear accord
President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday new US economic sanctions imposed against Iran contravened the country’s nuclear accord with world powers and he vowed that Tehran would “resist” them, state television reported. The Trump administration slapped the new sanctions on Iran on Tuesday over its ballistic missile program and said Tehran’s “malign activities” in the Middle East undercut any “positive contributions” coming from the 2015 Iran nuclear accord.

Jerusalem police close Temple Mount to Jewish visitors
The Temple Mount compound was closed on Wednesday for visitors – Jews and tourists – by the police due to “breaching the rules of conduct that apply to the holy site.” According to a police statement, Jerusalem District Police Commander, Maj.-Gen. Yoram Halevy decided to close the Mughrabi gate, which is the only gate that Jews and tourist can use to enter the Temple Mount, after a group broke the rules of visit.

PA calls on world to force Israel to remove Temple Mount metal detectors
Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah on Tuesday called on the international community to make Israel remove metal detectors from the entrances to the Temple Mount. “We call on the international community and the Arab and Islamic states to take responsibility for… stopping the occupation’s measures that are in contravention with all laws, agreements and international charters,” he said.

Hundreds of German choir boys abused over six decades – report
At least 547 young members of the Regensburger Domspatzen boys choir in Germany were subjected to physical and in some instances sexual abuse over a period of 60 years, a new report says. The report accuses 49 members of the Catholic Church of carrying out the abuse between 1945 and the early 1990s. The alleged perpetrators are unlikely to face criminal charges because of the amount of time that has elapsed.

Chile moves towards legalising abortion in limited cases
Senators in Chile have voted in favour of a proposal which would end the country’s total ban on abortions. The measure would allow abortion in cases of rape, if the mother’s life was at risk or if the foetus would not survive the pregnancy. Currently, women can be prosecuted if they have an abortion.

Qatar crisis: Saudi-led bloc drops list of 13 demands
The four Arab nations leading a boycott of Qatar are no longer insisting it comply with a list of 13 specific demands they tabled last month. Diplomats from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt told reporters at the UN they now wanted it to accept six broad principles. These include commitments to combat terrorism and extremism and to end acts of provocation and incitement.

ICE chief praises Trump, plans to send more agents to sanctuary cities
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Acting Director Thomas Homan…said he plans to further crack down on undocumented immigrants by sending more resources and agents to sanctuary cities…”In the America I grew up in, cities didn’t shield people who violated the law,”…“What I want to get is a clear understanding from everybody, from the congressmen to the politicians to law enforcement to those who enter the country illegally, that ICE is open for business.”

‘Atypical’ form of mad cow disease confirmed in Alabama cow
The U.S. Department of Agriculture has confirmed an “atypical” case of bovine spongiform encephalopothy (BSE), commonly known as mad cow disease, in an 11-year old beef cow in Alabama but emphasized that the animal never entered the slaughterhouse and “at no time presented a risk to food supply or to human health.”

US Army Seeks Internet-of-Battlefield-Things, Distributed Bot Swarms
The Army Research Lab is turning more of its attention to fighting land wars against far more technologically sophisticated adversaries than it has in the past several decades. In the coming months, the Lab will fund new programs related to highly (but not fully) autonomous drones and robots that can withstand adversary electronic warfare operations.

Thousands evacuated central California, wildfires burn across U.S. West
A 25,000-acre wildfire in central California, one of three dozen major blazes burning across the U.S. West, threatened hundreds of homes and businesses on Wednesday after forcing the evacuation of about 5,000 residents. There were 46 active large fires spread across 12 states, with 11 new blazes reported on Tuesday alone, according to National Interagency Fire Center website.

Pence Tells CUFI That Just as God Kept Promise to Israel, So Will Trump
In his address at the 12th Annual Christians United for Israel (CUFI) Summit in Washington on Monday, US Vice President Mike Pence reassured the 4,000 attendees that the President Donald Trump’s administration stands strongly behind Israel, and that despite the delay, Trump will most assuredly fulfill his campaign promise to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Law passes initial vote
Law requiring 80-vote supermajority to divide Jerusalem in future negotiations passes first vote. A law which would limit the government’s ability to divide the capital in any future final status agreement with the Palestinian Authority was approved in its first vote Wednesday afternoon.

Minister: Israel Will Now Act to Reestablish Jewish Sovereignty Over Temple Mount
The Islamic Waqf’s jurisdiction over the Temple Mount is over and Israel will now work to reestablish Jewish sovereignty over the holy site, said Knesset Member Avi Dichter (Likud) on Tuesday. “The question of our policy [at the Temple Mount] may not be clear to the Palestinians, but it is very clear to us… The Mount will remain under the control of the Israel Police.”

Muslims Call to Ban Jews From Temple Mount
Despite refusing to ascend to the holy site themselves in protest of new metal detectors, Muslims are demanding that Jews be banned from the Temple Mount in the wake of events following Friday’s terror attack.

Druze Heroes Killed on Temple Mount Fulfilled Foretold End-of-Days Israel Alliance
The deadly attack last week on the Temple Mount pitted Israeli Druze against Muslims, tightening an prophesied alliance with Israel that has Biblical roots leading back to the Druze patriarch Jethro. The fulfillment of their role as brothers-in-arms with the Jews precipitates the end-of-days war against Amalek. Their sacrifice was a clear fulfillment of Balaam’s prophecy, which foretells that the Druze and Jews will fight together against their enemy, Amalek.

President Trump: Democrats Own This, We’re Going To Let Obamacare Collapse
Speaking from the White House Tuesday afternoon along side Vice President Mike Pence, President Donald Trump said he is “disappointed” in the failure of the healthcare bill in the Senate and said he intends to allow Obamacare to collapse while continuing to pursue the rest of his agenda. “Let Obamacare fail, it’ll be a lot easier,” he continued. “We’re not going to own it. I’m not going to own it. I can tell you Republicans are not going to own it.

3 California Counties File Multi-Billion Dollar Lawsuits Against “Big Oil” Over Rising Sea Levels
Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the snowflake capital of the world finds new, creative and amazing ways to shock your system.

UK’s First State-Funded Muslim School Taken Over by Gov After Pro-Rape Books Found
England’s first state-funded Muslim secondary schools – that segregated boys and girls and had books promoting domestic violence and marital rape – is to be taken over by the Government.

Obama gave 1 million green cards migrants less than 2 Christian the rest were muslims
Former President Barack Obama chastised the American people in front of world leaders saying that “accepting only Christians who are seeking asylum from war-torn countries is un-American and not who we are.”

Garbage Men Being Trained to Spy on Customers
…It’s not enough, though, for the supervisors of the surveillance state to train trash collectors to watch their neighbors and report any “suspicious activity.” For a few years now, city waste management companies have been installing automatic license plate readers (ALPR) in their garbage trucks! How many thousands (maybe millions) of Americans are being secretly subjected to this new level of surveillance?

Cashless Society Alert: Visa Will Be Giving Up To $500,000 To Restaurants That Go ‘100% Cashless’ The push toward a cashless society is becoming more of a shove. Before today I had never heard of “The Visa Cashless Challenge”, but after reading about it I have to say that I am quite alarmed.

As Senate Bill Dies, President Trump, Mitch McConnell Call for Clean Repeal of Obamacare
President Donald J. Trump is calling on congressional Republicans to drop their failed efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare in one fell swoop and instead pass a clean repeal of the failed health care overhaul from the previous administration now and push through a bipartisan replacement plan later.
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NE Syria Turkey bombing Kurds
July 18, 2017 Kurdistan - Turkey is bombing YPG Kurd positions in Azaz, NE of Afrin, Syria near the Turkish border. Turkey military has fired on the YPG Kurds. Turkey is angry the USA armed the YPF Kurds. PYD Kurds in Idlib trying to dislodge Turkey, who dont belong there. The Kurds want their nation-state, Kurdistan. Afrin, Kobani, Qamishli, east of the Euphrates river are Kurdistan.

How do Kurds expect us to keep track of all their groups?

Syria ceasefire
July 18, 2017 debka - Russia and USA ensured Israel’s security interests in ceasefire. The ceasefire was been conducted with all interested parties including Israel. Israel would never open the door to Iran and Hizballah..

Russian troops guard Quneitra Zone 2
July 18, 2017 - Russia will move into Quneitra, Golan Syria opposite the Israeli Golan border to police Zone 2. Israel told Washington and Moscow they are opposed to this. Zone 1 in Daraa on the Jordanian border will quickly break down if it is not shored up in Zone 2 Quneitra.

US, Russia and Jordan allow Hellzballah in Zone 1 Daraa. They knew Jerusalem would object. Zone 2 Quneitra will allow Iran-Hellzballa, heedless of urgent Israeli demands. No wonder Bibi is pissed.

My guess is the Trump-Putin deal takes Golan away from Israel at some point. This would be highly dangerous for Israel.

Kurdistan Iraq

Kurdistan independence referendum
The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) hopes US will play mediator in Kurdistan’s separation from Iraq. The United States wants the September 25 referendum postponed til 2018. Kurds are a reliable ally. Kurds say that whoever sits in Baghdad wants to grab all the power and control everything.

Indivisible Iraq
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi stressed that Kurds are partners in an indivisible Iraq. Kurds and Iraq are now a united country.

Iraqi constitution is clear that we live in one homeland and are partners. Reviewing the historical relationship between Kurds and Arabs, Abadi said Bagdad has very good relations between the Peshmerga and the Iraqi army.

Abadi hoped there was some alternative to Kurdistan leaving Iraq. It is in national, economic, trade, and security interests, if the Kurds are part of Iraq. Abadi cautioned that the whole region will feel threatened if Kurdistan gains independence.

