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Earthquakes [Is it possible that all of this shaking is leading up to something?] Earthquakes
Topic Started: Nov 28 2017, 06:59 AM (672 Views)
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There Have Been 698 Earthquakes In California Within The Past 30 Days
Why is the west coast shaking so violently? According to the latest data from Earthquake Track, there have been 698 earthquakes in California within the past 30 days. By the time that you read this article, that number will undoubtedly have changed. In recent days I have felt such an urgency to write about the seismic activity on the west coast, and I am quite concerned that so few people seem to be paying attention to what is happening.

I know that the mainstream media is endlessly obsessed with covering the controversies surrounding President Trump, but to me all of this seismic activity that we are seeing along the Ring of Fire is the biggest news story in the entire world at the moment.

I am convinced that what we are witnessing is quite unusual. All over the planet “dead volcanoes” are coming back to life, and major fault lines are being hit by a seemingly endless barrage of small to mid-size earthquakes.

Is it possible that all of this shaking is leading up to something?

Stay tuned, because I believe that what we have seen so far is only just the beginning…
Michael Sn
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Geologists see 2018 as year of monster quakes
Geophysicists who studied seismic activity over the past 117 years report 2018 could be shaping up as a year of monster earthquakes – especially around the equator
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Nov 22, 2017 - I think this is more than the incessant 'big one' articles
There's been movement on San Andreas, Mex quake and volcanoes blowing
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Volcanoes, Earthquakes & Solar Flares {part 1}
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Consider this, If we get hit by a mountain sized meteor or comet going 30 thousand miles per hour or more will cause the entire earth to shake like a bell rung very hard!
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9 Jan 2018

51st Anniversary of First Scientific Attempt at Resurrecting the Dead
Since the process of thawing the body has yet to be developed and the cure for clinical death does not currently exist, cryonics is performed with the hope that resuscitation and restoration to full health may be possible sometime in the future. Implicit in this process is the belief that will only consider a person properly preserved if they can be revived with all of their memories intact with the understanding that long-term memory is stored in cell structures and molecules within the brain. Rabbi Doniel Katz, a Torah educator who lectures on consciousness, is skeptical of the attempts at cryonics and the reasoning behind it.

Herzog offers Saudis ‘special role’ on Temple Mount
“We need to implement an interim solution for the next ten years, and then talk about Jerusalem,” he said. “Here, Saudi Arabia has a big job. When we start talking about Jerusalem and holy places such as Al-Aqsa mosque, I think Saudi Arabia has an important job and responsibility…we need to give them a central role in this issue.”

Report: Saudi Arabia working with Israel against Iran
The Swiss newspaper Basler Zeitung on Monday morning reported that Israel and Saudi Arabia are working together to fight Iran’s expanding presence in the Middle East. According to the report, the two countries are cooperating significantly in the areas of military issues and security on strategic issues, despite the fact that they have no open diplomatic ties.

Hamas official shot in the head in Gaza
Senior Hamas official Imad al-Alami was shot to head and seriously injured in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday. The circumstances behind the injury are still unclear. It is possible he tried to take his own life after being diagnosed with cancer a year ago, or that he was hurt in an assassination attempt. A third option is that his handgun accidentally discharged, hitting him.

North Korea urges guarantee of peace on Korean peninsula: South Korea
South Korea on Tuesday asked North Korea to halt hostile acts that raise tension on the Korean peninsula, in the first talks between the neighbors in two years, Seoul said in a statement.

Thank God we’re LEAVING! Macron and Merkel plot massive EU power-grab in latest revelation
France and Germany have long shared a strong partnership on European Union issues, with Chancellor Angela Merkel putting fellow leader Emmanuel Macron’s plans for EU reform at the centre of her coalition talks. French MEP Jean Arthuis claimed Ms Merkel could push for an even stronger alliance should she succeed in forming a majority government after leaving Germany without formal leadership for months.