Israel hits Iran in Syria
July 19, 2017 - Israel has struck Iran arms shipments for Hizballah in Syria numerous times, said Israeli PM Netanyahu. He has told Russian President Vladimir Putin Israel will hit them when we see them transferring weapons to Hezbollah. These statements are made as Netanyahu is traveling in the EU.

UNRWA perpetuates the conflict
July 19, 2017 - UNRWA is the UN organization responsible for Palestinians. They perpetuate the Arab-Israeli conflict. The Palestinians educational system inculcates violence and hatred. UNRWA is staffed by terrorists, their funding is used for hospitals and schools as a cover for terror tunnels and weapons.

Riots in Jerusalem
July 17, 2017 - Arabs rioted tonight, throwing stones and blocking the Maale Mota Gur road in Jerusalem. Police driving rioters out using riot control measures. Dozens of Arabs gathered near the Lions Gate and attacked policemen.

Why are Muslims rioting? Saudi Arabia has metal detectors at their Grand Mosque in Mecca. I guess they desire terrorists on Temple Mount

Iran may withdraw from Nuke deal
July 18, 2017 debka - Iran FM Zarif said - If it comes to a major USA violation, or what in the terms of the nuclear deal is called significant nonperformance, then Iran has other options available, including withdrawing from the deal.

Earth news

7.8 Earthquake Kamchatka, Russia July 17, 2017

6.4 earthquake off Peru coast July 18, 2017
The quake was 44 km (27 miles) deep and centered southwest of Puquio.
It was felt in Arequipa and in northern Chile. Rocks fell on local roads.
Earlier a 7.8 earthquake hit Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula

BC Canada fires


:D Rand in Command
July 19, 2017 - Kentucky Senator Rand Paul for Senate Majority Leader - NOW! Senator Rand Paul is pleased that the U.S. Senate is going to move forward on efforts to pass a clean partial repeal of Obamacare. Paul has been driving debate on healthcare in the U.S. Congress.

Beast-kontrolled Sinate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and President Donald Trump both publicly backed a clean repeal of Obamacare, the bill they passed in 2015, then worry about the replacement later. House devil Paul Ryan is resisting repeal of Obamacare. That Ryan snake is a Commie, maybe a Muslim.

Repeal Obamacare - 2 year delay??
July 18, 2017 - Sinate will vote on the bill that was passed in 2015
The Senate will vote for a full repeal of ObamaCare with a 2 year delay. DELAY??
Did our dealmaster prez plan this all along? Can he scrap the 2 year delay?
President Donald J. Trump is calling on congress to drop their failed efforts to replace Obamacare and just repeal it. Thats all we wanted! Crooked Mitch McConnell was putting bad things in the bill.

Swamp gators Mitch McConnell & Paul Ryan
must resign their leadership posts
or be voted out by the GOP Caucus NOW

Sinator Chuck Schumer said the DemonRats would support Obamacare changes if GOP kept the points we want GONE! DUH! They think they are still in charge! Well, as long as Ryan-McConnell are the RINO GOP leadership, Dems ARE in charge.

Donald J. Trump tweet July 19, 2017
I will be having lunch at the White House today with Republican Senators concerning healthcare. They MUST keep their promise to America! The Republicans never discuss how good their healthcare bill is, it will get even better at lunchtime.The Dems scream death as OCare dies!

Prez Trump a fierce Commander
July 19, 2017 - What a difference a REAL President makes!
Border Patrol morale is at an all-time high with an end to catch-and-release.
ISIS will be destroyed by the end of the year. Obama had frustrated the military. Trump is leaving military decisions to the military, which is paying off quickly.

They're already likening Trump to the supremely self-assured Constantine the Great. The flowering of Chrstianity, which he himself also embraced, occurred under his masterful leadership.

Susan Rice was to Testify today
July 18, 2017 - The bitch of Bengazi backed out!

Minnesota Badge jihad
July 17, 2017 - Justine Ruszczyk called 911 Saturday night because she thought a sexual assault might be taking place in a back alley near her home. But, after Minneapolis police arrived, Officer Mohamed Noor, a black Somali Muslim officer shot and killed Ruszczyk. The officer started on the force in 2015 and had 2 outstanding complaints against him.

Was that Somali a Sharia cop?

Border Wall
July 17, 2017 - Border Wall Construction set to Start EARLIER Than Expected!
DHS is planning to begin the construction of wall prototypes in San Diego this September. U.S. Border Protection and private contractors preparing to build a segment of the wall through the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge in Texas.

New levee wall system in Rio Grande Valley, 32 new miles of border wall system in the Rio Grande Valley, and 14 miles of replacement secondary barrier in San Diego.

Huntsman for Russia ambassador
July 19, 2017 - U.S. President Donald Trump will nominate Jon Huntsman as U.S. ambassador to Russia. If confirmed, Huntsman will head to Moscow. Huntsman was Utah governor, and ambassador to China from 2009 to 2011.

North Korea can hit USA
July 19, 2017 - A NKorea warhead was found in Alaska several years ago.
U.S. general says North Korea has the range to hit parts of the U.S. with an ICBM but not with much accuracy. They could reach parts of Alaska or Hawaii.

But General Paul Selva, who is vice chair of the Joint Chiefs of the Staff, testified he wasn't confident North Korea has the capacity to strike the United States with any degree of accuracy.
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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 7/21/2017

Amid Temple Mount tumult, the who, what and why of its Waqf rulers

Accomplice helped terrorists bring weapons into Temple Mount

Dozens wounded in fresh clashes over Temple Mount security

Police, army deploying thousands ahead of feared Friday Temple Mount protests

IDF readies 5 battalions in case Temple Mount clashes spread to West Bank

Police leave metal detectors in place, bar young men from Jerusalem's Old City

Turkish Islamists hold anti-Israel rally outside Istanbul synagogue protesting installment of metal detectors at Temple Mount

Abbas asks Erdogan for help to end Temple Mount standoff

Abbas asks Jared Kushner to force Israel to remove metal detectors

Netanyahu rushes to security meet as Temple Mount tensions surge

Families of Israeli Arab terrorists ask High Court to order release of their bodies

US envoy visits bereaved families of cops slain at Temple Mount

EU envoy responds to Netanyahu: 'We have deep, broad relations with Israel'

Arabs call on ICC to investigate Israel

Nikki Haley presses UN to up pressure on Hezbollah

Hezbollah, Syrian army attack militants at Lebanese-Syrian border - pro-Assad commander

Ambush near Syrian capital kill 28 government troops

US seeks Syrian solution, but Assad doesn't have to go first

Trump, Mattis: US winning fight against Islamic State group

'No security, no protection' for Mosul's Christians after Islamic State

Turkey: 6 Kurdish militants killed in drone attack

Russia calls new US sanctions against Iran unfounded

Qatar crisis may be rooted in old family rivalries

Qatar blames UAE for hacking that sparked Gulf row

U.S. to deploy officials in Qatar in counter-terrorism accord

Poll: 68 percent of voters are concerned about war with North Korea

U.S. general says allies worry Russian war game may be 'Trojan horse'

CIA director: Russia loves to meddle and 'stick it to America'

'Extremely disturbing' if Trump considering Russia pardons: Senator

Trump legal team looking to investigate Mueller aides

Here's the Chain Reaction Trump Could Set Off by Trying to Fire Mueller

Mueller tests Trump: Probe reportedly eyes business transactions, despite warning

Trump supporters fear Mueller's peek into business dealings will be fatal blow

Americans are paying more attention to politics, and finding it stressful

Katie Couric: Fake news is ripping America 'apart at the seams'

Facebook deletes thousands of UK accounts in crackdown on fake news

Walmart Wants To Satisfy Customers By Scanning Their Faces

Bag of NASA moon dust sells for $1.8M at auction

Parades, parties and port-a-potties: Eclipse mania is taking hold from coast to coast

Strong 6.7 earthquake rattles Turkey, Greek islands

Quake damages buildings on Greek island; 2 killed, 120 hurt

Quake causes seas to rise, coastal roads flooded

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Nikol'skoye, Russia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Pagan, Northern Mariana Islands

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 28,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 27,000ft

Klyuchevskoy volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 18,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Karymsky volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 14,000ft

Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 12,000ft

Military sends extra help for exhausted police officers dealing with B.C. fires

Smoke from Mariposa fire chokes Tahoe Basin, creates apocalyptic sunset at the lake

Every Year, the Sky 'Rains Fish' in Honduras. Explanations Vary.

NC island's mysterious birth appears on NASA satellite images

Gore: 'Some Levels of the Earth System Have Crossed a Point of No Return'

Report: Former Zetas cartel leader used to eat victims

Inmates who get vasectomies could get out of jail earlier in controversial program

For 'gifting' six daughters as 'sex slaves' to self-proclaimed prophet, a Pa. couple will go to prison

Thousands at LGBT rally protest Israeli government's anti-gay adoption stance

Sikkim standoff: Indian soldiers can withdraw, be captured or be killed, says former Chinese diplomat to India
Is Iran in Our Gun Sights Now? - Pat Buchanan
Global olive oil supply under threat as deadly bacteria reaches Spain
The Big Wobble: It's Greek name Phobos means fear it is the smallest moon in our solar system with a large monolith and many leading scientists believe it to be a craft
Germany: Man Wearing Cross Beaten by Migrant Gang
Average Americans Can No Longer Afford Average New Cars
'Women are being attacked every day': violence at small town festival reignites migration debate
MORPHING Portal UFO Seen All Over England 7/21/17 on YouTube
Scientists Find At Least 75% Of The Earth Has Not Warmed In Recent Decades
Earthquake off south west coast of Turkey triggers tsunami | Daily Mail Online
US 'to ban Americans from travelling to North Korea' | Daily Mail Online
Plot to replace Europeans with refugees exposed
Magnitude 6.9 quake hits off Turkey: USGS
What happens if you become electromagnetic hypersensitive (EHS) from constant exposure to EMFs/RFs/ELFs because of wanting faster 5G Wi-Fi
Paul Craig Roberts: The Matrix Of Lies – Russia Needs To Wake Up Or The World Will Be Destroyed
Trump sets red line for Mueller on Russia probe, warns he'll expose 'conflicts'
What’s the One Word the Deep State Is Not Allowed to Say?
University of Chicago Professor: Infanticide Is Morally Acceptable
Bombshell Conspiracy Theories Confirmed As Former Presidential Candidate Warns President Trump: 'They Are Coming For You'
Top US general warns against rogue killer robots
Pentagon warns of risks after Turkey discloses US forces in Syria
With New D.C. Policy Group, Dems Continue to Rehabilitate and Unify With Bush-Era Neocons
US nuclear arsenal controlled by 1970s computers with 8in floppy disks
French rabbi Rav Touitou applauds Muslim invasion of Europe

3-Magnitude 6.7 quake off Turkish and Greek coasts kills two
A powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.7 killed two people when it struck near major Turkish and Greek tourist destinations in the Aegean Sea on Friday, Turkish and Greek officials said. The quake, which struck at 1:31 a.m. (2231 GMT on Thursday), was located off the southwestern coastal city of Marmaris in the Mugla province, the USGS said. It was close to the Turkish towns of Bodrum and Datca, and the Greek island of Kos in the Dodecanese Islands archipelago, all of which are major tourist destinations.

Tour operators say US to ban citizens from travel to North Korea
Two tour agencies that arrange trips to North Korea said on Friday the US government will soon ban its citizens from traveling there, after the death of a US student arrested there while on a tour. Koryo Tours said the ban would be announced on July 27 and would go into effect 30 days later.

Security forces maintain vigilance as Jerusalem prayers conclude
Security forces were braced for a standoff with Muslim worshipers in Jerusalem’s Old City on Friday afternoon after the security cabinet decided to leave the metal detectors at the entrances to the Temple Mount. “Israel is committed to maintaining the status quo on the Temple Mount and to protecting the safety of worshipers and visitors,” the Prime Minister’s Office said. The Tel Aviv meeting began late Thursday night and ended in the early hours of the morning.

Abbas asks US to intervene in Temple Mount crisis
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has asked the Trump Administration to help quell the rising tensions over the Temple Mount, known to Islam as the Al-Haram/Al-Sharif. According to Wafa, the Palestinian News and Information Agency, Abbas spoke by telephone with US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, who is also his senior advisor.

Head of Islamic body: ‘1.7 billion Muslims say no to metal detectors’
The head of the Wakf Muslim religious trust in Jerusalem, Abdul Azim Salhab…rejected the security cabinet’s decision not to remove metal detectors at the entrance to the Temple Mount…Salhab said: “We are one. We all reject the measures to put in metal detectors. We reject the entrance of settlers to the mosque compound. We in Jerusalem represent 1.7 billion Muslims who say in one voice no to the metal detectors. We say no to the arrangements taken by the Israelis against the Wakf.”

Leading Sunni Muslim center calls for intervention to ‘save’ al-Aksa
The leading center for…Sunni Muslims, Egypt’s al-Azhar, has called for…intervention to “save” al-Aksa mosque from Israel. A statement…issued…by al-Azhar…said the institute was following with “deep concern the escalation of the Israeli occupation forces against blessed al-Aksa mosque.” It warned against the “continuation of the violations”…these alleged violations were provoking the feelings of Muslims all over the world and threatening the stability of the entire region.

Temple Mount spillover: US warns of riots in Jordan
The United States Embassy in Amman received reports of planned demonstrations following noon prayers in Amman on Friday in response to the ongoing situation at Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The embassy reported “to expect to see an increased police and security presence in and around Amman.” The US embassy also warned…”Even demonstrations intended to be peaceful can…escalate into violence,” and…one should “avoid areas of demonstrations, and exercise caution…

North Korea tourism: US ‘to ban Americans from visiting’
The US is to ban its citizens from travelling to North Korea, according to two agencies that operate tours there. Koryo Tours and Young Pioneer Tours said the ban would be announced on 27 July to come into effect 30 days later. The US has not confirmed the news.

Greece-Turkey earthquake: Two killed on island of Kos
A strong earthquake in the Aegean Sea has killed at least two people on the Greek island of Kos, officials say. The 6.7-magnitude quake hit 12km (seven miles) north-east of Kos, near the Turkish coast, with a depth of 10km, the US Geological Survey said. At least 100 others were also injured at the popular tourist destination. Some buildings were damaged.

Venezuela crisis: Deadly clashes as millions join strike
Millions of Venezuelans have joined a general strike called by the opposition as pressure mounts on President Nicolás Maduro to cancel elections for a new constituent assembly. Clashes between police and protesters killed at least three people. More than 300 others were reportedly arrested. Mr Maduro said the strike was minimal and that its leaders would be arrested.

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman overhaul security agencies
Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has issued a series of royal decrees, marking a new shake-up of top officials. He set up a security agency, bringing together counter-terrorism and domestic intelligence under the authority of a single body. The king also replaced the head of the royal guard, and made several appointments to the team of his son, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

US lawmakers want fresh sanctions on Hezbollah
Republican and Democratic US lawmakers introduced legislation on Thursday seeking to increase sanctions on Hezbollah, accusing the powerful Shi’ite Muslim political group of violence in Syria and amassing rockets along Israel’s border. The bill, an amendment to existing sanctions on the group, seeks to further restrict its ability to fundraise and recruit, increase pressure on banks that do business with it and crack down on countries, including Iran, that support Hezbollah.

U.S. general says allies worry Russian war game may be ‘Trojan horse’
U.S. allies in eastern Europe and Ukraine are worried that Russia’s planned war games in September could be a “Trojan horse” aimed at leaving behind military equipment brought into Belarus, the U.S. Army’s top general in Europe said on Thursday. Russia has sought to reassure NATO that the military exercises will respect international limits on size, but NATO and U.S. official remain wary about their scale and scope.

President Trump Reverses Barack Obama’s Discriminatory Anti-Christian Refugee
No President in US history showed as much hate and disdain for Christian and Jews as former President Barack Hussein Obama. There are multiple examples of this:

Billions Of Lives Are At Stake As China Threatens India With War
There several powerful nations that could spark a global conflagration without America’s input.

Walmart Wants To Scan Customers’ Faces
Walmart is developing facial recognition technology so it can identify the shoppers who appear irritated or just generally unhappy, according to a Wall Street Journal report published Wednesday.

Salvation Army Has Its Bell Rung by NYC
…While parents fight on that front, faith-based groups are being assaulted on another. In New York City, the local human rights commission is charging the Salvation Army’s substance abuse center with “gender identity discrimination” for refusing to change their rules to accommodate people who identify as transgender. Their crime? Housing patients according to their actual gender.

US Congress On Pace To Be The Least Productive Legislature In 164 Years
Without even enough Senate Republican support for a “clean repeal” of Obamacare, this Congress is on its way to historical levels of getting nothing done. So is the ‘Resistance’ winning? And will the divided GOP endanger President Donald Trump’s 2020 chances?

Rare Earth Mania And China/US Trade Spat 2.0?
We doubt that many have heard of it, or know what it’s used for, but the price of Praseodymium-Neodymium – a rare earth element – has been on a tear, up 43% ytd. And, if this is the start of another “rare earth” frenzy like that seen in 2011, it is about to go much, much higher.
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Posted Image
Aegis, US anti-missile missile
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DARPA invests $65 million in developing gene editing technologies
“The field of gene editing has been advancing at an astounding pace, opening the door to previously impossible genetic solutions but without much emphasis on how to mitigate potential downsides,” says Safe Genes program manager Renee Wegrzyn. “DARPA launched Safe Genes to begin to refine those capabilities by emphasizing safety first for the full range of potential applications, enabling responsible science to proceed by providing tools to prevent and mitigate misuse.”

US Navy Patrol Ship Fires Warning Shots At Iranian Vessel
One day after a US spy plane had to take “evasive action” over the East China Sea after a Chinese fighter jet showed off its Top Gun skills and appeared 90 meters in front of the interloper, a US Navy patrol ship fired warning shots toward an Iranian vessel near the northern Arabian Gulf on Tuesday after the vessel came within 150 yards

After spate of Chinese patrols, Taiwan says it’s prepared to defend itself
Taiwan is prepared to defend itself against China if necessary, the self-ruled island’s defence ministry said on Tuesday, in a strongly worded response to recent flybys by Chinese warplanes near the island China claims as a wayward province.

Temple Mount police concerned:’we’re sitting ducks’
The decision to remove metal detectors at the entrances to Temple Mount have alarmed the police situated at the site, who are wondering whether they are supposed to be what they termed ‘sitting ducks.’

Yemen cholera epidemic slowing after infecting 400,000
Yemen’s cholera outbreak is set to hit 400,000 cases on Tuesday but there are signs the three-month-old epidemic is slowing, according to World Health Organization data…

Muslims urged to stay away from Temple Mount
A senior cleric says Muslims should stay away from a major Jerusalem shrine, pending a review of the new Israeli security arrangements there. Ikrema Sabri, the head of the Supreme Islamic Committee in the city, said such a review might be completed later on Tuesday.

Netanyahu welcomes homes Jordan envoy and freed embassy guard
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met in his Jerusalem office Tuesday morning with Israel’s Ambassador to Jordan, Einat Schlein, and Ziv, the Israeli guard stabbed in the embassy complex Sunday evening. The meeting came less than 12 hours after they…crossed over the Allenby Bridge after a hair-raising drama that began with the stabbing of Ziv, and his firing two shots in self-defense, killing the assailant and another man at the scene.