CIA Director Seeks Stronger Counterintelligence Against Spies and Leakers
CIA counterintelligence efforts, however, remain limited by a lack of both qualified personnel and strategic vision needed to deal with a growing spy threat that today includes both cyber operations and influence activities, in addition to traditional spying by nations such as China and Russia. The foreign spying threat is increasing in both scale and sophistication, according to intelligence experts. As part of the reform, Pompeo is stepping up internal security at CIA in a bid to better identify leakers—employees who may be politically motivated to conduct more non-traditional digital-age crimes—such as exposing secrets in a bid to undermine American intelligence, or overall U.S. national security.

A Curious Thing Happened When Ontario Hiked Minimum Wages By Over 20%
Faced with a 21% hike in minimum wages starting January 1st, with hourly rates going to $14 from $11.60, owners of the two restaurants said they had no choice but to cut employee benefits and eliminate paid breaks to offset their higher costs. Per the Financial Post:

Mossad chief: We have eyes and ears in Iran
Mossad chief Yossi Cohen spoke out at a Ministry of Finance conference Tuesday morning regarding the recent protests in Iran, according to Kan Radio. He stated that “Israel has eyes and ears there, too,” and added that he would be “happy to see a social revolution in Iran.” Cohen then warned that “the Iranians are coasting into the Middle East undisturbed and with very large forces…in order to actualize the Iranian vision.”

Syrian army claims Israel struck targets near Damascus in overnight raids
The Israeli Air Force struck Syrian military positions east of Damascus in a series of overnight raids, the Syrian army said Tuesday. In a statement by Syrian state news agency SANA, Israel jets flying inside Lebanese airspace fired several missiles towards the al-Qutaifa area at around 2:40 in the morning on Tuesday causing damage near the military site.

Credit card debt hits new record, raising warning sign
Americans’ outstanding credit card debt hit a new record in November, highlighting a more confident U.S. consumer but also flashing a warning signal of potential trouble down the road. Revolving credit, mostly credit cards, increased by $11.2 billion to $1.023 trillion, the Federal Reserve said Monday. That nudged the figure past the $1.021 trillion highwater mark reached in April 2008, just before the housing and credit bubbles burst.

U.S. spy satellite believed destroyed after failing to reach orbit: officials
A U.S. spy satellite that was launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, aboard a SpaceX rocket on Sunday failed to reach orbit and is assumed to be a total loss, two U.S. officials briefed on the mission said on Monday. The classified intelligence satellite, built by Northrop Grumman Corp, failed to separate from the second stage of the Falcon 9 rocket and is assumed to have broken up or plunged into the sea, said the two officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Philippines to protest to China over apparent airbase on manmade island
The Philippines will make a diplomatic protest to China, which the southeast Asian nation’s defense minister described as having reneged on a promise not to militarize artificial islands in the busy South China Sea waterway. The United States has criticized China’s build-up of military facilities on the artificial islands and is concerned they could be used to restrict free movement along the key trade route.

US Virgin Islands Gov. Renews Gun Order
U.S. Virgin Islands Gov. Kenneth Mapp renewed a highly controversial executive order in January that allows the National Guard to seize arms from everyday civilians.

Guardian Writer: Clinton Made Satan Cool
A Guardian writer said that the Church of Satan “got cool” thanks to Chelsea Clinton and others’ media attention, proposing the religion as the “spiritual antidote to the Trump era.”

FOOTSTEPS OF WAR: Israeli government meets to discuss the growing Iranian presence on its northern border – how will this threat be dealt with?
Recent Cabinet meetings have dealt with the threat of Iran’s presence near the Syrian border.

Scandal: Oprah’s World Depopulation Scheme Dashes Presidential Hopes
Oprah Winfrey met in secret with George Soros and other billionaires to discuss a plan to depopulate the world. The 2009 meeting in Manhattan, organized by Bill Gates, was so discreet that the billionaires’ aides were told to treat it as a “security briefing,” and attendees also included the late David Rockefeller, Warren Buffett, Ted Turner and Michael Bloomberg, in addition to Oprah and Soros.

A North Korean BOMBSHELL: Kim Jong-un’s secret plot to TAKE OVER South Korea REVEALED
A POLITICAL expert on North Korea has revealed Kim Jong-un’s motive in accepting talks with South Korea is ultimately to invade and take over the bordering country.

BLACKLISTED: Israel publishes the FULL list of groups and organizations that will be refused entry into the Jewish State
Full list of organizations to be prevented entry into Israel published. Interior Minister: ‘These people slander the Land.’ The Israeli government has compiled a list anti-israel organizations backing the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement whose activists will not be allowed to enter Israel.

Arab Muslim states lead effort to recognize Jerusalem as ‘Palestinian Capital’
Arab states will push for international recognition of east Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital in response to President Donald Trump Dec. 6 decision to recognize the city as Israel’s capital, Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said on Saturday.

Internet users in UK Parliament access porn 160 times a day
Around 160 requests a day were made in late 2017 to access pornography websites from computers within the Houses of Parliament, Britain’s Press Association reported Monday.

Earth’s Volcanoes Are Waking Up: DORMANT Papua New Guinea Volcano Erupts For First Time
Hundreds of people are fleeing the island of Kadovar after a violent volcano has erupted for the first time in history. There have also been warnings that tsunamis could strike the island after the alarming eruption.

PM NETANYAHU DECLARES: The UNRWA agency for ‘Palestinian refugees’ exists only to destroy Israel – it must be eliminated
Netanyahu added, “UNRWA is an organization that perpetuates the Palestinian refugee problem and also perpetuates the narrative of the so-called right of return in order to destroy the State of Israel.” “UNRWA needs to pass from the world,” Netanyahu said, “there is a UN commission for the treatment of the other refugees in the world. This absurdity must be stopped.”

Spanish Catholics Outraged After Gay-Themed Float Appears In Three Kings Parade
Madrid’s 2018 Three Kings Parade featured a gay themed float to encourage LGBT normalization on the eve of Epiphany, stirring outrage among the country’s Catholic faithful. The controversial float in Friday’s parade featured a female stripper, a female hip-hop artist, and a drag queen, according to Crux Now. The archdiocese of Madrid responded indirectly to the float, reminding Catholics that celebrations of Christmas and the Magi should center around praise of Jesus, not the promotion of personal ideologies.

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 1/9/2018
Syria claims Israel targeted an army base outside Damascus

Syrian army says IAF fired at Syria with jets, missiles

Defense Ministry drafts bill to cut PA funds over terrorist stipends

Kahlon: It's time to annex West Bank settlement blocs

Herzog: 'Saudi Arabia needs to play a central role on Jerusalem issue'

Jerusalem should be shared capital, UK's Johnson tells Palestinian foreign minister

Pence to visit Israel January 22-23 following reschedule, White House says

Israel Passes Bill That Bans Most Stores From Operating on Shabbat

'Crazy numbers': civilian deaths from airstrikes almost double in a year

Jordanian intelligence stops terrorist plot targeting public security

One person killed in anti-government protest in Tunisian town

High school student killed in protests as price of bread doubles in Sudan

Belgian government at risk of collapse over Sudan migrants scandal

Kremlin says Russia has enough troops in Syria to address attacks

Assad believed to be preventing Iran military entrenchment in Syria

Qatar, Iran officials discuss tourism cooperation in Kish island

Iran protests fade, but economic woes that sparked them persist

Iran protests: deaths in custody spark human rights concerns

Iran Hints at Rift With Atomic Agency if U.S. Quits Nuclear Deal

Iran warns world to prepare for US nuke deal withdrawal

Trump faces deadlines this week that could decide fate of Iran deal

Oil tanker still ablaze three days after collision off Shanghai coast

Trump administration mulling strikes in North Korea

After rare talks at the border, deal is struck for Pyongyang to send athletes and officials to Winter Olympics in February

200,000 Salvadorans may be forced to leave the U.S. as Trump ends immigration protection

Jeff Bezos Is Now Worth More Than Bill Gates Ever Was

A Crypto Website Changes Its Data, and $100 Billion in Market Value Vanishes

Indian banks are choking bitcoin exchanges by blocking payments and withdrawals

Google, Twitter face new lawsuits alleging discrimination against conservative voices

Beijing bets on facial recognition in a big drive for total surveillance

US shatters record for disaster costs in 2017

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Puerto Ayora, Ecuador

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Aratoca, Colombia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Vanj, Tajikistan

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Tobelo, Indonesia

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Klyuchevskoy volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 22,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 17,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