Israel removes Temple Mount metal detectors that enraged the Muslim world
Israeli authorities began Tuesday morning to dismantle metal detectors it had placed at the entrance to Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, the placing of which earlier this month lead to widespread outrage in the Muslim world, claiming they violated the status quo in the site that is sacred to believers…In the meantime, Israel is also removing some of the security cameras it installed overlooking the entrance to the complex.

China set to launch an ‘unhackable’ internet communication
As malicious hackers mount ever more sophisticated attacks, China is about to launch a new, “unhackable” communications network – at least in the sense that any attack on it would be quickly detected. The technology it has turned to is quantum cryptography, a radical break from the traditional encryption methods around.

Japanese woman dies from tick disease after cat bite
A Japanese woman died last year of a tick-borne disease after being bitten by a stray cat, Japan’s health ministry says, in what could be the first such mammal-to-human transmission. The unnamed woman in her 50s had been helping the apparently sick cat. Ten days later she died of Severe Fever with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (SFTS), which is carried by ticks.

France tackles fierce forest fires on Riviera and in Corsica
Unusually hot, dry and windy weather in south-east France has contributed to the spread of forest fires across the region. The island of Corsica, the town of Carros, close to Nice, and Saint-Tropez were among the areas badly hit on Monday. Hundreds of homes were evacuated as a precaution.

Syria war: Russia sends police to southern ‘safe zones’
Russia says it has deployed forces to monitor so-called de-escalation zones in southern Syria. The defence ministry said military police had been sent to Eastern Ghouta on the edge of the capital Damascus, and to an area in the south-west. It is the first time foreign personnel have been despatched to help implement the “safe zones” agreed with Turkey and Iran earlier this year.

Egypt’s El-Sisi calls on Israel not to provoke Muslims
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi addressed Israel in a speech Monday, calling on its residents and leaders to “stop what is happening in the Al-Aqsa Mosque and not to provoke the feelings of Arabs and Muslims.” El-Sisi…said, “The unfortunate events at Al-Aqsa are causing an unnecessary situation. I appeal to public opinion in Israel, the Israeli people and the Israeli leadership—please, this must stop.

Chinese jets intercept U.S. surveillance plane: U.S. officials
Two Chinese fighter jets intercepted a U.S. Navy surveillance plane over the East China Sea at the weekend, with one jet coming within about 300 feet (91 meters) of the American aircraft, U.S. officials said on Monday. The officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said initial reports showed one of the Chinese J-10 aircraft came close enough to the U.S. EP-3 plane on Sunday to cause the American aircraft to change direction.

North Korea identifies Hawaii and Alaska as possible targets for missile launch
The official government newspaper of North Korea boasted on Sunday that Hawaii and Alaska could be possible targets for the nuclear ballistic missile the North Korean government allegedly possesses. According to NK News, Rodong Sinmun, the newspaper run by the Workers’ Party of Korea stated that intercontinental ballistic missile has a range capability up to 6,400 kilometers, which means the missile could travel far enough to hit Hawaii or Alaska.

Former CIA Director Calls For A Coup If Trump Fires Mueller
“I think it’s the obligation of some executive branch officials to refuse to carry out some of these orders that again are inconsistent with what this country is all about…. If Mueller is fired, I hope our elected reps will stand up and say enough is enough.”

Proof Positive Obama Administration Stole Dividends from Fannie and Freddie Shareholders
Shareholders of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, after years of discouraging litigation, finally have the proof positive they need to demonstrate at court exactly how the Obama administration stole from them billions of dollars of profits earned by the Government Sponsored Entities (GSEs).

“Time Is Running Out” – China Is Planning For A Crisis Along North Korean Border
Despite Chinese officials reassurance that “military means shouldn’t be an option,” WSJ reports that China has been bolstering defenses along its 880-mile frontier with North Korea and realigning forces in surrounding regions to prepare for a potential crisis across their border, including the possibility of a U.S. military strike.

Trump throws wrench in U.N. plan to ‘replace’ U.S. population
In the last year of his presidency, Barack Obama and his administration worked tirelessly with the United Nations to expand the definition of “refugee” to include economic migrants and drastically increase the numbers being resettled in the United States.

Flow of asylum seekers crossing into Canada from U.S. rises …
The number of asylum seekers walking across the U.S. border into Canada rose in June after dropping in the previous two months, according to government figures released on Friday.

NYT Blames Obama Admin For Foiled Attack
The New York Times blamed former Obama administration officials for releasing information that a U.S. general says allowed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi to slip away from American forces.

Why Is CPS Losing Tens of Thousands of Children Per Year? Where Do They Go?
Italian beach turns white after freak hailstorm sweeps across Grottammare (video)
The War Has Begun - They Are Coming For You, If You See These People Coming At You, Run Like Hell!
US Judge Enforcing Nazi Eugenics As Prisoners Are Sterilized for Shorter Sentences
'Substantial' ocean of water beneath moon’s surface could help create human colony
DAILY MAIL: BREAKING NEWS:US Navy patrol boat fires warning shots at Iranian naval ship after it comes within 150 YARDS during 'tense encounter' in the Persian Gulf
Why Cities Will Unavoidably Become Lawless Within a Week or Two During a SHTF Event
The Demonic Wars – Demons Attaching / Inhabiting / Haunting Inanimate Objects
Satanist Katy Perry is obsessed with cannibalism:The devil likes nothing more than to strip us, whom God made in His own image, of our humanity
Children 'as young as nine' caught robbing people in Stockholm
The Return Of Eugenics? Tennessee Judge Issues Sterilization Program For Inmates
DAILY MAIL: Hope for a people with spinal cord injuries after scientists pinpoint key molecules in zebrafish that help them repair damaged nerves
DAILY MAIL: China builds one of the world's largest 'hack-proof' quantum computer networks in an effort to create a web that is 100% secure
FBI Seized Hard Drives From Dem IT Aide
10 Ways to Prevent Your Doctor from Killing You or Your Family
The Nazi Origins of Renewable Energy (and Global Warming)
The Rutherford Institute :: Policing for Profit: Jeff Sessions & Co.’s Thinly Veiled Plot to Rob Us Blind
Three Square Market to offer staff microchip implants: 'The next evolution in payment systems'
How to survive a pandemic when the pharmacies have all been looted and prescription antibiotics are wiped out
How Fake Cops Got $1.2 Million in Real Weapons
Over 100 Children Just Disappeared in UK - Sex Trafficking Fears Have Govt Scrambling
RELIGION OF PEACE? California Iman Ammar Shahin Delivers Sermon Asking Allah To 'Annihilate' All Jews
Former German Cop: Angela Merkel is the Worst Thing That Ever Happened to Germany and Europe
Melted fuel found at Fukushima — Corium up to 6 feet thick below reactor — Nuclear waste piling up at bottom — Lava-like material has spread all over


MidEast NEWS

Russia posts troops near Israeli Golan
July 25, 2017 - Russia troops in southern Syria 8 km from Israeli
Golan border. 800 Russian troops face Israel and another 400 on the Jordan border. They have set up a roadblock east of Quneitra, and several lookout posts. Most of the Russian troops were (Muslims) recruited in Chechnya. Moscow used the Temple Mount attack and dispute between Israel and Jordan as cover.

Israel exposes Temple Mount to terror
July 25, 2017 - Israel removed security cameras and metal detectors at Jerusalem Temple Mount, but left barricades. I HATE to see Israel give in to terrorists!! July 14 terrorists used guns stashed at the compound to kill 2 Israeli police guards.

Police officers on Temple Mount said they will not fill stations without metal detectors. They will not be sitting ducks.
GOOD. I dont blame them.

Jordan demands Israel handover the Israeli embassy official who was wounded in Sunday terror attack in Amman, and has barred his return to Israel. The Israeli embassy in Amman’s deputy security officer was stabbed at his residence in the embassy compound by a Jordanian terrorist, and the officer shot and killed his attacker. Clearly self defense. Israeli officer has diplomatic immunity. Jordan is ignoring that law.
Jordan barred the officer from leaving Jordan.
Jordan King Abdullah is visiting in the United States.

The Embassy is Israel so he wasn’t in Jordan by law.
Embassies are considered property of the country they represent - in this case - Israel. This was an attack on sovereign Israeli soil by a citizen of the host government. By law, the host is responsible for the safety and security of the embassy and its staff. The Jordanian government is in no position to demand anything. They should be apologizing for the inexcusable breakdown of security and explaining in detail who failed in their duties and how they will be punished.

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French Riviera fire
July 25, 2017 - Forest fires force French Riviera residents to flee homes in the Saint Tropez region near Ramatuelle.

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July 25, 2017 - Session-Mueller's days are numbered. AG Jeff Sessions will likely be fired, as President Trump has had enough of his reluctance to prosecute crimes of Obama officials. Sessions recusal enabled Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein to appoint his buddy Bob Mueller to mount his limitless witch hunt against all things Trump. The ENTIRE DoJ NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN - all of them

McCain is a war criminal
John McCain was pardoned for Treason
Professor Jonathan Graubar calls McCain a war criminal and is
annoyed at well wishes after McCain's phony brain cancer diagnosis.

McCain was cited for crimes as serious as planning air defenses for the Hanoi government to aid them in downing American pilots. McCain helped to shoot down 60 American aircraft. McCain nearly sunk the nuclear super-carrier USS Forrestal. Nearly 300 servicemen were killed and wounded.
As SINator, McCain worked to block repatriation of surviving POW's.

Demon McCain back to DC
July 25, 2017 - Demon John McCain is returning to the Sinate to vote on Obamacare repeal.

Paul Ryan is the House John McCain
He is a traitor to America and its people
I say McCain DOES NOT have cancer at all!
Arrest him and HANG him! Send in Kelli Ward


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Sarah Huckabee
July 25, 2017 - In 2010 Time Magazine voted Sarah Huckabee one of the 40 under 40 top personalities in the world. Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her husband visited Israel in 2010. Her knowledge of the State of Israel and its neighbors is superb. She can educate the entire White House on the Middle East. It is a true honor to see Sarah Huckabee Sanders as America’s Press Secretary.

Scalise calls into House meeting
July 25, 2017 - House Majority Whip Steve Scalise called into the weekly whip meeting Monday for the first time since he was shot in June, and asked whether the Senate passed its healthcare bill yet. Scalise has begun rehabilitating from his injuries. Scalise remains at Washington Hospital Center in fair condition. Patrick McHenry has served as whip while Scalise recovers.

God bless Steve!
May he heal supernaturally rapidly

California major quake due
July 25, 2017 - BIG EQ on west coast, 9.0 to 10.0 earthquake to happen in California and across the west coast. We were told recently during a meeting in DC that 3 to 10 million people will die. Martial law.

West coast coming devastation due to huge earthquake-volcano.

Steve Quayle website

Trump wins voter fraud Ruling July 25, 2017 - Federal judge allows effort to probe voter fraud. President Donald Trump’s election integrity commission won a judge’s approval to collect data about U.S. voters in many states. The judge rejected a challenge. Numerous states declined to provide all of the records sought. Trump created the panel in May, saying he lost the popular vote because of fraud.

GLORIOUS! After 8 years of hell and destruction, we have a REAL MAN, a REAL AMERICAN in the White (again) House - and a REAL LADY!

Bundy trial update
Kangaroo court!

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 7/25/2017

Tension rises with Jordan after embassy guard shoots two

Jordan Holds Israeli Diplomat Hostage After Terrorist Attack

Israel and Jordan in diplomatic standoff after embassy deaths

Israel, Jordan said close to resolving crises over embassy deaths, Temple Mount

Netanyahu holds consultations with defense chiefs over Jordan crisis, Temple Mount

After meetings in Israel, Greenblatt heads to Amman in bid to resolve crisis

Amman embassy officer returns to Israel, in end to standoff

UN warns of escalation if no Jerusalem mosque solution by Friday

Israeli Sovereignty Over the Temple Mount Is Crucial for Peace

Turkey won't let Israel 'trample on' holy site

Turkey says Israel violating human rights at al-Aqsa mosque

Jordan's king asks Netanyahu to remove metal detectors from Temple Mount

Israel Agrees to Remove Metal Detectors at Entrances to Aqsa Mosque Compound

Ministers discuss smart cameras instead of metal detectors on Temple Mount

Terrorist stabs man in Petah Tikva, says he 'did it for Al-Aqsa'

Defense minister: Arab MKs, PA to blame for terror attacks

MK: Build Synagogue on Temple Mount

Protesters burn Israeli flag in London Temple Mount demonstration

Amid Temple Mount Tensions, Anti-Israel Student Groups in US Celebrate Palestinian Violence Against Jewish State

World Council of Churches Endorses Palestinian Protests Over Temple Mount Security Measures

Macron attempts to broker Libyan peace with meeting of leaders

Hezbollah wages multi-pronged attack on militants at Syrian border

Lebanon's Hezbollah says Syria border assault 'nearing end'

Russia deploys military police at 'safe zone' in Syria

Trump defends cutting 'dangerous and wasteful' aid to Syrian rebels

Yazidi survivor of Islamic State in Knesset: Recognize our genocide

California man accused of trying to open ISIS social media accounts

U.S. judge halts deportation of more than 1,400 Iraqi nationals

Videos suggest Russian government may be arming Taliban

At least 8 dead after suicide bombers hit camps in Nigeria

Schaffhausen: Police launch manhunt after chainsaw attacker injures five in Swiss town

Duterte vows end to uprising, 'jail or hell' in drug war

For China's Global Ambitions, 'Iran Is at the Center of Everything'

John Bolton: Trump Wants to Kill Iran Deal

Ben Stein: Mueller Is 'Out to Get' Trump, Wants to 'Kill' His Political Career

Trump son-in-law Kushner at Capitol, denies Russia collusion

Jared Kushner's meetings were both legal and beneficial

Trump speaks to advisers about firing Attorney General Sessions

Scaramucci: If White House Comms Staff Keeps Leaking 'I'm Going to Fire Everybody'

Poll: Only 1 in 4 sure Trump will serve entire term

'Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime,' ICE acting director says

ICE Dir to Sanctuary Cities: 'We're Going to Enforce the Law Without Apology'

Father of teen driver who live-streamed fatal crash speaks out: 'She killed her own sister'

Disney's Next Movie Could Be Watching You, Too

"Perverse" malware infecting hundreds of Macs remained undetected for years

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg: Elon Musk's doomsday AI predictions are 'pretty irresponsible'

China and India Locked in 'Eyeball-to-Eyeball' Border Standoff

On a disputed South China Sea island, Beijing unveils a high-tech cinema

China Prepares for a Crisis Along North Korea Border

US preps next missile test, from Alaskan island

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits south of the Fiji Islands

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Balleny Islands region

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 32,000ft

Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 17,000ft

Sakurajima volcano on Japan erupts to 10,000ft

Homes swept away as floods ravage the Midwest

Hundreds battle wild fires across southern France

Vatican turns off fountains as Rome gasps in drought

Trump calls Obamacare 'big fat ugly lie,' demands Senate vote for repeal

Spike in calls to poison control centers over dietary supplements

New U.S. Navy aircraft carrier sets sail with "gender neutral" bathrooms, ditching urinals

Thai transgender boxer winning the fight for acceptance

Planned Parenthood to Toddlers: 'Your Genitals Don't Make You a Boy or a Girl'

Canadian polygamous leader found guilty of having 25 wives

Brazilians funneled as "slaves" by US church, ex-members say

Lana Del Rey admits she tried to hex Trump: 'Why not?'
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N. Carolina Church Caught Keeping Slaves-Another CIA Operation?
The Prophets Have Long Warned 'A Great Shaking Is Coming' - Here Are The Dreams And Visions Of The Coming Carnage
Nazi Eugenics Policies Are Sweeping the Country: Oregon’s Final Solution
Donald Trump Says Transgender People Won't Be Allowed To Serve In Military
Trump announces ban on transgender people in U.S. military
Regime change: Obama’s CIA Director Brennan calls for revolt if Mueller is fired
France wildfires force mass evacuation - BBC News
China is Using AI to Rate the Likelihood its Citizens will Commit a Crime
IMF could be based in Beijing in a decade: Lagarde
How Democratic Senators Plan To Jam Up Repeal With Hundreds Of Amendments
Scientists Discover The 'Angel Particle' That Is Both Matter and Anti-Matter
79 wildfires in Northern California in last 24 hours, most likely sparked by lightning
Russia Warns of ‘Painful’ Response If Trump Backs U.S. Sanctions
Germany Slams New Anti-Russia Sanctions as 'Tool' of US Commercial Interests
Venezuela accuses Rubio, CIA of plot to topple Caracas government
A DNA App Store Is Here, but Proceed with Caution
Al Gore Humiliation: NASA Study Confirms Sea Levels Are FALLING
Trump Is Being Moved Aside So That Conflict with Russia Can Proceed
Wasserman-Schultz IT Aide Arrested While Attempting To Flee Country, Charged With Bank Fraud
How Much of a Nuclear Threat is North Korea Really?
Soylent Green comes to reality in California Bill?:Want to Cut Your Carbon Footprint? Get Liquefied When You’re Dead
Get ready for GM supersoldiers: DARPA reveal project to develop gene editing system---Gene editing technology also has national security implications.
AIR SCARE RAF RAF Typhoons scrambled to see off two Russian jets racing towards Nato airspace in the Black Sea Fighter jet raced towards Moscow's TU-22 Backfire bombers off the coast of Romania
Jaw-Dropping Revelations And A Massive False Flag May Await Us As The 'Russia Narrative' Falls Apart

"Tracking Bible Prophecy" headlines can also be found on Facebook

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 7/26/2017

Knesset vote on bill to hinder Jerusalem withdrawal annulled

Netanyahu does 'not have a plan for peace,' Gillibrand says

Construction of settlement for Amona evacuees halted

In protest move, 100 settlers occupy contested Hebron home

Netanyahu: Don't evict Hebron settlers occupying contested home

IDF carries out searches in West Bank, detains suspect

Palestinian envoy: People will stay in street

Jerusalem crisis near eruption, say Palestinians

'Intensify' struggle over Temple Mount, Fatah urges

Egypt's El-Sisi calls on Israel not to provoke Muslims

Muslims urged to stay away from Temple Mount

Muslim worshippers to continue boycott of al-Aqsa mosque compound

In peaceful protest, Muslims pray outside Temple Mount

After Temple Mount 'victory,' Arab MKs set sights on Western Wall

Waqf officials reject 'smart' cameras

Israel removes Temple Mount metal detectors that enraged the Muslim world

Shin Bet head praises removal of Temple Mount metal detectors and cameras

US 'applauds' Israel for nixing Temple Mount metal detectors

The Metal Detectors of Islam: Simple security measures forbidden in Jerusalem are cool in Teheran, Damascus, and Cairo

77% of Israelis see removal of metal detectors on Temple Mount as capitulation

PA President: 'Won't renew relations with Israel until restoration of previous security arrangements on Temple Mount'

Temple Mount police concerned:'we're sitting ducks'

Can Israeli-Jordanian ties survive Temple Mount violence?