29 killed, 80,000 affected by Madagascar cyclone

Rare Snowstorm Just Blanketed Parts Of The Sahara Desert In Up To 16 Inches Of Snow

Syracuse's snow streak finally ends, 66 hours and 19.3 inches later

Mudslide and flood threat prompts evacuations in burnt Southern California as major storm looms

DR Congo mourns flood victims as cholera fears mount

Bats Fall Dead From Sky Amid Record-Breaking Heatwave In Australia

Macedonia takes emergency measures against air pollution

Appeals Court Strikes Maryland City's Law Forcing Pro-Life Centers to Promote Abortion

U.S. top court turns away challenge to Mississippi LGBT law

India's highest court to revisit 16th-century ban on gay sex

Midnight marriages usher in Australia's same-sex wedding laws

5 killed in Santa Barbara County as storm triggers mudflows; 101 Fwy closed north of Ventura
World Debt Is Rising Nearly Three Times As Fast As Total Global Wealth
Will The 'Impossible' Soon Come True? While Upcoming OIG Report Shows Comey, Lynch And Clinton In Crosshairs, A Nuclear Holocaust In America Would Quickly End All Investigations
Teacher’s rights violated after she was pushed to the floor and handcuffed for asking the school board questions:SQ-ALL STATE AND LOCAL AGENCIES ARE BECOMING SO AUTHORITARIAN AND STRONG ARMING THEIR SUBJECTS AS INTELLECTUAL FEUDALISM RISES-
JPMORGAN’S DIMON REGRETS CALLING BITCOIN A ‘FRAUD’ – FOX Dimon made the comments at the JPMorgan Health Care Conference in San Francisco
Cindy Adams: Nobody Saw Melania Trump Crying on Election Night:SQ-FAKE NEWS TO FAKE BOOKS-
It's Time To Declassify These Deep, Dark Department Of Defense Secrets, President Trump! 'Gravely Unwarranted Optimistic Findings' Set Up Catastrophic 'Game Changer
Narcissists like fellow narcissists on Instagram: Users who take selfies are more likely to follow 'arrogant' and 'attention-seeking' people:The survey found that 64 per cent of millennials believe Instagram is the most narcissistic social media platform.
Narcissists like fellow narcissists on Instagram: Users who take selfies are more likely to follow 'arrogant' and 'attention-seeking' people:The survey found that 64 per cent of millennials believe Instagram is the most narcissistic social media platform.
Report: Chairman Devin Nunes Has Received FBI and DOJ FISA Application and Steele Dossier Documents…
A secret military spy satellite is MIA after SpaceX mission – here’s what we know
Chap. 11 Bankruptcies Spike 107% from Year Ago:The Brick-and-Mortar retail Meltdown? We know brick-and-mortar retail is suffering, and bankruptcies have piled up in 2016 and 2017, and more will pile up in 2018-'2 WORDS WAL-MART AND AMAZON'!
VIDEO: Alabama star player yells ‘F*ck Trump!’ before title game:SQ: 'THE NF-HELL' IS MORPHING INTO A BLOOD SPORT,IN MY OPINION! 'Brown raged on the sideline and appeared to attempt to attack a coach before being restrained'.
PREHISTORIC MARS: Alien frenzy rumbles on over 'fossils' found on Red Planet-SPECULATION has intensified over "fossil like objects" photographed on Mars' rocks with more experts wading into the debate. SPECULATION has intensified over "fossil like obje
Do you have serious medical concerns about survival? What would you do if the pharmacy was no longer available?
A new generation of L.A. Satanists finds community in blasphemous times - LA Times
No denying U.S. Muslim population explosion :Muslim advocacy groups such as the Council on American Islamic Relations routinely cite a span of 6 million to 8 million people in describing the size of Islam in America,'
James Damore sues Google, alleging intolerance of white male conservatives Class-action lawsuit led by fired engineer includes 100 pages of internal documents and claims conservatives are ‘ostracized, belittled, and punished’
Washington state residents rattled by Mount St. Helens tremors
How the 25th Amendment Will Be Used to Remove President Trump On Fake Mental Illness Allegations:SQ-I BELIEVE THEY WILL TRY,BUT FAIL MISERABLY-
4D World: Light Moving In Fourth Dimension Observed During Quantum Hall Experiment


Psalm 89:14
Righteousness and Justice are the foundation of Your throne.
Loving kindness and Truth go before your Face.