Conversations with Jordanians confirm: Israelis aren't welcome

Jordan wants pre-crisis status at holy site

Jordan 'kept Palestinians in the dark' over Temple Mt. pact

Kushner called Jordan's king to help end embassy standoff

Jordan: 'No connection between embassy incident and our efforts in the Al-Aqsa crisis'

Jordan mourners chant 'death to Israel' after deadly embassy shooting

Israel reportedly to compensate family of Jordanian killed by embassy guard

Man blinded in terror attack speaks at UN against PA's terrorist stipends

High Court orders state to return bodies of Temple Mount terrorists to families for burial

Fatah to Hamas: Dismantle the government in Gaza

EU court could remove Hamas from terror listing Wednesday

EU top court rules to keep Hamas on its list of terror groups

Israel dismisses Erdogan's claims it was trying to take holy sites from Muslims

Israel to Erdogan after Jerusalem tirade: Days of Ottoman Empire are over

Haley urges UN to get serious about Hezbollah

Trump: Hezbollah threatening 'another conflict with Israel'

Trump: Hezbollah a threat to Lebanon and entire Middle East

Trump, Lebanese leader pledge solidarity against terrorism

Trump erroneously says Lebanon is 'on the front lines' fighting Hezbollah, a partner in the Lebanese government

Air strikes, shelling strain Moscow-backed Damascus truce

Russian military police deploy close to Israel's Golan to monitor safe zones

As it loses in Syria and Iraq, ISIS establishes a new beachhead: the Philippines

Netanyahu: 'ISIS is in retreat, and Iran is trying to fill the void'

US Navy fires warning shots at Iranian ship in Gulf

Car bomb kills seven civilians in Egypt's North Sinai

Egypt's Sisi vows to keep up Qatar blockade

Lebanese army chief: 50 militants held in raids on Syrian camps

14 Saudis at 'imminent risk' of execution Charged with arming a 'rebellion against the ruler' — Amnesty

Afghan official says roadside mine kills district governor

Venezuela accuses Rubio, CIA of plotting to topple Caracas government

China and India are edging closer to a war in Asia that neither can back down from

After spate of Chinese patrols, Taiwan says it's prepared to defend itself

Japan's Doomsday Preppers Are Buying $19,000 Bomb Shelters

Duck and cover 2.0: How North Korea is prompting new efforts to prepare for a nuclear attack

North Korea is more erratic than ever, but South Korea is in no rush for US missile defense

North Korea could cross ICBM threshold next year, U.S. officials warn in new assessment

North Korea identifies Hawaii and Alaska as possible targets for missile launch

North Korea threatens U.S. with 'nuclear hammer' after CIA chief appears to hint at regime change

China's army looks like it's getting ready for something big to go down in North Korea

US and China report progress on new North Korea sanctions

US House votes to slap sanctions on Russia, Iran, North Korea

House Overwhelmingly Passes Veto-Proof Russia Sanctions Deal

Russia says new US sanctions leave no room to improve ties

Russia's response to US sanctions must be 'painful' - lawmaker

Former CIA Director Calls For A Coup If Trump Fires Mueller

Trump renews Twitter attacks on Attorney General Jeff Sessions

In victory for Trump, US Senate advances health care bill

House Republicans seek to dodge border wall vote

Feds arrest former IT staffer for Debbie Wasserman Schultz as he tried to flee the country

Newly declassified memos detail extent of improper Obama-era NSA spying

The Elites Are Privately Warning About A Financial Crash

Britain to ban sale of all diesel and petrol cars and vans from 2040

Drone carrying cell phone, marijuana crashes in prison yard

China set to launch an 'unhackable' internet communication

You Can Now Visit the International Space Station in Google Street View

Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 13,000ft

2 Hurricanes, tropical storm in Pacific far off Mexico coast

Hurricane Hilary locked in 'dance of death' with Irwin

New tropical threat in West Pacific may impact Philippines, Taiwan

France wildfires force mass evacuation

Yemen cholera epidemic slowing after infecting 400,000

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 30,000ft

Japanese woman dies from tick disease after cat bite

Want to Cut Your Carbon Footprint? Get Liquefied When You're Dead

NYPD cop's daughter is born three years after his death

Sperm concentration has declined 50 percent in 40 years in three continents

Ancient humans had sex with non humans

US Jews urge Israel to provide equal adoption rights for same-sex couples

Texas 'bathroom bill' restricting public restroom access for transgender people advances after Senate vote

Pressure mounts to curtail surgery on intersex children

More evidence treatment zeroes HIV transmission during sex while the world awaits a vaccine

HIV-prevention ring trial a success among US teens

Hundreds pack DC hall to discuss podcast exploring Harry Potter as a sacred text
“I considered myself a non-spiritual person,” he said. He thought he was done with religion. And then he stumbled on the podcast “Harry Potter and the Sacred Text.” The podcast told him that the Harry Potter series — the books that he always turned to for solace when he was angry or stressed or in need of an escape — could be a source of spiritual sustenance. “I feel like I’m born again,” he said.

Netanyahu Orders Manual Inspections as Poll Says He Capitulated on Temple Mount
Every individual entering the Temple Mount will be examined individually by a police officer using a hand-held metal detector, according to an agreement late Tuesday night between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan. The decision was reached following a Monday night cabinet decision to remove the metal detectors from the same area.

UN Middle East Envoy Warns of Risk a Religious War May Ignite in Jerusalem
Nickolay Mladenov warned the United Nations Security Council in prepared remarks on Tuesday (July 25) that the risk is rising that the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Authority is spiraling into a religious conflict.

Muslim cleric: Protest to go on despite Israeli concession
A senior Muslim official in Jerusalem said Wednesday that worshippers would not return to a contested shrine until Israel removes the new railings and cameras it installed after a deadly attack there, prolonging a crisis that Israel hoped it had resolved by making concessions at the site.

48 dead as heavy monsoon rains lash western India
In Rajasthan, home to a number of popular tourist destinations, the streets of at least four districts have been turned into virtual rivers trapping tens of thousands of people on the upper stories of residential buildings. Rescue workers are scrambling to rescue thousands of others whose homes have been flooded or destroyed.

Experts hunt for biblical tabernacle that housed the Ark of the Covenant
The recent excavation, which ran from May 21 to June 17, unearthed a huge amount of animal bones, which Stripling believes may be related to animal sacrifices at the sacred site. “We excavated through a tremendous amount of bone,” Stripling explained. “You have 350 years of sacrifices – where do all of those bones go?”

Days of Ottoman Empire Are Over, Israel Warns Erdogan After Incendiary Temple Mount Talk
“The days of the Ottoman Empire have passed,” the ministry said. “Jerusalem was, is and will always be the capital of the Jewish people. In stark contrast to the past, the government in Jerusalem is committed to security, liberty, freedom of worship and respect for the rights of all minorities. Those who live in glass palaces should be wary of casting stones.”

Hebron Jews Retake Contested Building Near Patriarchs’ Cave in Protest of Shabbat Massacre
Dozens of Hebron residents took over the Hebron building known as Beit Hamachpela late Tuesday afternoon, in what they said was a response to the massacre of three members of the Salomon family in the Samarian community of Neve Tzuf (Halamish) on Friday. Some 15 families are believed to have entered the three-storey building near the Tomb of the Patriarchs, which settlers say they purchased from private Palestinian owners.

Vatican conference aims to build momentum for nuclear disarmament
Nuclear disarmament will be the focus of a Vatican conference this Nov. 10-11, following recent progress toward international bans on nuclear weapons. Archbishop Silvano Maria Tomasi told CNA that “the Holy See is working to create a public opinion convinced that the world is safer without nuclear weapons, rather than with them.”

Strong earthquake Southeast of the Ryukyu Islands, Japan
Magnitude : 5.9 Based on the present earthquake parameters (Magnitude, Depth, Population, etc) and our experience with earthquake damage impact, does not expect any serious damage from this earthquake.

Feds arrest IT staffer for Wasserman Schultz trying to leave country
A House IT staffer at the center of a congressional computer equipment scandal has been arrested by federal officials and charged with bank fraud, Fox News has learned. Fox News is told officers and agents from the U.S. Capitol Police, the FBI and Customs and Border Protection were involved in the arrest of Imran Awan at Dulles International Airport.

Top EU court decides Hamas to remain on terror group list
The European Union’s top court ruled on Wednesday that Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas should remain on the EU terrorism blacklist, referring the case back to a lower court. Judges at the European Court of Justice (ECJ) overruled the General Court’s view of 2014 that the 28-nation bloc had insufficient evidence to maintain asset freezes and travel bans on Hamas.

Evidence of Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem unearthed in City of David
Less than one week before Tisha B’Av, the Israel Antiquities Authority presented further evidence of the destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians, unearthed during excavations at the Jerusalem Walls National Park in the City of David. During the excavations…structures dating more than 2,600 years ago were unearthed after being delicately extricated from collapsed layers of stone, the IAA said Wednesday.

Palestinian-Israeli contact to stay frozen, says Abbas
Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas says he will maintain a freeze on contact with Israel, despite the removal of metal detectors at a sensitive religious site in East Jerusalem. The installation led to deadly clashes and uproar from Palestinians who saw it as an Israeli attempt to assert control over the site. Israel said it was necessary to prevent weapons being smuggled in.

Ancient humans had sex with non humans
New research shows that ancient humans had sex with non human species. According to a study conducted by Omer Gokcumen…ancient humans had intercourse with a “ghost species” of “proto human”…Gokcumen found “wildly different” genes in DNA of humans living in Sub-Saharan Africa.

ISIS establishes a new beachhead: the Philippines
At a crowded center for refugees fleeing the fighting that has ravaged this city, Merlinda Obedencio never lets her most valuable possession out of sight: a blue cellphone. It is the only link she has to her husband and three of their six children being held by Islamic State-linked extremists…The Islamic State…views the drawn-out battle as a major win…bringing greater attention to the Philippines and Southeast Asia as a new beachhead for extremists.

Beijing is speeding up underwater drone tests in the South China Sea
China is testing large-scale deployment of underwater drones in the South China Sea with real-time data transmission technology, a breakthrough that could help reveal and track the location of foreign submarines. A government research vessel dropped a dozen underwater gliders at an unspecified location in the South China Sea earlier this month, Xinhua reported on Saturday.

China’s army looks like it’s getting ready for something big to go down in North Korea
China’s military has been increasing the strength and number of its forces along its 880-mile border with North Korea as Pyongyang’s military provocations cause the US and its allies to think long and hard about military action against the rogue regime.

Boehner Bashes GOP – Will Never Repeal & Replace Obamacare, “It’s Been Around Too Long”
“…they’re never… going to repeal and replace Obamacare…It’s been around too long. And the American people have gotten accustomed to it… and quit tweeting…

House Overwhelmingly Passes Veto-Proof Russia Sanctions Deal
Setting up a showdown not between the US and Russia but between Washington and the EU which has emerged as the most vocal opponent of ongoing, unilateral anti-Russian escalation by the US, moments ago the U.S. House passed bipartisan legislation codifying and imposing further sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea, and preventing the president from acting unilaterally to remove certain sanctions on Russia.

Study: 8,471 Cases of Double Voting Uncovered in 21 States
As the debate over President Donald Trump’s voter fraud commission intensifies, a new study has found 8,471 instances of double voting during the 2016 elections occurring in 21 states.

Stunner! Iran’s Basij monitors Christians in West!
It’s a surprise to no one that Iran’s radical Islamists monitor Christians and others inside their borders. But now a worldwide Christian ministry, which reaches out to those who are being persecuted, warns of signs that such spying continues even as those members of the faith move to the West.

Tennessee Jails Offer Inmates Shorter Sentences In Exchange For Sterilization
Of course, this isn’t a news headline from 1933 out of East Berlin, Germany either. Tennessee inmates can receive upwards of 30 days cut from their jail sentences if they agree to get a vasectomy or insert a contraceptive device into their body. White County in rural Tennessee decided to start the program and it has faced backlash ever since.

“Loyal” Venezuelan Soldiers Get Their Government-Sponsored ‘Rewards’…
…with tampons, toilet paper, and toothpaste.
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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 7/27/2017

Netanyahu instructs to bring United Jerusalem bill to a vote at next Knesset session

Hamas declares Temple Mount 'victory,' calls new 'day of rage'

PA joins Hamas in calling for Temple Mount 'day of rage'

Hamas, PA laud 'historic,' 'huge' victory in Temple Mount crisis

Hamas holds Gaza military parade 'in solidarity with al-Aqsa'

Hezbollah leader congratulates Palestinians on Temple Mount 'victory'

Hezbollah leader praises Arabs for defending Al-Aqsa Mosque and causing Israel to remove the security measures

Israel removes more security installations outside Temple Mount

Muslim leaders call off Temple Mount prayers despite removal of security measures

Jerusalem Grand Mufti OKs resumed prayer at Al-Aqsa

Waqf presents police with list of demands to end protests

U.N.'s Guterres concerned about risk of escalating violence in Jerusalem

King of Jordan continues contacts with PA to resolve Temple Mount crisis

Erdogan: Israel is harming Jerusalem's Islamic character

Bennett accuses Arab MKs of siding against Israel on Temple Mount crisis

Netanyahu backs major expansion of Jerusalem to include nearby settlements

Experts uncover evidence of ancient Jerusalem's destruction by the Babylonians

'Difficult' fight for Hezbollah on Lebanon-Syria border

Ceasefire agreed at Lebanese-Syrian border

U.S. pledges extra $140 mln to Lebanon for Syrian refugees

President says Iran will 'respond' if US missile law passes

Russia to Raise Firepower in South to Neuter NATO Air 'Threat'

EU warns US it may respond swiftly to counter new sanctions on Russia

North Korea Tested an ICBM. Iran Is Next.

North Korea could test another ICBM as early as Wednesday night, US official says

Chinese police detain 67 after rare protest in Beijing

ICE chief considers smuggling charges against leaders of illegal immigrant 'sanctuaries'

Sessions to announce investigations into intelligence leaks: source

Anthony Scaramucci says he will contact feds about 'felony' leak of his financial disclosure

House Judiciary Committee votes to probe Comey and Clinton's 2016 campaign

Dow closes at record high after Fed leaves rates unchanged, Boeing jumps

Sweden Sinks Into Political Chaos After Classified Data Breach

Is, the original Internet fact-checker, going out of business?

NASA plans to build a new plane that could halve flight times

Cleanup Time: Russia Launches Satellite to Remove Space Junk from Orbit

NASA Will Chase August Solar Eclipse With Two Jet Planes

Southwest Airlines Selling Seats With Great Views Of Total Solar Eclipse

5.9 magnitude earthquake hits near Naze, Japan

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Contamana, Peru

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Antofagasta, Chile

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Sidomulyo, Indonesia

Magnitude 4.5 earthquake in Katla volcano

Karymsky volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 15,000ft

Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 13,000ft

Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica erupts to 12,000ft

48 dead as heavy monsoon rains lash western India

Rising floodwaters have swallowed a Buddhist pagoda in central Myanmar and sent tens of thousands fleeing their homes

Flood-hit New Zealand braces for more rain

Could spraying particles into marine clouds help cool the planet

Scientists build DNA from scratch to alter life's blueprint

First editing of human embryos carried out in United States

This technology may open the door to 'pick-and-choose' designer babies

Health Care Vote: Senate Rejects Repeal Without Replace

GOP to consider 'skinny' repeal option on health care

White House defends reversal of 'Obama policy' on transgender military service

Donald Trump's transgender military ban: What forced US President's controversial decision?

'Discrimination, plain and simple': Senators react to Trump ban on transgender people in the military

'Sounds like cowardice': Trump's transgender military policy sparks celebrity scorn

Trump-supporting drag queen feels wrath of LGBTQ community

Trump Targets Legal Effort to Protect LGBT Workers From Bias

'If Our Politicians Don't Understand This, Many Could Die' - UN Replacement Migration And The Coming Extinction
Does a Giant Race Still Exist in the Solomon Islands? :According to very numerous local reports, surviving giants live inside the rainforest jungle mountain ranges of Guadalcanal. They have vast cave systems running the length of the entire island.
Why Are the Global Elite Terraforming (Destroying) the Earth?
The Famous Easter Island Heads Have Hidden Bodies
The Bizarre Hacking Scandal That Democrats And The Press Are Happy To Ignore
Erdogan: Era of bowing to Western pressure is over
Finds in Jerusalem shore up biblical account of Babylonian conquest
Small tsunami hits Caribbean Colombia, underwater landslide likely cause
Journalists Arrested for Interviewing Portland Police Officers and Local District Attorney
Britain to ban sale of all diesel and petrol cars and vans from 2040
Does a Giant Race Still Exist in the Solomon Islands?
Mosque Defends Imam: He Meant 'Destroy' Jews, Not 'Annihilate' Them
Even more ice is about to break off of Antarctica — and it’s what scientists feared most
AI Is Inventing Languages Humans Can’t Understand. Should We Stop It?
Data Firm Backed By Google's Eric Schmidt Paid Millions By Democratic Committees
Navy Warships Get New Heavy Missile: 2,500-Lb LRASM
Blatant And Inarguable Geoengineering Jet Spraying Captured On Film
Hurricane cannibalism: Noru swallows up Kulap in rare and ultimately fatal dance (video
Trump tweets: 'WE WORSHIP GOD' in America
Is The Clinton Crime Syndicate Finally Going Down? Something Is Terribly Wrong With The Media Narrative And Questions Need To Be Asked
N. Carolina Church Caught Keeping Slaves-Another CIA Operation?
The Prophets Have Long Warned 'A Great Shaking Is Coming' - Here Are The Dreams And Visions Of The Coming Carnage
Nazi Eugenics Policies Are Sweeping the Country: Oregon’s Final Solution
Donald Trump Says Transgender People Won't Be Allowed To Serve In Military

Russia To Stay In Syria For The Next 50 Years
While the Trump administration appears set to withdraw US troops from Syria in the not too distant future, as hinted by the recent decision to reverse the Obama-era decision to stop arming “moderate rebels” fighting the Assad regime, Vladimir Putin has a slightly different strategic vision for the proxy war-torn nation.

Meet Five Men Who All Think They’re the Messiah
The Bible’s penultimate verse, prophesying the return of Jesus Christ, has always fascinated me. When is “soon”? And who is “I”? For the past three years I’ve followed seven men who claim to be the Second Coming of Christ (five are shown here). By immersing myself in their revelations and spending time with their disciples, I’ve tried to produce images that illustrate the human longing for faith, meaning, and salvation.

Rabbis call on Jews to visit Temple Mt ‘to strengthen our claim to this holy place’
Several dozen prominent national-religious rabbis issued a statement on Thursday encouraging Jews to visit the Temple Mount, a call which comes against the background of severe tensions that have surrounded the site since two Israeli policemen were murdered there by three Arab-Israeli men two weeks ago.

Putin signs Syria base deal, cementing Russia’s presence there for half a century
Vladimir Putin has signed a law ratifying a deal with the Syrian government allowing Russia to keep its air base in Syria for almost half a century, official documents show.

Saudi Arabia says king’s contact with US helped ease Jerusalem tensions
Saudi Arabia said on Thursday King Salman had been in contact with the United States and other world powers to try to prevent Al-Aksa Mosque compound in Jerusalem’s Old City being closed to Muslims and to defuse political and religious tensions. Israel overnight removed all security infrastructure it had put in place this month at Muslim entrances to the al-Aksa mosque compound and on Thursday Muslim elders urged worshipers to return there to pray.