Judge Nullifies Alabama Senate Election
Jan 8, 2018 - Its nothing but Fraud! New Alabama election in January. Federal Judge Alejandro Wilson of Alabama’s 14th District Court of Appeals has thrown out the certification of the run-off election between Roy Moore and Doug Jones. The ruling, handed down just before the certification was set to be sent to the Senate Floor for confirmation, states that due to rampant voter fraud, the election can’t be considered the will of the people.

Operation Condor
Jan 6, 2018 - How NSA Director Mike Rogers saved the U.S.A. from a massive Constitutional Crisis. Operation Condor - The 2016 FISA political corruption by the Obama administration. House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes is currently working to expose. Admiral Mike Rogers action likely saved our constitutional republic.

The 0bama FBI and DOJ were weaponized. The compartmented structure of DOJ, DoD (Pentagon), State Dept, CIA led to the creation of the ODNI. In 2016 the ODNI for Xident Obama was James Clapper.

NSA Admiral Mike Rogers is retiring
Jan 6, 2018 sundance - NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers is resigning, a nominee will be announced to replace him shortly. His work is complete. I remember when Rogers met Trump in 2016 December.

October 7th 2017 President Trump said
Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.
MSM went bananas.

Rogers fended off the biggest constitutional crisis in the history of the U.S.
God bless Admiral Rodgers. Thank you for saving this country.
God bless America!

Fusion, dossier, Mueller, uranium, JFK
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Jan 7, 2018 at 6:29am Post Options Post by Shep on Jan 7, 2018 at 6:29am
Q report January 7, 2018

January 7, 2018, SONday
Its a new clean Day of Light!

No more 7th floor
The Light has won
Prepare to know the truth

7th floor = Shadow Gov, Deepstate, NWO, the Beast
RUMOR Wikileaks Julian Assange in Swizerland - only rumor


Today is SONday!
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Jan 7, 2018 at 6:33am Post Options Post by Shep on Jan 7, 2018 at 6:33am
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Jan 7, 2018 at 6:37am Post Options Post by Shep on Jan 7, 2018 at 6:37am

North Korea participation in Winter Olympics
Jan 9, 2018 - North Korean and South Korean officials met in the demilitarized zone for their first high-level talks in 2 years. They resulted in agreement for North Korea to send a delegation to the 2018 Winter Olympic Games taking place in South Korea in February. The delegation will include athletes, officials and supporters. South Korea also proposed holding family reunions during the games for people separated by the Korean War.

Iran tanker ablaze after collision
Jan 7, 2018 - A tanker carrying oil from Iran to South Korea was ablaze off east China after a collision with a Chinese cargo ship. The tanker caught fire after the collision. The Chinese vessel crew was rescued, 32 Iran tanker crew missing.

Iran ship may sink
Jan 9, 2018 - The burning Iran Oil tanker ship may sink, it was selling oil to North Korea. They have been a team with Syria for YEARS! Hanwha Total Petrochemical (South Korean Company) involved in the crash between a China Ship and an Iran ship.

I am excited!
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Jan 7, 2018 at 6:49am Post Options Post by Shep on Jan 7, 2018 at 6:49am

Saudi warplane down
Jan 8, 2018 - Yemen (Iran proxy) Houthi take credit for a Saudi Air Force Tornado down over Saada. Saudi confirmed the 2 pilots ejected and were rescued safe after the plane had technical trouble.

More Saudi princes detained

Egypt urges Palestinians to accept Ramallah as capital
Jan 7, 2018 debka - Cairo has tacitly accepted Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.
Palestinians should content themselves with Ramallah.
Strife with Israel is not in Egypt’s interest and the Arabs must accept it.
Ramallah is in Samaria, 8 miles north of Jerusalem.

POTUS and the Mullahs
Jan 7, 2018 - New Trump sanctions on Iran. President Donald Trump faces deadline for certifying the 0bama Iran nuclear deal and approving sanctions waivers. POTUS demanded that the 2015 Iran deal be either “fixed or cancelled.” 2017 October, Trump reluctantly waived sanctions for another 3 months.

Sanctions relief was NOT incorporated in the nuclear deal, so the US may set them aside, and certify the framework while emptying it of the economic benefits. Tillerson brilliantly reformulated the deal, while upholding the Trump policy.

The US Treasury Dept announced new sanctions targeting Iran banks, financial entities and officials. Washington will also target entities that serve Tehran and receive Iranian financial assistance and weapons, such as Lebanon, Hizballah, Hamas, the Palestinians etc.

American aid programs to entities which refuse to cooperate with objectives may also be targeted. Europe oppose US support for the Persian protesters.

Thus Trump has scrapped a basic principle of the Iran nuke deal - close cooperation between the USA, Russia and Europe.
Now the USA is on a collision course with Russia.

Posted comment on debka:
The US is smart to impose new sanctions.
The Iranian economy is on the brink of collapse because they fund Hellzballah, Hamas, Yemen Houthis and other terrorists.

7 Russian planes damaged
Jan 7, 2018 - Vlad sits out Iran regime change. Dont threaten USA!
Russia lost 7 aircraft and a helicopter gunship in Syria IN ONE DAY (Dec 31?) due to FAE. How many of their planes will Putin allow us to damage?
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Jan 7, 2018 at 8:53am Post Options Post by Shep on Jan 7, 2018 at 8:53am
Israel strikes east of Damascus, SYRIA
Jan 9, 2018 debka - Syria reports the Israeli air force struck government military targets, including an arms depot at Qutaiba, east of Damascus. The Israeli jets fired 4 missiles from Lebanese air space near the Qalamoun mountains where Hizballah also maintains military outposts and arms depots.

Isaiah 17:1
Damascus will cease to be a city and will become a heap of ruins.
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yesterday at 7:00am Post Options Post by Shep on yesterday at 7:00am

SpaceX iridium-4 mission
January 7-8, 2018 Space Launch at Vandenberg AFB California.

North Korea Fire and Fury
Trump just sent payload to NK!
3 aircraft carriers off NK
The #SpaceX payload is NOT nuclear, high tech weapon that will be able to crush NKorea.

We have taken away NK guidance system, rendering NK missiles null.
The satellites will monitor plane and ship traffic.

Swamp gave NK nukes, POTUS Trump took away their guidance system.
If NK were to shoot off a nuke it would land back on them, and one DID.

SpaceX fail?
Jan 9, 2018 - SpaceX Zuma satellite reportedly a total loss. A U.S. spy satellite which was supposed to launch into orbit reportedly didn’t make it. The Falcon 9 rocket is believed to have plunged back into the Earth’s atmosphere. The Pentagon hasn’t updated its catalog to show where the satellite is.

Zuma has been added to the Norad catalog as 2018-001A / 43098 / USA-280.
So it didn't fall back to Earth.

Sometimes news is confusing, especially when CLASSIFIED


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22 hours ago Post Options Post by Shep on 22 hours ago
:D Nevada victory!
Charges against Bundy family dismissed
Jan 8, 2018 - Nevada federal judge dismisses all charges against rancher Cliven Bundy and sons and Ryan Payne. The federal government may not retry Cliven Bundy and his sons. Prosecutors rebuked for withholding evidence. The attorneys were in violation of the Brady rule, which requires prosecutors to disclose evidence that could be favorable to a defendant.

Flagrant prosecutorial misconduct, that opens the door for some civil suits and hopefully some disbarments. Now justice for the Hammonds and that idiot judge from oregon. The Family has been held as Political Prisoners for almost 2 years. Because the BLM and the FBI lied from the beginning.

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7 hours ago Post Options Post by Shep on 7 hours ago
Algeria, Africa * SNOW in Sahara Desert
Jan 8, 2018 - Sahara Desert covered in 15 inches of SNOW as freak winter weather storm blankets sand dunes. It is the second snow in 40 years. Cold air was pulled down south in to North Africa over the weekend as a result of high pressure over Europe.
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The Coming Earthquakes - Pastor Jim Bakker
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