Muslim authorities approve Temple Mount prayers after cameras removed
The Muslim Wakf along with the Mufti of Jerusalem announced Thursday morning that Muslims would once again be encouraged to worship at the al-Aksa compound after Israel removed newly installed security measures at the holy site…Security cameras and barricades at Temple Mount were dismantled Thursday morning as a result of the Israeli Security Cabinet’s decision to remove the heightened security measures implemented at the site after the July 14 attack…

Israel supporters are the enemy within Germany, Social Democrat says
The Ministry of Economic Affairs for the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia started an investigation on Tuesday of an employee and Social Democratic Party official who said Israel supporters undermine the Federal Republic, sparking accusations of antisemitism. Stefan Grönebaum…labeled pro-Israel members of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and other supporters of the Jewish state , an “organized, good networked ‘fifth column’ in the interests of Israel’s policies.”

France wildfires force mass evacuation
Wildfires in south-eastern France have forced the evacuation of 10,000 people overnight, officials say. Hundreds of firefighters have been deployed to battle the fires near Bormes-les-Mimosas, in the country’s Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. France earlier asked its EU neighbours for more help fighting the fires.

Venezuela crisis: US hits 13 top officials with sanctions
The US government has imposed sanctions on 13 senior Venezuelan officials as pressure mounts on President Nicolás Maduro ahead of a controversial vote for a new constituent assembly. The sanctions freeze the US assets of those affected, and stop US entities from doing business with them. Those targeted include the interior minister and the head of the army.

First Human Embryos Edited in U.S.
The first known attempt at creating genetically modified human embryos in the United States has been carried out by a team of researchers in Portland, Oregon, Technology Review has learned. The effort, led by Shoukhrat Mitalipov of Oregon Health and Science University, involved changing the DNA of a large number of one-cell embryos with the gene-editing technique CRISPR, according to people familiar with the scientific results.

Thousands attend Temple Mount terrorists’ funerals
Some 10,000 residents of Umm al-Fahm took part in the funerals of the three terrorists who carried out the Temple Mount shooting attack earlier this month, with attendees greeting the bodies with shouts of joy and fireworks while praising the young men as “martyrs” and “heroes.”

Russia to Raise Firepower in South to Neuter NATO Air ‘Threat’
Russia’s Defense Ministry has vowed to increase its firepower in its southern regions near Ukraine and the Black Sea, in response to U.K. jets in Romania. The Royal Air Force (RAF) currently runs patrols on behalf of NATO ally Romania, with four Typhoon jets deployed near the Romanian port city of Constanta. London made the deployment in April, just as the U.S. deployed two of the world’s most advanced warplanes, the F-22. One of the RAF’s jets scrambled on Tuesday to track a group of Russian bombers flying across the Black Sea.

Congressman Luis Gutierrez Calls Trump A “Major Criminal” That Must Be “Eliminated”
Is it proper for a sitting member of Congress to call for the president of the United States to be “eliminated”?

Newly declassified memos detail extent of improper Obama-era NSA spying
The National Security Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation violated specific civil liberty protections during the Obama years by improperly searching and disseminating raw intelligence on Americans or failing to promptly delete unauthorized intercepts, according to newly declassified memos that provide some of the richest detail to date on the spy agencies’ ability to obey their own rules.

Trump: No Transgender People Will Serve in U.S. Military
President Donald Trump is barring transgender people from serving in the military “in any capacity,” citing “tremendous medical costs and disruption.” Trump’s announcement Wednesday morning on Twitter did not say what would happen to transgender people already in the military.

U.N.’s Guterres concerned about risk of escalating violence in Jerusalem
U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Wednesday he is concerned about the risk of violence escalating in the Old City of Jerusalem, where recent clashes between Israelis and Palestinians have been the bloodiest in years.

Lawmakers halt bill to let VA doctors prescribe pot for pain
Republican lawmakers have blocked a vote on a bill that would have allowed Veterans Affairs doctors to recommend medical marijuana as a pain treatment in states where the drug is legal.

Swedish Government On Verge Of Collapse After Admitting ‘Accidental Leak’ Of Entire Nation’s Info
“This is a disaster,” Swedish PM Lofven said. “This has exposed Sweden and Swedish citizens to risks.”

Benghazi * They watched them DIE!
July 26, 2017 - Benghazi Drone feed was on as the 0bama White House watched Woods, Doherty killed. The White House, State Department and Pentagon were watching when a mortar strike killed Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty as they were defending the Benghazi annex.

The panel was charged by the House and led by Rep. Trey Gowdy to investigate the the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attacks on Americans at Benghazi, Libya. In addition to Woods and Doherty, Ambassador Christopher Stevens and IT specialist Sean Smith were killed earlier in the 13-hour attack.

13 hours
What happened in BENGAZI

I PRAY Chris Wray is confirmed this week, into the FBI Dir chair - and gives us JUSTICE for Bengazi murders by 0bama-Hellary

ICELAND Katla volcano
July 27, 2017 Jon Frímann - 4,5 earthquake in Katla volcano July 26. Quake swarms began July 21. Nothing yet suggests an imminent eruption, no magma signature. 55 earthquakes have happened in Katla volcano over the last 48 hours. Something is going on but until a pattern emerges, the results we can only guess at. Jon's blog notes, he will update as needed

Strong earthquake swarm on Reykjanes peninsula
July 27, 2017 by Jon Frímann - Over 300 earthquakes have happened so far on the Reykjanes peninsula. Largest earthquake so far was a 4.0 - a mixture of tectonic forces and magnetic (magma) forces in the ground.

Jon Frímann blog
Iceland volcanos

ICELAND Volcanoes, earthquakes

Reince Priebus leaks
July 27, 2017 - Scaramucci reported Reince Priebus to FBI. Scaramucci wants FBI, DOJ to investigate Reince Priebus for leaking his Financial disclosure! O come on, no one awake is shocked! We have known since Trump brot Scooch on that Preb hates him.

Leakers ask Junior people to leak
Anthony Scaramucci blamed Obama holdovers for leaks that plague the Trump White House. He hinted at another staff shake-up. He said senior members of the White House communications team are asking junior members to leak. He may fire more people, but is concerned of a civil war. Its impossible to get the leaks down to zero, but that they must be greatly reduced.

Steve Scalise Discharged from Hospital
July 27, 2017 - Will Continue Recovery at Rehab. Prayers answered!
After 6 weeks, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise has been discharged from Washington DC Medstar hospital to continue his recovery at rehabilitation facility. Its a MIRACLE he recovered from assassination attempt!

Steve Scalise assassination attempt

No Go Zones
How Sharia Law is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You
by Raheem Kassam

Buy this book!
Buy several for your friends
- and enemies


FINALLY * Investigate Comey, Lynch, Hillary
July 27, 2017 - House members are calling on a Resolution to Demand Special Counsel to Investigate Comey, Lynch, Hillary Crimes. Americans want to know why Comey allowed Loretta Lynch to mislead the American public and collude with her? Congress wants the documents and a special prosecutor to get to the bottom of it.

FINALLY * Calls for DWS to testify before Congress
July 27, 2017 - Florida Demonrat Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has a lot of explaining to do. RNC is demanding DWS testify in front of Congress over her ties to recently arrested IT staffer Imran Awan. Awan was caught trying to flee the country after wiring thousands of dollars to Pakistan. DWS may not be willing to cooperate. She actually THREATENED the police to try get Awan's computer back! Congress may be blackmailed by Awan
FBI found smashed Hard Drives at Awan home

DWS is guilty of many crimes up to and likely including MURDER! I hope a grand jury has already been seated for a long list of crimes of the Soros-Clinton mafia.

Down the line we will likely hear the Awan brothers gang are killers for Clinton-DNC mafia, and either killed Seth Rich or can finger who did.
Chances are 90% or higher Imran Awan has killed for the DNC, THAT is how he got so much money!

Chris Gowen, Awan’s defense attorney calls his arrest a right-wing prosecution and Islamophobia. You gotta do better n THAT, fool - murder and theft and spying are not Islamophobia!
An arraignment is scheduled for Aug. 21.

My guess is DWS, Donna Brazil and Pedoesta likely ordered hits on many, such as Seth Rich, FL lawyer Wisenant, etc - perhaps even the Rep Steve Scalise assassination attempt - AND Awan knows!
Sing Imran - sing!


EU threatens Poland
July 27, 2017 - The WAR for sovereignty. The European Commission threatens to suspend Poland’s voting rights at the EU. Poland blasts EU blackmail over judicial reform after voting rights threat.

Polish President Andrzej Duda signed a bill into law allowing the justice minister to hire and fire chief justices in common courts.

2 other bills tighten government control over the Supreme Court and a special body protecting the independence of judges. Duda vetoed them.
The EU cant accept sovereignty in Poland.

Criminals love bitcoin!
July 27, 2017 - Major Bitcoin trading site in limbo as Greece arrests Russian man on US charges of laundering $4 bn. Arrest of alleged Bitcoin crime mastermind Aleksandr Vinnik in Greece. Vinnik has been indicted by a grand jury in California on charges of laundering $4 billion.

Vinnik has been running a criminal organization since 2011, which administers one of the most important websites of electronic crime in the world, $4 billion is believed to have been laundered. BTC-E is a top destinations for anonymous cryptocurrency trade.
The website was banned in Russia.

BTC-E is tied to George Soros, and my guess is it can be tied to Clinton. Might it tie also to Kushner?

Melania Trump Best Looks
Donald, before he was orange

Melania Trump
I like her!
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